Antaryami Gaming Bgmi Id, Real Name, Age, Stats, Best YT Vid, Social Profiles in 2022


Antaryami Gaming Bgmi Id, Real Name, In-Game-Name, Age and physical appearance, statistics in the game, Best YouTube Video, Social Handles, and much more as of the present year which is 2022. 

Well, today’s article is on Antaryami gaming who is an exceedingly famous content creator and an impassioned gamer as well. The creator is well known for his gaming-related content which he uploads on his YouTube Channel and which is watched by hundreds and thousands of people online. 

The pro-gamer has a huge audience on his YouTube Channel making him a substantially content creator in the gaming niche. For the most part, Antaryami is for his YouTube uploads on Battlegrounds Mobile India

And, which is also the topic for most of the articles about his Bgmi Id, Ign, stats, and more related to it. Well, we’ll also talk about his YouTube Channel, Social profiles, and much more. 

So, without wasting any further time let’s just get started right away with our today’s article on Antaryami Gaming Bgmi Id, Real Name and Ign, Age, stats, Social Profiles, and much more in further in this today’s article.

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Antaryami Gaming Real Name    

Well, his real name except for Battlegrounds Mobile India is Rishabh Verma.

Antaryami Gaming Biography 

Rishabh Verma aka antaryami gaming is a 26-year-old content creator and an online gamer who publishes content on his YouTube Channel. The content creator was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh in the year of 26 January 1996. 

And, if we talk about his physical appearance which on the whole incorporates his height and weight. So, antaryami’s height and weight are estimated to be at around 5’7 and 70 kilograms respectively as of the present time. 

Antaryami Gaming Bgmi Id and IGN 

Well, now after a little bit about him it’s time to look at Antaryami Gaming Bgmi Id and In-Game-Name in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

So, as per the revived information from my team, I can tell you this with the guarantee that Antaryami Gaming Bgmi Id is 583147218, and his IGN in battlegrounds mobile India is NADExAWM. 

Antaryami Gaming YouTube Channel

Well, if we’re talking about Antaryami Gaming then even by mistake by we definitely can’t forget about his YouTube Channel and content. 

Because his YouTube Channel and Battlegrounds Mobile India are the only two things that gained antaryami his popularity and the place where he is right now. 

Well, for the majority part his content is related to Battlegrounds Mobile India and comprehensive gaming only. And, if we talk about the accurate figures then at the time of writing the article Rishabh Verma has over 3.86M subscribers 1,271 uploads on his YouTube Channel. 

Antaryami Gaming YouTube Content

So, now let’s look at and examine antaryami gaming’s YouTube Channel and the type of content that he makes and publishes on his YouTube Channel.

Well, to my surprise Rishabh Verma doesn’t only have one single channel which is his official, and the first channel which is his but Antaryami Gaming but this also works Simultaneously on two of his other channels which are his Antaryami R.B and the other Antaryami Shorts channel. 

Mainly he covers his gaming and Battlegrounds Mobile India content on his main channel which is the Antaryami Gaming and on the other R.B channel antaryami uploads his roasting content. 

While on the last one which is the shorts channel I don’t think you will need any clarification because the name says all the shorts are published on that channel. 

Antaryami Gaming Bgmi Id Ranked Stats

Well, in the current season antaryami gaming has played an overall number of 155 matches and has successfully won 23 of them with a win ratio of 14.8%. 

The pro player has finished around 102 matches in the Top 10 having a 65.8% of Top 10 Rate with 15.3% of accuracy as of the present season. 

And, at last, the player collected over 579 Finishes giving him an F/D Ratio of 3.74 and an 18.3% of headshot percentage in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

antaryami gaming stats

Antaryami Gaming Bgmi Id All-Time Careers Stats

Well, now let’s check out Antaryami Gaming Bgmi Id’s All-Time Career stats and as I can look he has really outperformed his stats in his all-time bgmi gaming career. 

With almost 11781 total matches played he was able to maintain a pretty decent Win Ratio of 13.9%. Finished around 6010 matches in the top 10 with a 51.0% Top 10 rate.

He was able to overcome in almost 1642 total games among them all with a Win Ratio of 13.9% and a 19.7% of headshot percentage. At last, he gathered almost 37703 Finishes with a final F/D Ratio of 3.20 in the game. 

Antaryami Gaming Earnings from YouTube

Well, the final and last part related to his YouTube Channel is his earnings from his channel. So, we’ll see from social blade because it’s one of the most accurate estimates when it comes to the revenue of the creators. 

So, talking about his first channel which is the gaming one the revenue from this channel is estimated at around $3.8K  –  $61.1K, and yearly earnings around $45.8K  –  $733.3K estimated on the basis of the view count currently. 

Well, coming onto the second channel which is his Roasting channel the monthly estimated earnings are at around $12  –  $193, and yearly earnings around $145  –  $2.3K estimated yearly. 

And, the third channel which is the short one the earnings are, the monthly revenue generated from this channel is around $11  –  $180 and the yearly estimated earnings are at around $135  –  $2.2K. 

You can check it out for yourself also by simply going to the social blade website and then searching for their YouTube Channel. 

Antaryami Gaming Social Profiles

Last Final Words  

Well, that was all about Antaryami Gaming Bgmi Id, Real Name, Age and physical appearance, statistics in the game, Best YouTube Video, Social Handles, and everything that we talked about in this article. 

For any kind of query, question or doubt just leave a comment down below and we’ll get to it in no time. And, if you liked the article then do share it with your friends and family members. 

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