Ajjubhai Uid, FF, Real Name, Sensitivity, Income, Best Stats in 2022


Ajjubhai Uid in Free Fire, Real Name, Guild, Statistics in Free Fire, YouTube Channel and Content, Income, Sensitivity Settings, Gameplays videos, Social Handles, Asked Questions, and much more in 2022.

This stunning growth and rising interest of people in gaming and especially online gaming have completely changed the perspective of people towards gaming and the Esports Industry.

And, especially when it comes to gaming there’s this whole other industry that has been developing and is far more popular than any other category when it comes to gaming.

It has a different audience base and popularity in India, and this industry is online gaming in India. Well, nowadays online gaming is at its boom and it has a separate craze, people love to play online games and create content related to it.

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What we’re going to talk about

Well, if you’re quite the follower of the online gaming community in India and you know a bunch of stuff then you must’ve heard these two names of the most played and known games of our nation which are Garena Free Fire Max and Battlegrounds Mobile India.

And, this rising interest of players in these games gives opportunities to the audience to be a gamer and content creators. And, that’s pretty much what we’re going to discuss and talk about in this article about one of those gamers and content creators.

One of the most known personalities when it comes to FF and the community of these players is Ajjubhai also known as Total Gaming.

Well, today we’re discussing Ajjubhai Uid in FF, Real Name, Stats, Estimated Income, YouTube Channel, and much more as of the present year which is 2022 also stay tuned till the very end to know each and everything about him.

Ajju bhai Real Name

The real name of Ajju bhai real name Ajay but everyone just calls him by the name of ajjubhai or total gaming in the ff max community.

Ajjubhai Age

Well, if we talk about Ajjubhai Age then it is approximately around 24 – 25 years as of the current year which is 2022.

AjjuBhai UID and IGN

Well, AjjuBhai Free Fire UID is 451012596 with IGN ajjubhai94 and at the time of writing the article, the pro gamer is on Lv. 74 in the game and with a total of 35727 likes right now.

Ajjubhai Uid Guild

Currently, ajjubhai is in the guild named TOTAL•GAMING and his guild’s Id is 62710265 currently the guild’s glory is 1765914 with the guild leader as ajjubhai94 himself only.

ajjubhai guild

AjjuBhai UID BR Stats


Solo ajjubhai has over 1014 games, with 92 wins and 2575 kills with 290 matches in the Top 10 and with a headshot percentage of 33.67%. Which comes up to a 2.79 overall KD ratio in the solo matches.


In the duo, the player has over 1824 games, with 356 wins and 7277 kills, with 679 matches in the Top 5 with a headshot percentile of 34.78%. With 4339 Knockdowns which brings us to a total of 4.96 KD ratio in the Duo matches.


Now, coming to the squad section then as per AjjuBhai’s uid it seems he has played over 12806 games nearly 10X of the Solo matches. With 3055 wins in the game and has over 49684 Kills with the Squad. With 4245 matches in the Top 3 and the total Knockdowns are 44359 which sums up to a total of 5.10 KD ratio in the game.

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AjjuBhai Uid Clash Royale Stats

The player has played over 844 Games in the clash royale with 544 wins which are more than half of the wins and has over 4849 Kills right now, and the Kill to Death ratio is 1.99 which is almost 2.

Ajju Bhai has 298 revives with average damage of 2783 in a single match and has an amazing headshot percentage of 55.76%. The knockdowns are 4114 with a win rate of 64.45%. The rest of the ajjubhai uid in free fire cs stats are given below.

  • MVP – 387
  • Double Kill – 724
  • Triple Kill – 339
  • Quadra Kill – 119

Ajjubhai Uid Control Settings

  • Aim Precision – Default
  • Left Fire Button – Always
  • Quick Weapon Switch – Off
  • Quick Reload – On
  • AWM Sniping – Hold Fire to Scope
  • Grenade Shot – Double slot
  • Vehicle Controls – One-handed
  • Auto-parachute – On
  • Run mode – classic
  • In-game tips – Default
  • Damage Indicator – New
  • Auto Switch Gun – On
  • Visual Effects – No blood

