Top 5 Best Guns in Pubg Mobile and BGMI in 2021


Well, if you landed on this page then you must be playing the pubg mobile and bgmi now for a long time. And, also you’ve probably tried all the weapons in the game.

But in this time period have you ever wondered or thought of that among all those guns and weapons, which are the best guns in pubg mobile and bgmi? or do these type questions come to your mind like which gun has the most damage in the game? Which gun is best for spray? Which gun is best for close-range fights?.

If, yes, and you are also looking for the answer to this one of the most frequently asked questions in the pubg and bgmi community about the weapons in the game about the best guns in pubg mobile and bgmi.

Then stay till the last to know each and every bit of everything that you need to know about the best guns in pubg mobile and bgmi.

Also, to provide you with more value with this you must have a piece of good and basic knowledge about the different grips and attachments in the game with the different gun combinations which are used in the game. So, remember to read about them also.

So, on what basis only these guns are selected?

And, one more question which can come to your mind is that on what basis the list of the best guns in pubg mobile and bgmi is made. So, to know about it here are all the things which were considered before making this list of the best guns in pubg mobile and bgmi.

  • High damage of the gun
  • Easily available weapons
  • Stability when firing
  • Most used assault rifles
  • Most preferable weapons in the game
  • Ammos are easily available
  • Most of them are not airdrop weapons except one

best guns in pubg mobile

Top 5 Best guns in Pubg Mobile and BGMI

1. M416

This is a gun that I think everybody who plays the game likes and prefer to use over any other assault rifle. M416 is the best thing for beginners who have just started the game and want to learn the game and explore more.
This gun is famous for its low recoil and high stability making this gun the best option to spray on the enemy with really good damage also. The best thing about this gun is that it is not that rare and can be found easily.
If you mastered this gun then you would be killing the enemies in just no time. All the professional players usually prefer this gun only over any other SMG or any other AR gun.

2. Groza

As powerful as this weapon is, it is more difficult to find it as it is only available in the drops. I think this weapon is the best in close range and has the most damage among the assault rifles in the game.
If you are using this gun with a red dot sight, it will be a beast, but if you are using any scope, eg. 3x or 4x it would be difficult as it has high recoil, and it’s not easy to control this gun.
The only disadvantage is that its iron sight is not that good and AKM has a better iron sight. This gun is one of the best guns in pubg mobile and bgmi in terms of close-range fights and damage.

3. AWM

I don’t have to talk much about this weapon because everybody knows how powerful this weapon is in the game. As a sniper rifle if we compare it to the other weapons then this gun is a beast.

And the best thing about this gun is that as compared to the other sniper rifles in the game like kar98k or the m24, this gun can knock out or kill an enemy in one shot only on a level 3 helmet whereas the other sniper rifles cant.

But the only way you can get this weapon is through a flare drop or a normal airdrop And it’s not easily available like the other assault rifles or the SMGs.

4. DBS

Famous for firing nonstop shotgun bullets, this gun is the best in the game among all the shotguns. If you have this gun on you then automatically you will feel confident in the game.

And the curious part is that no one wants to fight an enemy who has this gun on him.

The best use of this gun is when you are trapped in a rush fight where there are many enemies and all the buggies and cars are rushing towards you and you just have to defend yourself and kill the other enemies in an instant.

So, there this gun will help you the most. And the famous location in the game where usually these kinds of fights happen is the school apartments. You can wait at the terrace of any building and just wait for the enemies to come with this gun and then defeat the enemies in just one click by this gun.

5. MK14

One of the best guns in the categories of sniper rifles and the DMRs (designated marksman rifles). First of all, I want to tell you that this is a dropped weapon, and most of the time in the airdrops this weapon can be found easily.

And the best thing about this gun is that this gun worked best when set on the auto-firing mode and similarly it can be also used as a sniper rifle when the enemy is a bit far away from you.

Sometimes in close range, this weapon can beat some of the assault rifles also. And with the extended mag, the mag capacity also increases from 10 to 20. And with some grips and attachments, I think this gun will be a deadly weapon in the game and is a must include in the best guns in pubg mobile and bgmi.

Final words

Now when you know the Top 5 best guns in pubg mobile and bgmi, which is the best gun amongst these 5 according to you, drop down a comment in the comment section letting us know which is the best guns in pubg mobile and bgmi according to you

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