Best Attachments for M416 Pubg MOBILE in 2022


If you are looking for the best attachments for m416 pubg mobile then you have to cover the whole gun from muzzle to stock and today I am going to tell you about the best attachments for m416 pubg mobile.

This gun is the most loved and also one of the most used weapons by the players of the battlegrounds mobile India and so far it’s the best gun in the whole pubg and it also comes in the 5 best assault rifles in BGMI or PUBG so check this out also. 

And before starting I would like to tell you that it’s not necessary that you have to use these grips or attachments only in the M416. It depends on your game and which is your need in the game.

Suppose if we take an example that one is fighting in the last zone of the circle and every player is prone and that’s what happens most of the time,

So it’s better for the player to use the flash hider instead of the compensator so that he doesn’t reveal the location and same if a player is fighting enemies in close range,

So, he will use the red dot or the holographic sight instead of any other. So, basically, it all depends upon the need for the gun. And then you can decide for yourselves which would be the best grip and attachment right now for my gun.

But, I will tell you that which are the most likely used and the best attachments for m416 pubg mobile. 

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best attachments for m416 pubg mobile

So let’s begin the answer with the first best attachment in the game for the gun and starting from the muzzle we’ll begin.

1. Compensator

So, according to me the best muzzle in the whole game for the gun M416 is none other than the compensator. It’s the best muzzle attachment for the M416. As it helps the person to control the recoil and the compensator reduces the vertical as well as the horizontal recoil of the gun. There are other muzzels also for eg. 

The flash hider or the suppressor but this is the best. As the flash hider just eliminates the spark from the gun. And the suppressor suppresses the sound of the gun. So, that’s why I am saying that the compensator is the best attachment in the game for the gun M416.

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2. Half grip 

When you talk about the best foregrip for the gun everybody is very confused and nobody exactly knows the best grip to use if you want to know then check this out and if we talk about the best grips then I would say that all the grips are the best it’s just that every specific grip works best in their place like if we talk about the laser sight then it works best in the close range and similarly if you are using a gun that has a high vertical recoil for eg.

the M762 then you can definitely use the vertical grip as it reduces the vertical recoil only. But if we talk about the overall best grip then it’s none other than the half grip. 

This grip reduces the horizontal and the vertical recoil and improves the recoil recovery. It is the best grip for this gun. The only drawback is that this grip reduces the stability of the gun when firing.

And the grip which you will be using depends on your game and what’s your need in the game. For example, if you are a beginner in the game and don’t know much about the game then the vertical grip will work best for you and it follows the same for the other guns also.

And that’s why it will be best if once you look at the best grips and attachments in the game for more clarity and that’s why for the best attachments for m416 pubg mobile, it’s not necessary to use the same grips and attachments. 

half grip in pubg mobile

3. 6x 

Well if we talk about the scopes some players use the 6x on it and then they convert them to 3x and use it because they like the structure of the scope and if we talk about the rest of the scopes for eg. the 4x then many people use this also it works well for some people who know how to control the recoil and I don’t recommend it for the beginners and 

for the best scope in the close range you can the red dot or the holographic sight according to tot you which works best according to you and you can also use the 2x scope in the close range.


4. Extended quickdraw mag 

So, basically, there are 4 mags in the game for the gun the Quickdraw, Extended, and the Extended Quickdraw mag. The Quickdraw mag reduces the reloading speed of the mag and the extended mag as the name says it extended the mag capacity and the last, Extended Quickdraw is basically the combination of the two mags the Quickdraw and the extended. So you should always use the extended quickdraw mag for better gameplay.

5. Tactical stock

So there’s not much to say about the stock. Because there’s only this one stock that can be used on the M416. Which reduces the recoil and makes your aiming easier. There’s not much other stock for this gun so you don’t have any option other than the tactical stock.

Also if you are interested in the best grip and attachments in pubg mobile or battlegrounds mobile India then you can also check that out. So, now you know the best attachments for m416 pubg mobile. If you want to know how to clean your mobile without any cleaner then check this out. 

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