What Does 1M and 1K Means in Money, YT, Currency [ Best Guide ] in 2022


What does 1K Means, 1M Means, in Money (Rupees), Different Currencies and Countries, on Youtube, on Instagram, on Social Media, and in numbers and numeric quantities? 

Well, in this developing and growing world, we have to keep up with the current values and the numeric quantities which are usually being discussed here and there. 

And, because a lot of people lack their knowledge here they often don’t understand some things and stuff regarding this. For example, when comparing the currencies of different countries people often get confused between what $1k Means in Indian rupees and what $1M Means in Indian rupees. 

So, these are some of the important topics and points which people often don’t know about and get the wrong idea of. And, because of a lack of information on these topics people often make mistakes. 

And, then the questions like what does 1K Means, or what does 1M Means in all different aspects whether it’s Money, Currency, Social Media, and some more questions like these become difficult for people to answer. 

So, in this article of ours today we would be talking about What 1K Means, 1M means, in Money (Rupees), Different Currencies and Countries, on Youtube, Instagram, Social Media, numbers, numeric quantities, and much more in 2022. 

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1K Means and 1M Means

So, first of all, starting from the easiest topic which is to understand what 1K Means and 1M Means in numeric quantities and numbers. Talking about the hand in numbers and numeric quantity, 1K means 1,000 and 1M means 10,00,000

Well, in different units also like Millimeters ( mm ), Kilograms ( KG ), and other units it’s also the same only. Where K just gets replaced with the particular units. 

For example, in kilos and numeric units, 1KG and 1K represent 1,000 only. And, similarly, in millimeters also, 1000 millimeters is equal to 1 M only. 

Values and Units Numeric Quantities In Indian Saying
1K 1,000 1 hazar
10K 10,000 10 hazar
100K 1,00,000 1 lakh
1M 10,00,000 10 lakh
10M 10,000,000 1 crore
100M 100,000,000 10 crore
1B 1,000,000,000 100 crore
10B 10,000,000,000 1000 crore or 1 hazar crore
100B 100,000,000,000 10000 crore or 10 hazar crore

Well, this is the table for your best help which will help you in recognizing the different numbers and their values in not English but for Hindi readers, we’ve stated all the phrases in Hindi also. 

1K Means and 1M Means in Money ( Rupees )

Different Currencies and Different Money Values

Well, when we talk about money and rupees in our nation then these quantities and metrics hold a different value because when it comes to currencies it’s different in the whole world. For example, USA’s currency is Dollar, India’s currency is the Rupees, European countries of the Euro as their currency, and so on.

And, different countries hair different currencies moreover, but the important thing to know here is that all of these countries have different currency values also. So, their money currency is different but their values are also different which sometimes creates confusion in people’s minds. 

Because when it comes to other currencies and money then not many people are familiar with them and aware of them. So, that’s why when world trade happens and different countries import and export goods from here and there. 

So, therefore to clear the confusion of different currencies, one common currency in use is the American dollar which is considered to be the one common currency through which trade could be done. 


1K Means in Money ( Rupees )

Well, coming back to the article so, if we talk about 1k dollars which is $1,000 for example then its value in Indian currency and our nation would be around 79,416 currently because 1 dollar is around ₹79.4

And, here what happened is we simply multiplied that k which is 1000 with the current Indian rupee value which is ₹79.4 by 1 dollar. Thus we get to our final answer by multiplying. Also, it would be better if you would know about the dollar rate to help you more. 

But if we talk about the currency in their own country then it’s the same, when we speak about 1k dollars then it is 1,000 dollars only but in other countries due to the differences in currency values it’s different. 

So, that is what 1K Means in money and here we’re talking about the average value of the US Dollars, but you can apply the same concept that we used here to calculate other currencies also, and that was what 1K Means in Money in rupees now let’s talk about what 1M Means in money. 


1M Means in Money ( Rupees ) 

Well, in 1M it is a different scenario because 1M is a little bit bigger value and not so easy to understand sometimes and therefore creates confusion.

So, 1M as I also told you in numeric values and numbers its value is 10 lakhs which is 10,00,000 but in money and currencies then it’s different. 

Let’s take the example of Dollars again, so when it comes to US Dollars then $1M there in the USA is equivalent to 10,00,000 dollars only. But if we talk about the Indian currency and the value of $1M means in money in India then it is rupees ₹7,94,23,500 which is around 7.9 crores in Indian currency. 

And, here also again we’ve implied the formula of multiplying ₹79.4 with 1 dollar only and thus we’ll get around this number. So, now I would guess you’re probably familiar with this concept and how 1K and 1M mean in different currencies and when it comes to money, and how the world trade works. 

1M and 1K Means in Youtube ( Social Media )

Well, when we talk about Youtube and other Social Media handles like Instagram, then there are real people, and all the numbers of likes, comments, and views fall under the numbers and numeric section of the counting. 

As, there is no currency and the numbers are also real people viewing, liking, or commenting on a particular Youtube video or comment but just recently from some time in India some of the users of Youtube get lakhs and crores instead of thousands and millions in the Youtube views section. 

So, how will you identify how many lakhs are equal to 1 million and how many crores? So, the trick to knowing these is that you must know the zeroes coming in the particular digit. 

So, for example, a video has 1 crore views and now you want to know what is crore in millions so you’ll simply go to the above box and see the zeroes, but for this, you’ll first have to know the number of zeroes that comes in a crore, a lakhs and so on. 

Now, when it comes to 1 crore you know that a crore has 7 zeroes, so the next thing I did was to head onto the above box and find the number with 7 zeroes and I’ll get my answer which is 10 million because 10M has zeroed in it and the numeric count is something like 10,000,000 as per the above table.

social media

Why use K and M instead of T

Well, why use K and M instead of T or thousand? So, the simple answer to this question is that In Greek, K represents “Kilo” and Kilo means a thousand.

You’ll understand this by putting it this way, when we use short forms such as GG for Good Game, BT for Bad Trip, or FTW for For the win, these are simply short forms that we use instead of using the words, and this is what happens here.

K represents “Kilo” and Kilo means a thousand. So, we get our short forms which are:

1 Kilogram = 1,000 grams or,

1 Litre = 1,000 milliliters


Why use 1K and 1M instead of thousands and Millions?

Well, the above is simply the logic for using K and M instead of thousands and millions but there are some other reasons also why should we use K and M instead of writing thousands and millions. 

So, first of all, it’s easier to write and read. Yes, that’s simply why writing K and M is considered more appropriate rather than writing the whole word. 

And, the second advantage of this is that it’s short and crisp, easy to understand, and looks good. Well, to put it more simply and easily, I would like to ask you one simple question.

What is easier to read and understand than $1M or ₹7,94,23,50y, 1M dollars, and between 10M or 10,000,000 what’s easier to understand. Of course, the 10M one and not the other one as you’ll first have to count the number of zeroes first. 

So, now I think you wouldn’t require any other explanation and you have your answer. 

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Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article in the Best Guide on What does 1K Means, 1M mean, in Money (Rupees), Different Currencies and Countries, on Youtube, on Instagram, on Social Media, and in numbers and numeric quantities.

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