Action Bolt Free Fire ID, Real Name, Age, Income, Best Stats, YouTube in 2022


Action Bolt Free Fire ID, Real Name, Age, Income and Earnings, Best Statistics in the Game, YouTube Channel and Content, Most Watched YT Video, Social Handles in 2022. 

Well, another one of the best Garena Free Fire gamers and content creators who are well-known for their awesome gameplay and performance in the game and competitive matches, or scrims, as you can say. 

And, if you’re even a little bit into online gaming and these famous Battle Royale games like Battlegrounds Mobile India or Garena Free Fire, then you must be aware of these popular content creators who upload their YouTube videos on their respective channels.

Well, Action Bolt is one of those content creators who is well-known for his videos and has a huge audience base on his YouTube Channel. 

So, let’s leave this introduction part here only and start with the rest of the article with a little bit of suspense and thrill regarding Action Bolt Free Fire ID, Real Name, Age, His earnings, Stats in the game, YouTube Channel, Most viewed YouTube Video, and much more in 2022. 

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Action Bolt’s Real Name and Age

Well, before Action Bolt Free Fire and his name in the game, let’s talk first and get to know his real name and age. And, his real name is Anup Mondal, and his age is somewhere around 24 years old

Action Bolt Free Fire ID, and IGN.

And, Action Bolt’s Free Fire ID is 88651465 and his IGN in the game is ActionBolt. 

Action Bolt UID Sensitivity Settings

  • General – 60
  • Red Dot – 80
  • 2x Scope – 80
  • 4x Scope – 86
  • AWM/Sniper Scope – 40 

Action Bolt UID BR Stats:


Alone, the player was able to participate in over 2605 games with around 354 wins, gathering around 4731 kills in total. The pro player finished 1198 matches in the top 10 with a 45.60% top 10 rate and a final 2.10 K/D Ratio in the game. 


Along with a player on his side, the player played around 1852 games, with around 412 wins among all the matches played and collecting around 5033 kills in all of the matches. And, the player close to winning all these games was able to finish 697 matches in the Top 5 with a nearly 37.63% Top 5 Rate and a final 3.50 K/D Ratio in the game. 


Well, as per the statistics of Action Bolt Uid, he played 33874 total games with around half of them winning. That is 18245 wins, which is just incredible according to us, and he collected nearly 144756 kills in total in all of the games. He was able to finish 24052 matches in the Top 3 with a 71.00% Top 3 Rate and a final average of 9.26 K/D Ratio in Garena Free Fire. 

action bolt uid br stats

Action Bolt UID CS Stats

In Clash Squad, the pro player recreated approximately 6244 games, winning around 4459 wins from all the games and collecting around 25427 kills in all of the matches, with a final 2.11 of KDA in the game. 

  • Revives – 2591
  • Average Damage Per Match: 2034
  • Headshots: 10245
  • Headshot Rate: 40.29%
  • Knockdowns: 23709
  • Win Rate – 71.41%
  • MVP – 1605
  • Double Kill – 4530
  • Triple Kill – 1178
  • Quadra Kill – 279

action bolt uid cs stats

Action Bolt (YouTube Channel)

Well, as I also mentioned above, the content creation part and especially how the creator had a huge audience base of Garena Free Fire viewers,

So basically, that was just about his YouTube Channel and the videos which he uploads on the channel, and if we talk about the numbers, the YouTube Channel has more than 1.33M subscribers and 531 videos uploaded on his YouTube Channel. 

And, usually, most of the content is just related to Garena Free Fire only, with videos including his gameplays, highlights, collections, live streams, and a lot of other types of content too. 

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Action Bolt Face reveal 

Well, action bolt uploaded a video on his Youtube channel regarding his face reveal so if you’re looking forward to it then you may check it out down below. 

Income from the YouTube channel

Well, according to numbers from Social Blade, the YouTubers have more than $969–$15.5K, and their yearly income is expected to be between $11.6K and $186.1K, according to Social Blade

But their income is never stable or accurate like this because it keeps on changing as the creator creates more and more content and eventually gets more views, his income will also grow accordingly with it. 

Most Popular YouTube Video

Well, out of all the videos uploaded on his channel so far, the most-watched and viewed one is his rank-push video, “Road to Hero,” and the video got 4.7M+ views with around 257k likes at the time of writing the article. 

Action Bolt Social Handles

Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on Action Bolt Free Fire ID, Real Name, Age, Income and Earnings, Best Statistics in the Game, YouTube Channel and Content, Most Watched YT Video, Social Handles, and everything else that you read in the above article. 

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