AKM vs M762 Which is Better in BGMI and Pubg Best Guide!!! (2022)


AKM vs M762 which is better in Bgmi and Pubg Mobile in 2022? Now, this question is one of the most asked questions in the game when it comes to the weapons in the game.

Nowadays, the famous Battle Royale games like BGMI and Pubg aka Battlegrounds Mobile India, and Pubg Mobile are at their peak currently. And, to improve themselves in the game, every player in the game is trying to give their best in the game. 

And, that’s why pretty often new players and even the experienced ones sometimes make the wrong choice of weapons in the game. Well, in both of the games there isn’t any shortage of weapons or anything but only the lack of correct knowledge and information.

Because you see, when we talk about weapon then guns in the game plays a significant in successfully winning the matches and improving one’s gameplay. 

They are usually classified and segregated based on their ranges and damage such as Close-Range Weapons, Mid-Range Weapons, and Long-Range Weapons. 

And, if we talk about weapons categorized based on damage then they are Low-Damage Weapons, Mid-Damage Weapons, and High-Damage Weapons in the game.

We also have an article on our site about these weapons segregated based on Damage and range, you can check out our how to become a pro player in bgmi and pubg mobile article for more information on these topics.

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AKM Vs M762 Which is Better, Facts to Consider in 2022!

AKM Vs M762 Damage Comparison

Well, when we compare two similar weapons in the game of then the first thing which usually comes to our mind is the damage that both the weapons deal with the enemies as you can see in the image below displaying the damages dealt with both the guns. 

So, as per the image which you can see in the image it is displayed that AKM has more damage in the game compared to the M762 when comes to damage dealt by both of the weapons. 

The default damage dealt by both of the guns without any attachments or grips is, that M762 deals 46 damage, and the AKM deals around 48 damage which is more compared to M762. 

So, definitely when it comes to damage then AKM wins the point here as it has more power in it. You may also check out this Damage test of both of these guns by zendex if you wish to.

Won: AKM

AKM Vs M762 Recoil Control

When it comes to high-damage weapons just like the M762, AKM, or the famous drop weapon the Groza, we all know that controlling these types of guns and their recoil is very difficult. 

And, that’s why if we talk about the stability of a gun and how well one can control the gun then AKM’s Stability without any attachments and grips is 61 whereas M762’s stability without any attachment is also 61 only. 

But the thing is that M762 majorly will win this point here because if it has a foregrip attachment option in it, whereas the AKM doesn’t have this very option it makes it a more stable gun as compared to AKM. 

If you add any foregrip in the gun, let’s take the example of the vertical grip then M762’s stability will increase by 13 points which’ll eventually become 61+13 which is 74, and will automatically perform better than the AKM in terms of Stability. 

But you can also do the same thing in AKM in the muzzles option you can compensator and will add the points but with if you’ll add both the things in M762 then it is still unbeatable in terms of Stability, so you can also consider it a tie or a point to M762 based on our understanding.

Won: Majorly M762

AKM Vs M762 Fire Rate

Well, the rate of fire is a very consequential thing and a very essential part of the gun because the faster you can finish a player in the game the more you’ll increase your chances of surviving in the game. 

And, when we compare both of the guns then M762’s rate of fire is 66 whereas AKM’s rate of fire is only 61 which is fine but not more than M762 which means that in the aspects of more rate of fire M762 beats the more damaging gun AKM by 5 points. 

So, when we talk about AKM vs M762 which is better, then as per the rate of fire M762 is better than AKM in the terms of Fire rate of the gun in the game. 

Won: M762

AKM Vs M762 Close range Comparison 

Well, if we have to compare AKM vs M762 in the close range first we’ll have to see that which one has the more damage and that point goes to AKM as compared to M762 in terms of damage

And, the second one which is the more important factor that is the recoil stability of the gun according to the image down below which is given inspired by ThinkingTanking and WackyJacky101 on Reddit and Twitter respectively, the created image shows that AKM when used with the same attachments shows more recoil as compared to the Beryl aka the M762 which is an advantage to the gun.

And, the third thing which we should consider is the range of the gun, and in this case, both of the gun’s range is the same as 60 only, so it’s a tie-breaker when it comes to close range competition of the gun. 

So, that’s why it really depends upon your way of handling and using the gun apart from these statistics of the weapon and according to your game style, you can very well prefer the gun which you think will work the best for you in close range fights. 

Tie between Both Weapons

AKM vs M762 recoil stablitity

AKM Vs M762 Attachments Options 

Well, if we talk about the attachments option in the game it definitely plays an important role in the functioning of the weapon and ultimately increasing your chances of winning the game. 

And, in this case of AKM vs M762 and which gun is better in the terms of attachments option then M762 wins the point here as it has 1 more attachment which is the foregrip of the gun, whereas M762 has a foregrip which makes it a better stable weapon.

Indeed, give a look at the image down below and your all doubts will be cleared in no time as you’ll clearly see what I am talking about in the below image down below. 

akm attachments optionsm762 attachments options

Won: M762

Facts & Queries 

AKM vs M762 which is better in recoil control?

Majorly M762 is better than AKM in recoil control.

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Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on AKM Vs M762 which is better in Battlegrounds Mobile India and Pubg Mobile with the most important factors and highlights of a weapon in the game. 

So, now it comes to the final question AKM vs M762 which is better in the game? Well, you see in total we’ve discussed 5 important factors of both of the weapons. 

Now, two of the factors are in the favor of M762 guns, one in the favor of AKM, one majorly takes the side of the M762, and one factor which is the Close Range comparison is a tie-breaker between both of the weapons.

Well, it’s just a normal comparison between both of the weapons, and for the most part, it is dependent upon the player only whether he/she chooses AKM or the player chooses M762. It is the statistic comparison that was done between M762 and AKM by us and we’re not on the side of one weapon only.

Now, if you’ve any more queries or questions left with you then kindly drop them down in the comments section and we’ll be here to respond to you as quickly as we can. 

And, for more Tips and Tricks or Tutorial kind of videos you can check out our Best Bgmi and Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks category for more information about the game and how you can improve your gameplay to the next level. 

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