Best BGMI and Pubg grips and attachments in 2022


Best BGMI and Pubg Grips and attachments in 2022. See, to have the right grips and attachments in pubg mobile in your gun is a must. The recognization of the grips and attachments in the game and how do they work? which is the best attachment? which is the best grip in both of the games?

You must know the answers to all these types of questions if you want to have a better understanding of the game which will help you to improve your gameplay to the next level. 

Just take an example of the recoil in the game. Suppose a player is using the M416 gun, so the player should know which grip would fit the best in the gun for controlling recoil in the game. So it can help the player to control its recoil and win in the long run. 

So, that is why it’s very important for a person to have that knowledge of the best bgmi and pubg grips and attachments and the mechanism of how they work actually 

There are several grips like half grip or the laser sight or thumb grip and you would have listened about them that the light grip is the best or the thumb grip is the best but they exactly don’t know these grips are made for a particular purpose. So in this blog first we’ll talk about the best grips in the game and then the attachments. 

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So, Best BGMI and pubg grips 2022


So, given below are the names of all the grips in PUBG or BGMI. We all know that without the foregrips the Best Bgmi and pubg grips and attachments list is just incomplete.

           1. Vertical Grip 

This grip reduces the vertical recoil and is best for guns that have a more vertical recoil.

For example, guns that use 7.62 ammo like M762.

You should use this grip if you have a problem with your vertical recoil. It also increases the stability of the gun. This grip is best for beginners of the game. 

           2. Laser Sight

It reduces the hip fire spread of the gun which means when you are taking a close-range fight and you haven’t opened the scope and you are hip firing at that time this grip will help your bullets to not spread more and aim at the enemy only. Increases your chances of winning a 1v1 fight.

           3. Angle Grip

It reduces horizontal recoil and makes it faster to aim down sight (ADS). Works best in Assault Rifles and in close-range fights.

           4. Light Grip

The light grip increases the speed and stability of aiming after running and also increases recoil recovery. Recoil recovery means how fast the gun could be in control after firing. 

           5. Thumb Grip

The best thing about this grip is that it reduces the opening time of the scope, slightly reduces vertical recoil, slightly increases stability. This grip works best when you have to rush at the enemies or when you have to take a close-range fight. As your scope opening time would be decreased 

           6. Half grip 

It reduces recoil and increases recoil recovery, reducing stability when firing. If you are a good player and you work well with the grips then only choose this grip and if you are a beginner then you can go with the vertical grip.

Final Answer 

Well, among the Foregrips, I would really choose to think of choosing the pubg grips according to the need. Well, what does that mean? Let me tell you. 

So, you see among foregrips I guess it’s a tie-breaker between half grip and the laser light. And, why is that exactly you may ask. So, the thing is that if you’re an intermediate player and are familiar with the game now and you might be playing the game for some time now.

Then the half grip would fit in the best for you.

But if you’re new to the game and are just grasping over things then I would recommend you to go with the laser light or the vertical grip because in accordance with my experience.

I’ve found out that for newbies these two grips work the best. 

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So, now that we know the best bgmi and pubg grips in the game and where to use them let’s now talk about the best attachments in the game so we’ll start from the muzzles.

There are 4 types of muzzles in the game for ARs, Snipers, DMRs, and SMGs, and 2 for shotguns. We’ll include them also. Without muzzels, the list of the best bgmi and pubg grips and attachments would be incomplete.

            1. Compensator 

This is the best thing so far if you need something to control recoil. It reduces both vertical and horizontal recoil. Almost everybody uses this only instead of the other things 

            2. Suppressor

This thing is famous for its ability to suppress the sound of the gun and prevents others to know your location by hiding the gun mark which comes in your map when someone close to you fires. The suppressor also eliminates the flash of bullets when you fire. So, this is also a good thing in muzzles 

            3. Barrel extender 

Not a very famous thing the barrel extender is a new muzzle introduced in the game. Barrel extender Improves the effective range of bullets by reducing damage reduction due to distance. 

             4. Flash hider 

The flash hider eliminates the muzzle flash in the fun and slightly reduces horizontal and vertical recoil. I would say if you do not have the first two muzzles then go with this one.

             5. Chock 

This is generally used in shotguns and it decreases the shotgun spread and makes it easier for the long shots

             6. Duckbills

These duckbills also perform the same as the chock its just that you cant use duckbills in some shotguns

Final Thoughts 

Well, in terms of which is the best muzzle the answer is just so crystal and clear according to what I think.

It’s the compensator. I mean if you could just control your recoil in the game then I don’t think there would be any other strategy better than this one. 


So basically there are 3 types of mags in PUBG or BGMI which are given below

             1. Quickdraw Mag

This mag allows you to reduce the time of reloading. 

             2. Extended Mag

This mag allows you to extend the mag capacity by 10 bullets. 

             3. Extended Quickdraw Mag

This mag allows you to reduce the time of reloading as well as extend the mag capacity. It is a combination of both the quickdraw and extended mag. 

Final Thoughts

Well, no doubt when a player can just extend their mag as well as increase the speed of reloading. 

Then I don’t think there would be any other good option than the Extended Quickdraw Mag.


This is I think so are the main attachments in the gun.

If you have a good scope then it’s easy for you to kill the enemy also.

As there’s not much about the scopes as everybody is very well familiar with the scopes.

And If we talk about the Best bgmi and pubg grips and attachments then scopes are definitely necessary for today’s list. The list of all the types of scopes in pubg and bgmi is.

  • 2x Scope 
  • 3x Scope
  • 4x Scope 
  • 6x Scope 
  • 8x Scope 
  • Canted Sight
  • Red Dot Sight
  • Holographic Scope 

Finishing Answer

Well, there is no best scope in the game but it just depends on the current situation of the player. Close range scopes(red dot-2x-3x) will work best in 1-to-1 fights whereas if you’re thinking of snipers then long-range(4x-6x-8x) scopes will work the best.


             1. Tactical Stock 

Mainly used in Assault Rifles this stock would help you in controlling the recoil and in weapon shake.

             2. Stock (Micro Uzi)

This stock of micro uzi also performs the same as the tactical stock in the Assault Rifles. 

             3. Bullet loop

This bullet loop is made for shotguns and sniper rifles and this decreases the reloading speed of the gun

             4. Cheek Pad 

Ultimate Best

Well, all the stocks in the game are best and better than the other. But it really depends on the gun which a player is using. 

Tactical Stocks will fit the best for the Assualt Rifles and the SMGs whereas the Bullet Loop and the Cheek Pad will work best for the Snipers in the game respectively. 


Well, now you finally know all the Pubg Grips and Attachments in the game.

And are finally familiar with how the Bgmi and Pubg Grips 2022 work and which is the best and where and where not to use them.

Well, I would like to conclude the article with some final words that if you feel or think that something more should be added to the article then please let us know in the comment section and we’ll definitely look forward to it. 

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