8 Bit Goldy BGMI ID, Net Worth, Best Sneakers Collection, Real Name, Age, Height in 2022


8 BIT GOLDY BGMI ID, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Height, YouTube Channel, Most Popular Video, and much more in 2022.

Well, if you are familiar with the Indian Battlegrounds Mobile India Community then I am pretty sure that you would be already aware of this player or more like a mentor and a good friend to the other competitive Esports Players in S8UL.

Well, 8BIT Goldy is not a very Esports Competitive player like others but he does guide other Esports Competitive Player who is in the S8UL. 

8BIT Goldy, as I told you before doesn’t participate in Competitive games very often or frequently but he is like a backbone of their S8UL Organization and a very precious stone of the community.

So, today in this article we would be talking about 8 BIT GOLDY BGMI ID, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Height, YouTube Channel, Most Popular Video, and much more in 2022. So, without any further delay let’s get started.    

What is S8UL?

So, if you had noticed that in this article the word S8UL is used very frequently. Well, what is S8UL? and what is their organization?

So, answering this question I would like to tell you that S8UL is an Indian Esports Organization that is formed with 2 big teams of our Indian Esports Community which is Soul and the 8BIT.

The two big teams cooperated and combined to form a single team which is the S8UL. And, as I told you before that 8BIT Goldy is like the Backbone of this community but with him, two other people were also a part of forming and making this organization. They were 8 BIT Thug, Soul Mortal, and our 8 BIT Goldy. 

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8 BIT Goldy Real Name

Well, 8 BIT Goldy’s real name is Lokesh Jain and his Teammates usually call him by his nicknames which is usually Goldy Bhai only. 

8BIT Goldy Age, Height and Weight

Well, it’s for sure that nobody knows the exact numbers which are 100% accurate but for an estimated number, his Age is estimated at around 30 years as of the latest year and his height is estimated at around 5’8 and if we talk about his weight then it would be at around 80 kilograms precisely. 

What are 8 BIT Goldy BGMI ID and IGN?

So, what is 8BIT Goldy BGMI ID, after all, well his BGMI ID is 5129256692 and his IGN is 8bitGoldy

8 BIT Goldy BGMI ID Ranked Stats

Well, now let’s talk a bit about his statistics in Battlegrounds Mobile India and his overall performance in the game. So, first, let’s give a look at his Ranked stats in the game.

In the current season, 8 Bit Goldy BGMI ID has participated in more than 259 games and has won almost 44 games among them which is calculated at around 17% of the Win Ratio as per the stats.

And, has precisely finished 120 matches in the Top 10 which is again estimated at around 46.3% of the Top 10 Rate in the game. And, in the present season has gathered exactly 543 Total Finishes that is equal to the final F/D Ratio of 2.10.

8BIT Goldy BGMI ID All-Time Carrer Statistics

Well, according to the statistics that are visible I would like to tell you that 8 BIT Goldy has played an amazing amount of games with almost 7560 Matches and has won just 1282 games among the, has finished at around 4255 Matches in the Top 10 which is a pretty good Top 10 Rate of 56.3%.

Well, in all of these games he managed to collect precisely 15896 Finishes and sustain his Accuracy in the game and as per the calculation which becomes a total of 2.10 of F/D Ratio and 13.0% respectively.

Well, you can check out his other combat stats and his survival stats down below. 

  • Combat Stats 
  • Headshot% – 18.0% 
  • Headshots – 2865
  • AVG Damage – 363.2
  • Most Finishes in a single match – 26
  • Highest Damage in a match – 3539

  • Survival Stats 
  • AVG Heals – 111.8
  • AVG Survival – 13.8m 
  • AVG Traveled – 4.82KM
  • Revived – 4057
  • Longest Survival – 35.3m
  • Longest Traveled – 24.59KM

8BIT Goldy YouTube Channel

Well, by the way, 8BIT Goldy also has a YouTube Channel that you must be aware of if you’ve come far here. Well, besides Battlegrounds Mobile India the player is also interested to upload videos that are associated with his daily life or vlogging in simple and easy language. 

Well, to elaborate a bit more by daily life and vlogging I mean videos like Traveling, Sneaker Collection, and just daily life content. So, now let’s talk a bit about the stats of the YouTube Channel.

