8bit Thug BGMI ID, Real Name, Net Worth, Age, Height, YouTube Channel in 2022


8bit Thug BGMI ID, Real Name, Net Worth, Age, Height, YouTube Channel, Best YT VID in 2022. If you’re familiar with the S8UL community then you must be already acquainted with 8bit Thug.

8bit Thug is now one of the most well-liked and known players in the community. And, if you’re following the community often and frequently then you should be aware of him being a content creator.

As Thug also has a YouTube Channel where he posts content that revolves around Gaming and specifically our Battlegrounds Mobile India.

And, one more thing that I would like to tell you is that 8bit Thug was one of the three members who were the main makers of the S8UL and how they got together and formed one single Esports Organization which is now called the S8UL.

Well, if you don’t know much about the S8UL and how did it was established then stay tuned till the end because in this article we’ll be covering each and everything related to 8bit Thug BGMI ID, Real Name, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, YouTube Channel, His Most Popular YouTube Video and much more in the current year of 2022.

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8bit Thug Real Name

So, 8 Bit Thug’s Real name is Animesh Agarwal. But friends and teammates usually call him by his nickname which is Thug, Thugwa.

8bit Thug Age and Physical Appearance

Well, as of the current year which is 2022, 8 Bit Thug’s estimated age is around 25-26 years. So, now let’s talk a bit about his Physical Appearance by looking at his height and weight. So, if estimated then his Height and Weight would be at around 5’9 and 60 Kilograms respectively.

8bit Thug BGMI ID and IGN

Well, now let’s look at his BGMI ID and In-game name. So, as per I can see his Battlegrounds Mobile India ID is 584821785 and his IGN is 8bitThug.

What is S8UL and how did it establish?

Well, in the last previous 2 years there was no S8UL and instead, there were two very huge teams in the Esports of Pubg Mobile as there were no Battlegrounds Mobile India at that time.

So, after a while, 8bit Thug, Mortal, and 8 Bit Goldy came together and decided to form this Battlegrounds Mobile India Organization S8UL which is today a combination of Two Teams 8 Bit and Soul.

S8UL Bootcamp was also formed and there the players would get every facility to grow their Esports and Gaming careers by making content, participating in the Competitive games, and much more.

For more information regarding the S8UL Bootcamp, you can go and watch a YouTube Video related to this.

8bit Thug BGMI ID Ranked Stats

Well, though he is not a very active player in the game he does have a set of skills in the game and that’s what we are going to check out his performance in the game by looking at his statistics.

So, starting from his Ranked stats, 8bit Thug has played a total number of 129 matches as of the current season and has won 19 among them maintaining a Win Ratio of 14.7% in the game.

He has finished 84 times in the Top 10 with an amazing 65.1% of the Top 10 Rate. Has gathered exactly 330 Finishes in all of these matches and at last, had an F/D Ratio of 2.56 in the present season.

8bit Thug BGMI ID All-Time Stats

So, now we’ll cover his All-Time Carrer Statistics in the game. Well, in terms of the total number of matches played by the user, 8 Bit Thug would be at a pretty decent rank with almost 5200 games played and winning 23.3% of them which is equal to 1217 wins among them.

Preserving a Top 10 Rate of 3008 Matches which is again equal to a pretty good Top 10 rate of 57.7%. And, he did gather some amount of Finishes in the game with almost 14200 total Finishes gained he had an F/D Ratio of 2.72.

At last, he maintained a decent percentage of Accuracy and Headshot% in the game with 11.2% and 19.4% respectively.

8 Bit Thug YouTube Channel

Well, as I told you before that the player is also a content creator on posts stuff on his YouTube Channel named 8bit Thug.  His YouTube Channel has more than 1.01M Subscribers and has 516 uploads on YouTube Channel at the time of writing the article.

Well, Battlegrounds Mobile India is an interest for 8 Bit Thug but as we can see in his YouTube Channel the person is also interested to post videos that include his Vlogs, Unboxings, and other games like GTA V, and shorts.

And, Thug also has a series on his channel named, “Charcha with Thugwa” and the basic theory behind this series is that he Introduces other Popular Battlegrounds Mobile India Players and content creators.

Well, according to Social Blade the user was created on Jul 27th, 2018 and at present holds a rank of 657th in terms of Gaming in India.

8 Bit Thug Most Popular YouTube Video

Well, now that you know about his YouTube Channel a question that comes to the minds of some people is which is the most popular content on his YouTube Channel? Well, that’s the question we would be covering in this section of the article. Well, the video was his Maxing out Pharaoh’s skin and the video got around 1.6M views.

8 Bit Thug Net Worth

Well, now let’s talk about his Net Worth and Earnings from his YouTube Channel.

Well, if we look at Social Blade then we can see that 8 Bit Thug’s Monthly Estimated earnings from his YouTube Channel are at around $577  –  $9.2K whereas his yearly earnings are estimated at around $6.9K  –  $110.7K.

Well, the revenue keeps on changing as the person plays more and more games and creates more content.

And, that’s why they are never any fixed figures and are just estimated numbers which are possible with the help of some tools that estimate the revenue depending upon the person’s views from the last 30 days.

Well, one last thing which I want to tell you is that YouTube is just not a single source of income for the players as they also have other streams of Income.

And, one very good example of this is brand sponsorships as sometimes this also adds up to the creator’s income being one more source of revenue for the creator.

8 Bit Thug’s Instagram and Social Handles

Final Words

Well, this was all about our today’s article on 8bit Thug BGMI ID, Real Name, Net Worth, Age, Height, YouTube Channel, and every other detail that you looked at in the article.

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