Ajjubhai Free Fire UID Sensitivity Settings

Ajjubhai’s PC Sensitivity

  • General – 30
  • Red dot – 50
  • 2x Scope – 97
  • 4x Scope – 97
  • Sniper Scope – 2
  • Freelook – 0

Ajjubhai’s Mobile Sensitivity

  • General – 100
  • Red dot – 100
  • 2x Scope – 100
  • 4x Scope – 100
  • Sniper Scope – 30
  • Freelook – 55

Ajjubhai’s Uid Auto Pickup Settings

  • Weapons – On
  • Armor and Backpacks – On
  • Medkits – On
  • Ammo – On
  • Attachments – On
  • Grenades – On
  • Special Equiments – Off
  • Event Items – On
  • Auto Pickup Speed – Fast

Ajjubhai’s YouTube Channel

Well, now let’s talk about his YouTube channel which is one of the biggest reasons why today he is such a big personality online and his popularity with the Garena Free Fire Community.
With over 32.2M subscribers and 1,833 videos, Total Gaming becomes the Biggest YouTube Gaming channel in India and also secures its position at the Top 4 rank of the World’s biggest YouTube Gaming Channel.

Total Gaming Monthly Income

Well, according to the social blade, Ajjubhai, or Total Gaming monthly Income from YouTube is estimated between $26.5K  –  $424.6K, and his Yearly Income is estimated roughly between $318.5K  –  $5.1M depending on the current month.

Well, these numbers always depend on his Growth, then whether it’s the subscriber count, the number of views the channel is getting, or the likes, shares, and more.

If the Player will play more and more games and create more content, it’s obvious that there would be growth in his channel. And, in addition to this, therefore his revenue will also increase

Ajjubhai VS Raistar Gameplay

Well, during writing the article we thought that it would be best for the readers if we’ll provide ajjubhai’s gameplay with some other good players and the video down below is ajjubhai’s match with raistar who is also known as the best free-fire player in the world because of his skills and gameplay.

Ajjubhai Subscribers Rank

Well, what’s more, is that ajjubhai’s YouTube channel, Total Gaming holds its position in the 96th subscriber rank throughout the world. So, this is a big achievement for his channel.

BR-RANKED and CS-RANKED Heroic Emblems

In the BR-RANKED, ajjubhai has 4 Heroic emblems which he obtained in season 21, in season 22, in season 23, and the last one in season 24. And if we talk about the heroic emblems from CS-Ranked then he has 2 heroic emblems which he obtained in season 8 and season 9.

Some FAQs related to Ajjubhai Uid

How to download Free Fire on a PC?

Well, to download the game on your PCs and laptops first you have to have an emulator downloaded and installed on your pc. Because through emulators only a person can play mobile games on PCs.

So, the first step would be to download an emulator and through the emulator then you can play the game on your PC. If you need a step-by-step guide to download Free Fire on your pc. You can check that out also.

What is Ajju Bhai’s income?

Well, nobody knows this but according to Social Blade’s estimate, his monthly income salary is around $26.6K  –  $425.9K, and his estimated yearly earnings are around $319.4K  –  $5.1M.

What is the free fire ID of Ajju Bhai?

Ajjubhai Uid in Free Fire is 451012596 and his IGN is ajjubhai94.

What is the Guild of Ajjubhai?

The guild of ajjubhai94 is TOTAL•GAMING.

What is the age of Ajju Bhai?

AjjuBhai’s age is around 23 years old.

Who is AWM king in Free Fire?

Well, ajjubhai94 is called the AWM king in Free Fire because of his sniping skills in the game.

Ajjubhai’s Social Handles

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Final words

Now, I think you all must be familiar with AjjuBhai Uid in Free Fire, their estimated monthly earnings, their real name, stats, and much more. The final words from our side are just that all the above stats and numbers are just for information purposes only.

And one note for everybody is that all the above information is taken at this time of writing the article, your time of reading this article or seeing the ID may be a different time and therefore, there could be a slight or a big change in stats also.

But at this very particular time, all the stats above are correct and you can also cross-check them from your side once again. If you are interested in more articles like these then make sure to check them on our site. Hope you liked this article on Ajjubhai Uid in Garena Free Fire stay tuned for more latest posts on our site.

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