Top 5 Best Loot Location in BGMI that nobody told you about!!


Well, what’s the very first thing every player does when lands on the battlefield in the game. For sure, tries to find a good loot. But we all face this problem of finding the best loot location in bgmi. And, sometimes this becomes a reason for the bad gameplay in the game. 

And maybe one of the reasons could be of landing at the correct location on or in the best loot location in bgmi. Well, that’s what we gonna talk about that what is the best loot location in BGMI, throughout all the maps in the game. 

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What we would be discussing in today’s article?

So, now you’ve probably pretty much guessed about the topic for today’s article but one thing that I want to tell you about is that all these 5 listed in this article are throughout all the 3 maps, which are the Erangel, Sanhok, and the Miramar. So, there are overall 5 best locations from the 3 maps in this article in BGMI.

Note – Livik and Karakin maps are not included in

Best loot location in BGMI

1. Military Base 

So, the first one is from the Erangel map and is stated on the second part of the map or you can say which is located on the second island in the map.

There are 3 main buildings in the location which are also known as the “C” buildings because of the position in which they are located with the other small structure around the main ones.

And, if we talk about the loot, then it’s one of the best loot locations in BGMI. And, the possibility of finding the flare gun is also very high. You can probably find around 2 flare guns easily in this location. 

2. Georgopol 

The second one in this list is also from the Erangel map only. And this location is stated on the northwest side of the map. The location is mostly covered with containers and has a few warehouses around them. 

The amount of loot in Georgopol is also good. The possibility of finding the flare gun in this place is almost the same as of the military base. You can find around 2-3 flare guns in this location.

3. Paradise resort 

The third location is stated in the Sanhok map and is like one of the best locations in the whole Sanhok map for an amazing amount of loot. The whole squad can easily have enough loot for themselves. 

The third place is stated on the northeast side of the boot camp. The possibility of finding flare guns in this place is also high, you can find around 1-2 flare guns in this location.  

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4. Boot camp

The Boot Camp is one of the best loot location in bgmi in the Sanhok Map. This place has a main building which is like a square shape and has warehouses and other small buildings around it. 

The possibility of finding the flare gun is also high in this place. A player can easily find around 1-2 flare guns in this type of location. But with a good amount of loot comes a good amount of enemies also, so also be aware of the competition that you would get in this location

5. Los Leones

The fifth and the last location is the Los Leones place which is only the single location in this article from the Miramar map in the bgmi. Stated in the southeastern part of Miramar. 

The players can easily find a flare gun in this place. Also, this is the only place in this list that is from the Miramar map in the game. 

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Facts and Queries

Which map is better for the Rank push in BGMI?

Well, according to me amongst all the maps in the BGMI. I would prefer to go with the Miramar and the Livik map. First of all why the Miramar map, there are two main reasons:-

  • More area of 10KM x 10KM 
  • More chances of being alive and more time given in the match

So, these are the two main reasons why I would love to rank push in the Miramar map, now coming to the second map which is the livik. And the two main reasons for that is:-

  • Short and crisp matches, you can get more kills
  • More Rank points are added at the end of the match.
How do you become a conqueror in BGMI?

This is a question to which everybody wants an answer and mainly there are these 6 Tips and Tricks for reaching out in the conqueror which is:-

  • Have good teammates
  • Start slow and then rush at the end 
  • Improve your game and then go for rank pushing
  • Start rank pushing in the starting of the season
  • Take advantage of heal battle
  • Don’t ever take the stress

Well, overall I told you the points but I highly suggest you please give this article a look at how to do become a conqueror in BGMI. Because there are more points in these main ones and thus will give you a more idea of how this exactly works. So, don’t forget to check out this page here.

Where do most people land in BGMI?

Well, there are two main locations in the game where most people land. The first one is the Military base because and the second one in the Erangel map is the Pochinki map.

Final Words

Well, finally I would hope that you liked the article on the best loot location in bgmi and one last thing before ending the article is that you can also check out the highlighted locations of more loot in the game with the help of the game map. So, if that’s the thing you’re looking for then you may check that out here. You will be able to find the map with the highlighted locations of high loot. So, that’s a really great and valuable move for the players. Make sure to check it out and do share the article with your Pubg or BGMI friends.

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