Top 5 Best Gun Combination in BGMI and Pubg Mobile in 2022


Well, earlier when I used to play the game and when I didn’t have much knowledge about the game and the weapons in the game?

So, most of the time I used to think of these questions like which is the best gun in the game? Which is the best gun combination in BGMI Pubg Mobile? Is this gun for long-range or short-range? Which are the best guns in long, short, and mid-range?

And, therefore when a player doesn’t know much about these types of things he automatically the player loses the match. And, then I started to know more about these things and would eventually know the answers to my questions.

So, today in this article we would be looking at the best gun combination in BGMI and Pubg Mobile in 2022.

For more clarity, if you want to know on what factors these guns are selected and are in this list. So, you can check that below the factors, one more thing that the gun combos also depend on the popularity between players, I mean how much popular they are between esports players and how much the gun is used in the game by the players.

So the combinations given below in this list are famous and also chosen between many esports and normal players.

Factors on which the gun combos are selected are:-

  • Gun should have a good amount of damage
  • The stability of the gun should be good
  • Availability of the gun in the game
  • The weapon should be popular and famous among the players
  • The ammo of the gun should be easily available


Best gun combination in BGMI and Pubg Mobile

#1 M416 + AWM 

A very good combination to use when you are in the middle of the match.

Surely you would be killing the enemies in the long-range but in the mid-range also M416 works well and you can knock an enemy with the sniper and then rush at them and the best sniper rifles like m24 or AWM works best in this combo.

You will have plenty of space also in this combination as you almost need 30 ammo for the sniper and not only the AWM is the most powerful sniper rifle in the game but this gun also has the most amount of damage in the game.

A single shot of awm in the head of the enemy will be enough to knock out an enemy with a level 3 helmet. So together if you have both of these guns with you then definitely your chances of winning that match will increase.

With good armor and with these guns it’s just the best gun combination in BGMI and Pubg Mobile.

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#2  AKM + Dp28 

A very powerful combination in the terms of close-range and mid-range flights. Both the guns use 7.62mm ammo and because of that, you need not worry about the ammo also.

Dp 28 is so powerful and works best in the mid-range fights and with that AKM comes in the best close-range guns so far. And the best thing that I like about the dp28 and AKM is their stability and damage.

The dp28 just goes nuts when it is set in the burst firing mode and in addition to this, and if we talk about the AKM then this gun’s damage is just deadly.

This gun is the best weapon for that player who very well knows how you can control the recoil of the weapon and how to aim better in the game. So, that person will very well fit with the AKM.

Well, it’s one of the famous and Best gun combination in BGMI and Pubg Mobile amongst the dominant players of the game.

#3 M416 + Uzi

This 3rd combination is a very famous combo nowadays and as we all know uzi’s fire rate is next level and whereas m416 is best known for its low recoil and stability and I don’t think there’s any gun better than m416. It is one of the best combos as well as the best weapons in the game.

And the best thing about the UZI gun is that when it comes to the fire rate of the gun then I don’t think that there’s any other gun better than the uzi. This gun comes at the top of the list of the highest fire rates in the game.

This combo will be a beast and the best thing about this combination is that these guns are easily available in the whole game.

You’ll not find any difficulty in finding these guns. The rest, about the statistics and all like damage, stability in these guns is amazing.

I would say that this combination is a must include in this list of the Best gun combination in BGMI and Pubg Mobile in 2022.

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#4 Mini14 + M762

With the help of this combination, you would not only be able to finish the enemies in close range but the mid-range and long-range fights also.

Mini14 is considered as the best DMRs among all the others. With the extended mag, it can expand its mag capacity to 30 ammo per mag. You can use any gun like Groza or MK14 if you don’t have M762. In the mid-range also mini14 will world very well. I

n fact, this gun works best in the mid-range and with the help of M762’s amazing damage, you will defeat the enemies very easily.

So, overall this gun combination is a beast and you will be able to fight in all three ranges which are short-range fights, mid-range fights, and long-range flights. would you want to know the Best grips and attachments in pubg mobile 2021 then check this out?

#5 M416 + DP28 

If you are good at and know how to work with these two guns then it’s the best combination so far.

And I also use this combination by myself. Only 3–4 bullets in the head of the enemy of DP28 and the enemy would be knocked out in no time.

And the specialty about the M416 is that this gun is so stable with the scopes also and when you have all the best grips and attachments in this gun, M416 will be a beast. Similarly, if we talk about the Dp28 then this gun goes nuts with a 4x scope on it.

The stability of this gun is on the next level and if you use this gun as a burst mode then it will knock out the enemy in no time as told before.

And overall this gun combination is a beast and these two guns are also very popular between the players in pubg and bgmi as well. One of the Best gun combination in BGMI and Pubg Mobile in the current year of 2022.


Well, this was our today’s article on the Best Gun Combination in BGMI and Pubg Mobile in the present year of 2022. Well, the last few words which I want to say and will conclude the article with is that, it’s a very small request from my side is that please do share the article with your other friends who play Pubg Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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