As Gaming UID, Free Fire, Income, Stats, Best YouTube Vid, Social Profiles in 2022


As Gaming UID, Free Fire MAX ID, Earnings from YouTube Channel, Statistics in Free Fire MAX, Best YouTube Video, Channel, Content and Channels, Social Profiles, and much more in 2022. 

A young gamer and content creator who has just changed the view of playing the game in our today’s youth of the nation. Well, he is also a really big content creator with a huge audience on his YouTube Channel 

Well, I am talking about none other than AS Gaming. This boy is one of the most known and popular personalities in India when it comes to Gaming and especially Free Fire.  

And, I guess most probably if you’re here on the article then you are a FF Player or you’re planning something about it for sure. Well, if so then you must be familiar with this name or have heard about him. 

Well, as I acknowledged you with him before he is not less compared to the others. In terms of gaming, performance, statistics, personality, content creation, and more. 

Alright, let’s just not stretch out the Introduction more than this as we’re definitely going to discuss all of these things further in the article but if you want to know each and every little piece of information about As Gaming UID, Free Fire ID, Income, Stats and more then stay tuned till the very last of the article and I sincerely hope that you’ll not regret this one. 

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As Gaming Real Name 

Well, let’s just not talk about the game for a second but were you aware of his real name till now besides from the game?

Because if I have to guess, I would say you’re probably not. Well, no worries, his real name is Sahil Rana and according to the article in stark times on As Gaming’s Biography, he is a citizen of Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India.

As Gaming Age and Physical Appearance

Well, AS Gaming’s birth is on 20 April 2004. So, according to the present year which is 2022 his age should be around 17-18 years of age and whereas if we see his physical appearance which basically includes his height and weight. 

Then these both are estimated to be at around 5’8 Feet and 60 kilograms respectively. Well, we definitely can’t say it too accurately because you see no one these things keep on changing. 

AS Gaming UID in Free Fire MAX

Well, now let’s give a look at AS Gaming Free Fire Id and IGN after a little about him. So, As Gaming Uid in Free Fire Max is 169525329 and his In-Game-Name is A_S Gaming. 

AS Gaming as a Content Creator

Well, as I also told you before that if you’re here then you may be quite the follower of the game and the community of Free Fire. So, likewise, you would be also aware that he has a YouTube Channel named A_S Gaming

And, if we glance at the numbers we can find out that the pro gamer and content creator has more than 17.1M subscribers and 833 videos uploaded on his YouTube Channel at the time of writing the article. 

And, definitely, the content is also related to Free Fire only. Still, sometimes it may take a slight turn with uploads like his sneaker collection, trying other games, and stuff like that but for the most part content is just related to Free Fire only as of his organic audience. 

Well, he does not only run this single YouTube Channel but has other 5 YouTube Channels that you can check out here on the channels section of AS Gaming’s first and official gaming youtube channel. 

AS Gaming Income from YouTube 

Well, now that he runs 5 YouTube Channels, it’s for sure that he must be earning some really good money from it and that’s what we’re going to discuss in this part of the blog. 

So, for today’s article, we’ll take the help of social blade for finding out the earnings of AS Gaming from his YouTube Channel. Well, based on the readings of social blade AS Gaming estimated monthly Income from his YouTube Channel is around $10.7K  –  $170.6K whereas his yearly estimated revenue from his YouTube Channel is around $127.9K  –  $2M currently. 

Well, this really depends on the current statistics of the content creator’s YouTube Channel presently. If the creator is getting some pretty good and decent views and growth on his channel the channel’s earnings will also be more as compared to that of less number of views and subscribers or basically growth. 

AS Gaming Most Watched YouTube Video

Well, in his Free Fire content creation niche the creator’s most-watched YouTube Video is, “GRENADE VS 49 PLAYER” YouTube Video. The video has passed more than 24M+ views at the time of writing the article with around 1.8M likes currently. 

AS Gaming UID BR Lifetime Stats 

So, as I am able to see the figures of his Battle Royale statistics in Free Fire MAX. Sahil Rana aka As Gaming has played more than 2752 games in the solo category with over 258 wins from them all and was successful in gathering around 10288 kills with a final K/D Ratio of 4.30. He finished around 1052 Matches with a 38.23% Top 10 Rate among all of these games. 

In duo, the pro gamer played around 2305 total matches with about 327 wins among all of them and collected 6438 total kills from all of these matches. He was able to finish around 762 games in the Top 5 which is equal to a 33.06% of Top 5 Rate and at last, maintained a pretty good 3.25 K/D Ratio in the game. 

In solo, according to his statistics, he pretty much invested more of his time in some solo matches. With around 8047 total matches played and he successfully triumphant 1271 wins from these matches and collected around 21255 kills. 

AS Gaming UID Clash Squad Stats

So, in his Clash Squad career, he played around 1816 total matches with around 1039 games won which is equal to a 57.21% of win ratio from all of the matches. He was successful in gathering around 11492 finishes among all these games with a final KDA of 1.84. You can check out the other of his statistics down below. 

  • AVG Damage per match – 2919 
  • Headshots  – 4513
  • Headshot Rate – 39.27%
  • Knockdowns – 9289   
  • MVP – 914

AS Gaming Instagram and other Social Handles

Well, if you want to know a bit about his social life and handles then this part is for you. Well, the content creation is definitely on Instagram with a huge follower count of 1.7M followers with a verified tick with him. And, his other social handles are linked down below, you can check them out if you wish to. 


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