Ankush FF ID, Monthly Income, YouTube Channel, Best YouTube Video, Stats in 2022


The Best Article on Ankush FF ID, Monthly & Yearly Income, YouTube Channel’s reach, Best YouTube Video ever, Ankush Garena Free Fire Sensitivity Settings, Statistics in the game, and much more in 2022. 

Well, if you’re a regular and frequent Garena Free Fire player then I guess you must be familiar with the player already and would know about some of the things that would be discussed in the article. 

And, not only in Garena Free Fire but in the FF Youtube community also the player is quite well known for his performance and Youtube channel through which the player has become so famous. 

So, that’s why the Ankush FF’s audience had a few doubts regarding him which were asked on the internet, so we thought of answering it in our today’s blog post. 

And, today in this article also we would be covering The Best Article on Ankush FF UID, Monthly & Yearly Income, YouTube Channel’s reach, Best YouTube Video ever, Ankush Garena Free Fire Sensitivity Settings, Statistics in the game, and much more in 2022. 

Ankush FF UID and IGN

In Garena Free Fire Ankush Free Fire ID is 241375963 and Ankush FF UID IGN is  Aɴᴋᴜꜱʜ ᶠᶠ. Right now In-game level is 87 and the total number of likes on Ankush FF ID is more than 10000. That brings us to a total of a 3.20 K/D ratio in total. 

Ankush FF ID Garena Free Fire Sensitivity

  • General – 96
  • Red Dot – 92
  • 2x Scope – 90
  • 4x Scope – 91
  • Sniper Scope – 52
  • Free Look – 50

Note – Well, I’ll let you know first that Ankush ff is a mobile player of Garena Free Fire. So, if you’re a PC Player then sorry my friend, but unfortunately these settings may not work the best for you, but if you’re not a PC player and plays on a smartphone just like Ankush FF, then Congo! my friend these settings may be the best sensitivity for you till now.

Ankush FF UID Controls Settings

  • Aim Precision – Default
  • Left Fire Button – Scope Only 
  • Quick Weapon Switch – On
  • Quick Reload – Off
  • AWM Sniping – Hold Fire to Scope
  • Vehicle Controls – Two-handed
  • Auto-parachute – On
  • In-game tips – Default
  • Damage Indicator – Classic
  • Auto Switch Gun – Off
  • Visual Effects – No Blood 

Ankush FF UID Lifetime Stats 

Ankush FF Lifetime stats in BATTLE ROYALE 

In solo

The player has played over 995 games and has secured 135 wins with a total amount of 2754 kills. And, the total matches that he was in the Top 10 in 569 games which is a total of 57.19% Top 10 rate. 

In duo 

Now, coming to the duo stats. So, in duo Ankush ff has played over 3284 games with 1300 wins with a total of 12564 kills. The player has secured his position in 2048 games in the Top 5 which is equal to a 62.35% of the Top 5 rate.  And, his total KD in the duo is 6.33

In Squad

So, now finally coming to the squad category in which the player has played over 29090 games with 13381 wins in the squad, and in all the games Ankush ff has secured over 120094 kills in it. And, the player finished 17497 games in the top 3 which is equal to 60.15% of the top 3 rates. And, all of this is equal to a 7.64 K/D ratio in the game. 

Ankush FF ID CS Career Stats

So, now let’s talk about some statistics of Ankush ff in the Clash Squad. Well, in this category the player has played over 2023 games with half of the matches won from it which is 1436 wins and a total of 14221 kills gained from all these games. And, his Kill death ratio KDA in short in clash equals a total of 2.28. Well, if you want to check out his other stats here is an image down below. 

Ankush FF stats taken on 8-1-22

Ankush FF YouTube Channel 

So, you must be aware of his YouTube Channel but did you know when did he create his channel or how many total views are on his channel at present? So, these are some of the questions that we would be covering in this section today. 

Well, at the time of writing this article Ankush FF has 1.81M Subscribers and a total of 97,427,451 views on his channel. And, at present, he has 199 videos on his YouTube channel. Ankush FF created his channel on Mar 10th, 2021 last year only. 

Ankush FF Most Viewed YouTube Video 

Well, the most-viewed YouTube video on his channel till now was his, “Who is Ankush?? 5M to 0 Journey !!! ?”. 


Ankush FF Monthly Income 

See, before I tell you the income of Ankush FF I want to tell you one small thing the revenue numbers which you’ll see down below are just an estimated count that is possible with the help of the Social Blade.

So, now let’s come straight to the point. Well, if we see the monthly revenue of Ankush FF then it is estimated at around $2K  –  $31.8K, and his Yearly Income is estimated at around $23.8K  –  $381.6K. You can also cross-check this yourself on the Social Blade website and by referring to the image down below. 

Well, as I told you that these numbers are just an estimated number, and one thing more is that this revenue is from his YouTube Channel. That means the creator could also have more income sources which lead to more revenue but from his YouTube Channel, the revenue estimated is this only.

Ankush FF ID Guild

At present, Ankush FF is in the Guild N  G  U. 

Ankush FF Social Handles 

Check out Ankush FF Social Handles down below:

Final Words

Well, now I hope you would be aware of Ankush FF MAX ID, Monthly Income, YouTube Channel, Stats, and more in 2022. Well, the numbers above could also change with time as the Pro Player plays more and more games in the future, grows his YouTube Channel, etc.

So, with this, it’s obvious that his subscribers count, views, and monthly or yearly revenue will increase. And, this information is taken at the time of writing the article so if you’re reading the article some or the other time it could also differ a little bit depending on your time. 

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