About us

About Us

Well, every now and then hundreds of games are introduced all around the globe, and just like you and me people just love to play those games.

And, if we talk about overall gaming then one of the most interesting parts which grew the most in recent years is the idea of online gaming.

Well, you see on a daily basis hundreds and millions of people play love to play online games and connect with the world.

And, here you can find the Best Tips and Tricks for those games, Tutorials, Best Gaming Gadgets, Popular Players for those games, and much more.

So, mainly right now we cover 3 games on our site which are Pubg Mobile, BGMI(Battlegrounds Mobile India), and Free Fire. But in the future, we will definitely reach out to more and more games. 

What’s our site about

So, our focus is to provide value to our readers.

Mainly our content is related to online gaming which majorly includes our famous battlegrounds games like Pubg Mobile, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), Free Fire, and others.

And, as our site mainly revolves around gaming we also provide you with valuable as well as the best knowledge of the gaming gadgets in India, then whether it’s gaming smartphones or laptops.

You can check out the best gaming smartphones and laptops in our Best Gadgets for Gaming category on our site.

All the best smartphones for gaming under different price ranges are listed there and you can find a bunch of articles written on that.

With their Pros and Cons, Why and Why not to buy, Key Features, and at last our Personal review of the Gadget.

How’s this site different from other sites

Well, we here at OnlineBattlegrounds do not just focus on giving the basic information but the real aim is to provide value to our readers.

For more clarification let’s just take a small example of the best gadgets category on our site, when a visitor lands on our article, we don’t just put a bunch of things and words on our article, but the best of the best. 

We provide our readers with the best that we can, I can say this with a 100% guarantee that if a visitor lands on any page or post of ours.

For sure that particular visitor would be definitely satisfied and would be out of any kind of question which the reader came up first and at the end of our 

Here’s How This Works

Suppose you want to know the best smartphone under 20000 for gaming, you search and clicks on a site and find the best 5 smartphones under the price range, now what happens is that you get confused between the 5 and a normal person starts to think that which one to buy and which not?

But here on our site, as I told you before we just list the best of the best, you will only find the 3 best smartphones with their pros and cons, key features, and the best price available.

And, we also cover questions like why and why you shouldn’t buy that smartphone?

Which is the best smartphone according to your need? and with our personal review.

So, with this not only do we provide the reader with the best value he/she can get but at the end, the reader finally knows which one to buy and why with now more confusion left in mind.

So, that’s why we focus on providing value to our readers, and in the end, when they leave they are out of any kind of confusion. 

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding Site, Advertisement, and any other issue, please feel free to contact me at allaboutyourbattlegrounds@gmail.com or always feel free to contact us anytime at our Contact page.