Top 5 Best Free Fire Pets in 2022


Introduced in the month of May 2021, pets in the Garena Free Fire were a really big surprise and a huge change as well in the game and for the players. So far there are a large number of pets in the game that helps a player to boost its gameplay with the variety of skills that the pets have. 

And, when a player like you and me gets this much variety of various pets in the game, it’s for sure that confusion occurs in our minds. And, the next question that pops up is which is the best pet in Free Fire, or if you don’t want to go particular then which are the Top 5 Best Free Fire Pets in the game. 

What topics we would be discussing in this article?

So, that’s gonna be the topic for today’s article that which is the best pet in free fire or if you are looking for a big number then which are the Top 5 Best Free Fire Pets in the game. And, today mainly we would be going through many questions but the main ones would be like:-

  • Which is the Best Pet in Free Fire 
  • Name of the Ability of the Pet 
  • What is the use of the ability 
  • Where to use that particular Ability 
  • How can you get the pets for free without diamonds? 

Top 5 Best Free Fire Pets in 2022

5. Detective Panda 

So, the fifth one on today’s list is Detective Panda. The skill name of Detective Panda is Called the “PANDA’S BLESSINGS”. Which restores 4 HP upon every kill you secure.

And, this is for the first level of the pet but when you upgrade it more further onto the max level which is level 3. It can Restore the HP by 10 upon every kill. So, that’s a really good one right there. And if we talk about the physical characteristics of this pet then as the name suggests it’s like a real panda only with some green on it. 

4. Beaston 

So, coming to the next one on this list is Beaston. Which is like a combination of a big monkey and a small kong. It’s like a monkey but has the king kong physical features in it. If we talk about the skill then the name is “HELPING HAND“.

And, what does it do you may ask? Then I would like to tell you that Beaston Increases the Throwing distance of the Grenades, Gloo Wall, FlashBang, and Smoke grenades by 10% on the first level and it increases respectively you will upgrade this pet onto the next level. 

3. Falco

The third on the list is Falco. Before any kind of description, I want to ask you one thing what is the first thing that you do when your match starts.

Of course, you land by gliding, and what if I say that you could increase that gliding speed so that you can automatically land faster than other players and kill them first.

Like it’s the best way to secure more kills. And, yeah you’re thinking it right. This pet increases 15% gliding speed upon skydive and 25% speed after when the parachute opens. 

And, this is only when the pet is on the first level, but when you’ll upgrade it to the max level then it can increase the gliding speed upon skydive by 45% and the diving speed when the parachute opens by 50%. 

2. Mr. Wagger 

The 2nd one is the pet which is most used by rank pushers. Well, the name of the skill is “SMOOTH GLOO” and the function of it is whenever a player needs a Gloo Wall the pet comes in. When a player has no Gloo Wall grenade.

Mr. Waggor can produce 1 Gloo Wall grenade every 120 seconds and when upgraded to the max level, it can produce a gloo wall every 100 seconds when the player has less than 2 Gloo Walls. 

1. Poring

So, finally, the first one on this list of the Top 5 Best Free Fire Pets is Poring. Well because of its skill name “STICH AND PATCH“. And it’s work is that it increases 1 helmet and armor durability every 3 seconds on the first level and increases 1 helmet and armor durability every 1 second on the third level.

Moreover usually when the player is knockdown the helmet and armor break, but this pet prevents that also from happening by not letting it break. Well, it’s like a jelly sphere structure with these abilities and a pair of eyes.

List of all the Pets and their Skills

Name of the Pet The skill of the Pet
1. Yeti Reduces 15% damage taken from explosives every 150s
2. Agent Hop When the safe zone shrinks, the player gains 30EP
3. Sensei Tig Reduces the duration of enemies’ man-marking skills by 30%
4. Dr. Beanie When in a crouch position, movement speed increases by 30%
5. Moony 20% damage reduction when the owner is in interaction countdown( eg. medkit )
6. Dreki The owner is able to spot 1 enemy who is using Medkits within 10m range for 3s
7. Beaston Throwing distance of Grenade. Gloo Wall, flashbang and smoke Grenade by 10%
8. Rockie Cooldown time of equipped active skill decreases by 10%
9. Mr. Waggor Produces 1 Gloo Wall grenade every 120 seconds
10. Falco Increase in diving speed after the parachute opens
11. Ottero  When using treatment items, the receiver will also recover some EP. Amount of Ep is 35% of HP recovered
12. Poring  Increases 1 helmet and armor durability every 3 seconds. Prevents lv. 1 helmet and armor from being destroyed
13. Robo  Adds a shield to the gloo wall, providing additional 60HP
14. Spirit Fox  Restore extra 4 HP when using a MedKit 
15. Shiba  Mark one of the surrounding mushrooms on the map every 180 seconds. The mark lasts for 30 seconds
16. Kitty  N/a
17. Mechanical Pup N/a
18. Night Panther Increases 15 inventory space
19. Detective Panda Restore 4 HP on every kill

Recently Asked Questions

Which is the best pet in Free Fire?

Well, this is a tie between three pets which are Mr. Wagger, Poring, and the Falco. But you can decide this according to your type of need.

If you want a fast landing then you can go with the Falco and if you want more gloo walls then and are interested in rank pushing then Mr. Wagger is for you and if you want a better defense and don’t want your armor to break then poring is for you. 

How to get Pets in Free Fire for free?
  • Google Opinion Rewards and Poll Pay App
  • Offers and Tasks Application 
  • Free Fire Pet Top-Up Events
  • Free Fire Pet Claim Event
  • Redeem Codes

Well, for a rough Idea these are the Best free ways to get pets in the game for free  but if you a deeper explanation then you can also check out. 

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