Arrow Gaming ID, Real Name, Age, Best Stats, Income in 2022


Arrow gaming ID, Real Name, Age, Best Statistics in Garena Free Fire, Youtube Channel and Content, Income and Earnings, Instagram, and much more in 2022. 

Well, arrow gaming if you’re a Garena Free Fire and you do have a fun side and like to watch some entertaining gameplay of the game then you must be familiar with Arrow gaming or must’ve heard his name once. 

Because in the Garena Free Fire community of India arrow gaming is well-known for his entertaining and funny Youtube videos which he uploads on the channel. 

Well, mainly all of the content revolves around his in-game battles with randoms but further you can also see his reaction videos and prank ones. 

So, in this article of ours today we would be talking about Arrow Gaming ID, Real Name, Age, Best Statistics in FF, Youtube Channel and Content, Income and Earnings, Instagram, and much more in 2022.

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Arrow Gaming Name and Age

Well, according to the web arrow gaming’s name is Sidharth Singhania and his age is estimated somewhere around 22 years as of the current year which is 2022. 

Arrow Gaming ID and IGN

If we talk about arrow gaming’s Garena Free Fire ID in the game then it is 111049492 and his IGN in the game is 

Arrow Gaming Sensitivity Settings

  • General – 100
  • Red dot – 75
  • 2x Scope – 80
  • 4x Scope – 85 
  • Sniper Scope – 75
  • Free look – 51

His One Tap Headshot Secret Setting Video 

Arrow Gaming YouTube Channel

Well, among the Garena Free Fire crowd the name Arrow Gaming is quite popular and well-known because of its amazing performance in the game and the content that they publish on its YouTube Channel which is viewed by millions. 

And, that is because of only one reason which is their YouTube Channel, and at the time of writing this article, the Youtube channel has more than 1.53M subscribers and 477 videos uploaded on the channel. 

With most of the content revolving around Garena Free Fire only but when you’ll visit the playlist section of the YouTube Video you can find that the person has a vast interest when it comes to gaming. 

That’s why you can also find videos of different popular games just like the famous GTA V and more. Some gadget review videos, Tips and Tricks, Challenge videos, and much more related to these. 

Income from the YT Channel 

According to Social Blade if we look at the monthly evaluated income and earnings of Arrow Gaming aka Sidharth Singhania from his YouTube Channel then it lies somewhere around $182  –  $2.9K, and similarly, the yearly or annual estimated income of the player from the YouTube Channel is nearly between $2.2K  –  $34.9K as of the current stats of the channel. 

And, it all really depends on the growth of the Youtube channel. Well, if the creator will put out more and more videos and content then automatically the creator will get more views which will eventually lead to more income. 

So, all of these are just estimated numbers and not any fully accurate figures it was just to give our readers a small idea of how much the player actually earns. 

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Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on Arrow gaming ID, Real Name, Age, Best Statistics in Garena Free Fire, Youtube Channel and Content, Income and Earnings, Instagram, and every other thing that we talked about in the blog post. 

Now, if you’ve any more queries or questions left with you then kindly drop them down in the comments section for us to review them and resolve them with your answer. 

And, you can check out our Garena Free Fire Popular players category because we have got a bunch of other players covered in that part of the site too. 

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