Badge 99 UID, Real Name, Instagram, KD Ratio, Best YT VID, and more in 2022


Badge 99 UID, Real Name, Instagram, and Social Handle, KD Ratio and Stats in Free Fire, YouTube Channel, and content, Sensitivity, Earnings, and much more in 2022.

Badge 99, is one of the most famous and well-known personalities in the gaming community in India and especially when it comes to Garena Free Fire. 

If you play the game and you’re quite the follower of the community and the famous players then you must be already aware or at least familiar with this player. 

His skills, performance, gameplay, and headshots are just on a whole other level. Well, if you’re a player of this game then you must be relating to this already. 

In fact, when it comes to free fire Badge 99 is one of the best free fire players in the world also from the point of view of a free fire player badge 99 is said to be one of the fastest free fire players in the community among all other players. 

Well, more about all of this later in the article where we’ll discuss each and every little detail elaborately. But if you wish to know even the slightest detail then make sure to stay tuned till the very last of the article;

Because today’s write-up on Badge 99 UID, Name, Age, Insta, KD, YouTube, Content, Incomes, and much more is going to be just amazing and an out-of-the-box article. 

Badge 99 Real Name

Well, before anything else we ought to know about his real name and a small piece introduction of the player. So, starting from badge 99 real name is Bharath Singh but everyone just calls him by his In-Game-Name only which is badge 99. 

Badge 99 UID

Well, in Garena Free Fire badge 99 free fire id is 317768081 and his In-Game-Name is BADGE99. Currently, the pro player has more than 17988 likes on his profiles and he is on the 71 levels in the game. 

Badge 99 UID Guild Details 

Well, now let’s talk about his team and the guild in which Badge 99 is. Presently Badge 99 is in the guild named HAWK   EYE  · 01. The Guild ID is 60740304 and the glory of their guild is 6132289. The Guild Leader is HWK   NOOB and his In-Game-Level is 73 at the time of writing the article. 

Badge 99 Android Sensitivity 

  • General – 100
  • Red Dot – 100
  • 2x Scope – 100
  • 4x Scope – 100
  • AWM Scope – 36

Badge 99 PC Sensitivity

  • General – 45
  • Red Dot – 29
  • 2x Scope – 49
  • 4x Scope – 40 
  • AWM Scope – 0

Badge 99 UID Battle Royal KD and Stats 


Well, Badge 99 has played around 1151 matches in the solo of the BR(Battle Royale) category with over 84 successful wins and gathered around 2848 total kills in all of these matches.

He Finished around 336 games in the Top 10 which is equal to 29.19% of the Top 10 Rate with a final KD Ratio of 2.67. 


In duo, the pro player of Free Fire played around 2010 total number of games with almost 187 wins among all of these games and collected an amazing number of 4350 kills with an AVG Damage of 761 per match.

Badge 99 finished around 529 matches in the Top 5 which is equal to a 26.27% of Top 5 Rate and at last maintained a final KD Ratio of 2.39 in the game. 


Now, coming to his squad statistics in Free Fire. The pro-gamer played the most number of matches even if you combine his solo and duo games.

With over 8904 total games played he was successful in overcoming around 1532 matches among them and gathering a total amount of 24711 total kills in the game.

He Finished around 2309 times in the Top 3 having a 25.93% Top 3 Rate. And, at last with an estimated around 3.35 of the KD Ratio and 26 most kills in a single match.  

Badge 99 UID CS(Clash Squad) Stats

Well, in his clash squad career badge 99 uid has played around 2156 total matches with over 1335 successful wins among all of them. Badge 99 gathered around 11396 total kills which is just on a whole another level and with a maintained KDA of 2.29 in the game. 

  • Revives – 683
  • AVG Damage Per Match – 2400 
  • Headshots – 6120 
  • Headshots Rate – 53.70% 
  • Knockdowns – 9812 
  • Win Rate – 61.92% 
  • MVP  – 1010 
  • Double Kill – 1862 
  • Triple Kill – 821 
  • Quadra Kill – 243 

Badge 99 YouTube and Content

Well, now let’s talk about the social and content creation side of Badge 99. Well, as I told you before with gaming on one side he is also a huge content creator on YouTube. 

And as per the number and stats of his YouTube Channel right now he is pretty much one of the biggest personalities of our India when it comes to gaming and especially Garena Free Fire. 

So, right now the pro gamer has more than 8.87M subscribers and 482 videos uploaded on his YouTube Channel.

And, basically, the majority of the content is related to Garena Free Fire only, and furthermore, it includes the highlights, gameplays, tips and tricks, shorts which are very popular on his channel, shayaris that we’ll discuss ahead, Solo vs Squad gameplays and much more. 

Well, he also has another YouTube Channel by the Badge 99 live and that channel is dedicated to playing some other games like GTA 5 and some more free-fire content. 

Badge 99 Most Watched YouTube Video

Well, if we talk about his most-watched YouTube video then it’s not a video exactly but a YouTube short and if we talk about the numbers then the short video has received over 20M+ views and 1.5M likes at the time of writing the article. 

The title of the YouTube video is, “Badge99 New Attitude / Motivational Shayri ? Must Watch #shorts | Garena Free Fire”.

Badge 99 Income from his YouTube Channel

Well, according to the social blade badge 99’s monthly earnings from his YouTube Channel are estimated to be at around $4.9K  –  $78.3K, and similarly, his yearly earnings from his YouTube Channel are estimated to be around $58.7K  –  $939.6K currently. 

But this is just an estimated number and not any kind of accurate figure so that’s why the income can also be more and less based on the number of views and the growth of the channel. 

And, generally, content creators have more than one stream of income and one of the best examples of it is many brand sponsorships. So, later on, this adds up to their total income and results in more revenue generated. 

Badge 99 Instagram and other social handles

Well, on his Instagram badge 99 has got more than 496k followers at present. You can also check down below the recent video uploaded by him on his Instagram. You may check out his other social handles also the links are given down below.

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Final Verdict

Well, that was just all about Badge 99 UID, Real Name, Instagram, and Social Handle, KD Ratio and Stats in Free Fire, YouTube Channel, and content, Sensitivity, Earnings, and every other thing that you read about in the article. 

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