Amit Bhai UID, Net Worth, Best Stats, YouTube Channel and more in 2022


Amit Bhai UID and IGN, Net Worth, Stats, YouTube Channel, and much more in the Year 2022. Well, if you play the Garena Free Fire or Free Fire MAX then I am sure that you must have heard this name.

And, also if you follow Ajju Bhai94 or Total Gaming then you would already know this player. Desi gamer also known as AmitBhai is famous for his gameplay in Garena FF.

He is considered to be one of the best Professional Garena Free Fire players who have a really huge audience base on his YouTube Channel where he uploads his gaming-related videos. 

Well, currently at the time of writing the article not only in India but throughout the whole world Amitbhai aka Desi Gamers is one of the biggest and most popular Garena FF Content Creators and gamers. 

And, by any chance, if you’re involved in Garena Free Fire or you watch it on YouTube a little bit then you can relate easily to whatever I am saying. 

Usually, on his YouTube Channel, he uploads videos related to FF gameplays, challenges, and friendly battles also. Well, the pro does not only plays free fire but prefers other games also like Minecraft, Among Us, Roblox, and GTA 5.

And, thus we put out this article on Amit Bhai UID and IGN, Net Worth, Stats, YouTube Channel, Income & Revenue, and a lot of stuff further ahead in the blog post.

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Amit Bhai UID and IGN

Well, Amit Bhai UID or you can say Amit bhai uid number in the game is 206746194, and his IGN is AmitBhai    :).

Amit Bhai Real Name

So, what about his real name when we know his In-game-name? Well, Desi Gamers Real Name is Amit Sharma.

Amit Bhai Height and Weight

Well, we can only tell you about his estimated height and weight as nobody knows his accurate and exact height or weight. Well, his estimated height is around 5’10 and his weight is estimated at around 65-70 kgs.

Amit Bhai ID Sensitivity

  • General – 85
  • Red Dot – 84
  • 2x Scope – 100
  • 4x Scope – 95
  • Sniper Scope – 50
  • Free Look – 65

Note – Well, one thing which I to tell you is that Desi Gamers plays on his mobile device so the sensitivity is according to his Smartphone and its specifications.

Amit Bhai ID Controls Settings

  • Aim Precision – Default
  • Left Fire Button – Always
  • Quick Weapon Switch – Off
  • Quick Reload – On
  • AWM Sniping – Hold Fire to Scope
  • Vehicle Controls – Two-handed
  • Auto-parachute – On
  • In-game tips – Default
  • Damage Indicator – New
  • Auto Switch Gun – On
  • Visual Effects – Classic

Amit Bhai ID BR Stats

Well, in solo the pro has played over 3832 games with 317 wins and a total of 9009 kills in all the solo matches. And, the total K/D Ratio of the player is equal to 2.56 with 1209 matches in the Top 10.

In Duo, Amitbhai has played over 4975 games with 822 wins and a total of 135889 kills in those matches. The player has secured 1768 matches in the Top 5 with a final K/D Ratio of 3.27.

In Squad, the player has played the most number of games with 9184 matches in which he won 2505 games with a total number of 24863 kills. 3637 times the player was in the Top 3 matches and this all is equal to a 3.72 K/D Ratio.

Amit Bhai ID CS Squad

In the Clash Squad, the pro player has played over 9184 games with 2505 wins in it and has secured a total number of 24863 kills in it. Well, the other stats are listed down below, have a look at them also.

Games 9184
Wins 2505
Kills 24863
K/D Ratio 3.72
AVG Distance Travelled 3.40KM
AVG Survival Time 09’28”
Revives 2147
Most Kills in a Match 23
AVG Damage Per Match 1219
RoadKills 211
Headshots 4857
Headshots Rate 19.54%
KnockDowns 22091

Amit Bhai ID Ranked Stats

In the Ranked stats, as per Amit Bhai ID has played over 34 games with 29 wins in it and 177 wins. His Peak Rank was PLATINUM III with 1518 AVG Damage Per Match and 48 Headshots which is equal to a 27.12% of Headshots Rate and 85.29% of Win Rate.

Amit Bhai YouTube Channel

Well, you must be already familiar with his YouTube Channel the Desi Gamers. And, you must be already familiar with it as if you’re a 

He created his channel on May 11th, 2015, and right now at this time of writing this article, Amitbhai has over 12.4M Subscribers and 1111 uploads on his channel and currently holds 90th country rank in terms of subscribers.

Desi Gamers Most Viewed YouTube

So, the most viewed video on his channel is his live stream which he did 2 years before with over 23M YouTube Views.

AmitBhai’s Other YouTube Channels

So, Amitbhai has other 3 channels which are Desi Army with over 3.4M Subscribers on it, and on this channel also most of his videos revolve around Garena Free Fire and other games.

The second channel of Amitbhai is Desi Gamers Esports with 60.5K subscribers. Well, this channel doesn’t have many uploads on it but as the title says, mainly content related to his channel’s esports is there.

The third channel that Amitbhai has is his vlogging channel where mostly Amitbhai posts his vlogs. The YouTube Channel name is Amit Sharma and right now has 449K subscribers with not much but 4 vlogs only.

Amit Bhai Net Worth

So, now let us take a loot of his Net Worth and Monthly revenue which he generates with his youtube channel. Well, the creator could also have multiple income resources but today we would only be looking at his estimated earnings from his YouTube Channel.

So, his estimated monthly income according to the social blade is around $6.5K  –  $103.8K, and his yearly income is estimated at around $77.9K  –  $1.2M. Well, the income is not fixed it can also be more and less depending on the growth of the creator and more videos if he uploads to his channel.

Well, again I want to tell you that the income is only from a single source which is YouTube and it can also be more or less depending on the growth of the creator, but at this time the following details are correct.

Amit Bhai Social Handles

Let’s have a look at the Social Handles of Amit Bhai aka Desi Gamers

Final Words

Well, now you must be aware of everything that you need to know about Amit Bhai UID, Net Worth, Best Statistics in FF, YouTube Channel & Content, Income & Revenue, Social Handles, and much more in 2022. 

And, the above information is taken at the time of writing the article, so it could also be different as per your time of reading, but most of it would remain almost the same.

And, the income is also from a single source only which is YouTube, so there could also be other income sources and the revenue numbers could also be different as the creator plays more games and grows more and more.

Now, if you have any more questions or queries that you wish to ask from us regarding the site or the article on Amit Bhai ID then leave them down in the comments section for us as we’ll be answering every question down below. 

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