So, I would like to tell you that at present the channel has over 648K Subscribers and a total number of 344 uploads on his channel at the time of writing the article did you know about his earnings from his youtube channel? Well, if not then get to know about it in the next section. 

8BIT Goldy Earnings and Net Worth

So, now let’s give it a look at his Earnings which is one of the most asked questions also regarding 8BitGoldy aka Lokesh Jain. Well, in this section we’ll only talk about his Earnings from his YouTube Channel. 

So, according to the data that we collected from Social Blade his Monthly Earnings are estimated at around $2.2K  –  $35.4K, and his yearly income from his YouTube Channel is estimated at around $26.6K  –  $424.8K.   

8 BIT Goldy Sneaker Collection

Well, if you follow 8 Bit Goldy’s YouTube Channel very frequently then you must be aware of his sneaker collection and they are also one of the most-watched videos on his YouTube Channel.

So, let’s give a look at his Sneaker Collection which he recently told about on his youtube channel, well you can also check out his sneaker collection video if you want.

Well, you must be already aware that his sneaker collection is really huge and it includes many brands like Yeezy, Nike, and many others. But some from the list outstand others and are more remarkable than others but majorly of his sneakers are amazing but in this article, we’ll only talk about some listed ones. 

  1. Air Jordan 1 Patent 
  2. Civililst X Nike SB Dunk Low 
  3. Nike Green Lobsters 
  4. Air Jordan 4 X Union LA
  5. Clot’s “Solar Red” Air MAX 1 K.O.D
  6. Off-White X Nike Air MAX 90 
  7. SB dunk low Mummy 
  8. Nike SB Dunk Low “58”
  9. Air Jordan Starfish Low 
  10. The Classic Fragment: Sacai 
  11. Nike NY vs NY 
  12.  NBA X Nike Dunk Low EMB 
  13. Air Jordan Travis Scott “British Khaki”
  14. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low “Dark Mocha”
  15. Air Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott X Fragment 
  16. Travis Scott X Nike Air Force 1 “Cactus Jack”
  17. Travis Scott Air Force 1 Sail 
  18. Nike SB Dunk Low “What the Paul”
  19. Nike Dunk Low Off-White Lot 32 
  20. A Ma Maniere’s Air Jordan 3 
  21. Nike Air Jordan 1 Diors 
  22. Nike Air Jordan Trophy room [FNF]
  23. 550 – New Balance
  24. Gucci rythons 
  25. Men’s Ace GG Supreme tiger sneakers
  26. Gucci Customized 
  27. Crocks 
  28. Nike Air Jordan 5 Lightning 
  29. Air Jordan 1 Low OG “Neutral Grey”
  30. Air Jordan 1 Fusion 
  31. Air Jordan 1 Switch ‘Peach’ 
  32. Air Jordan 1 High Volt Gold 
  33. Air Jordan 1 Shadow 2.0 
  34. Air Jordan 1 Bio hack 
  35. adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Mono Cinder 
  36. Yeezy Tail Light 
  37. Yeezy Foam runners 
  38. Nike Air Jordan 1 Michigan 
  39. Yeezy quantum 
  40. Nike Dunk Low “UNC”
  41. Nike Dunk Low “Panda”
  42. Nike Dunk Low Dusty Olive 
  43. Nike Supreme Dunk jewel 
  44. Nike Dunk Low Cheetah 
  45. Nike Dunk Low Olives 

8BIT Goldy Most Watched YouTube Video

Well, one of the most videos till now is his prank call which was done by him and his several other teammates on Scout. And the title of the video is like, ” PRANK CALLED @sc0ut *He RAGED!* | Gucci Unboxing & More | 8bit Goldy”. 

8BIT Goldy Social Handles 

Final Thoughts

Now, I hope you would be finally familiar with 8 Bit Goldy Bgmi ID,  Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Height, Best YT VID, and much more in the latest the year of 2022. Well, now I would like to conclude the article with a few more words.

Well, one more last thing which I would like to tell you is that all these numbers above are taken at the time of writing the article. So, according to your time of viewing the article, the stats may differ a bit but majorly it is almost the same.

And, with time as the person will create more and more content and will grow his YouTube Channel and performance the stats and the revenue would also grow respectively.

Well, that was for today, and leave a comment down below letting us know what could we add to the article to make it more valuable and interesting for our readers. 

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