BGMI 2.1 Update, Release Date, Best Pharoh Update, Download Size, New Features, in 2022!!!


The New BGMI 2.1 Update: Theme Mode: Ancient Secret: Arise, Release Date, Best Pharoh Update, Download For IOS and Android, New Features and Challenges, New Guns, and really much more in 2022!!!

So, finally the much-awaited Theme Mode: Ancient Secret: Arise or the famous Pharoh Map is here and the players are so excited and curious about it.

Because the last time the map was first introduced in the game it was considered the best update that BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India presented in the game, because of the X-Suit, The Idea behind it, and all of that.

Well, there are so many new things that are introduced in the game and especially in the Erangle map particularly and I guess because of the ultimate response and the liking towards the previous update which we showed will reflect in this BGMI 2.1 Update of the game.

And, the particular reason behind it is because of all the new changes, features the makers have introduced and put on the game with the hope of doubling the enjoyment as of the previous update.

So, in this article of ours today we would be looking at the newly introduced BGMI 2.1 Update in the game and will be highlighting some really important points regarding the New BGMI 2.1 Update: Theme Mode: Ancient Secret: Arise, Release Date, Best Pharoh Update, Download For IOS and Android, New Features and Challenges, New Guns, and really much more in 2022.

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BGMI 2.1 Update IOS Size and Download

Well if you’re an iPhone user and wants to download on the game on an IOS device then the game Bgmi 2.1 Update IOS Size would be around 2.3GBs and you can download it through the Apple App Store if you want to.

BGMI 2.1 Update Android Download

And, Similarly if you’re an Android player then the recent new bgmi update size for you is around 735MBs and you can download it through the Google Play Store as you know.

BGMI 2.1 Update Release Date

Well, the new BGMI 2.1 Update release date is between 14th to 15th of July 2022 but at the time of writing the article the update has already officially released so right now you can go and download the game.

BGMI 2.1 Update Patch Notes: Ancient Secret: Arise

#1. New Ancient Secret Arise with C3S7 Season

Well, as I also mentioned above about the return of the much awaited New Ancient Secret Arise update in the game, and with this BGMI 2.1 Update in the game our wish is fulfilled.

But only this, the new cycle and season has also came up with it, and from it’s release date the new C3S7 also known as the Cycle 3 and Season 7 in the game is introduced.

Well, this time the makers of the game has put the newly Pharoh Update on a whole another level because this time you can fight with a real pharoh in the game, yes you read it right, with a real pharoh in the game.

The players can land on the pharoh Temples just like the previous update but now, with abundance of loot you’ll also get to fight with the Guard Monsters protecting the Pharoh Temples.

And, also with new puzzles in the game it will be on a whole another level, by solving puzzles you can get loot in the game and same as by killing the guard monsters.

#2. Classic Update: New Weapon Lynx AMR

The all new Lynx AMR weapon is introduced in the game. The new Lynx AMR is a direct competition the Most powerful sniper in the game which is the AWM, one of the best guns in Bgmi and Pubg Mobile.

Well, it also performs almost similar to the AWM Sniper Rifle because with this weapon also you can finish and knock out an enemy with a 3 level helmet without any kind of problem.

The only catch here is that the gun can only be found in the AirDrops and Flare Gun Drops just like the AWM and you have to use it’s ammos wisely because they’re also not available in enough quantity.

#3. BGMI 2.1 Update’s New Sandstrom City

Well, this time the game has Introduced us with a new area in the game whose location is not fixed and will be random in the Erangle Map but if we talk about the features of this location then, the New Sandstrom City is considered to be the place with the most loot in the game.

The place will be covered with Storms, Sands, and Dust just like a Desert with a lot of Sractch Charms. So, overall this is going to be the Hotdrop location of the new update.

pharoh sandstorm in bgmi 2.1 update

#4. Primordial Water and Scratch Charm

Well, these are one of the most exciting features of the new Bgmi update in the game because of it’s health features. It’s very difficult to find this Primoordial Water in the game, once you’ll the water you can get your health to full.

And, if we talk about Scratch Charm then with the help of this you can get revived once you’ll pick this up in your bag, and one certain timer will eventually start.

So, within that timer of around 15 mins you can get revived again without the help of any kind of Recall Tower but you can only avail it once so it’s better if you’ll save this chance for later on.

#5. Two Emperor Temple 

Well, out of all the updates this one is the most exciting and interesting one. Becuaes this time a real pharoh statue will pick up the temple and travel the whole Erangle Map.

There would be two pathways in the map and when a certain timer will be over the Pharoh Statue will pick up these two emperor temples and would walk the whole erangle map in the specific paths.

But this time the catch is that you can also climb up these temples because at certain points in the map, the pharoh statue will take a break for 1.5 mins and four stages will form at it’s four sides.

So, in between that timers you can actually get on the Two Emperor Temples and explore more stuff up in the sky. Well, at this time you can also fight the Pharoh by solving the puzzles and moving from the 5th room to the 6th room, you can get to know more about how you can fight the pharoh in these temples in this video if you wish to know more about it.

emperor temples in new bgmi update

#6 New Changes in the Lobby

Well, how can we forget about our lobby of the game which is the very starting of our game and our match making time in the game, can we , probably not.

And, in the new BGMI 2.1 Update also the lobby has been changed and adjusted according to the new Theme Mode: Ancient Secret: Arise in the game, so what are the changes.

Well, the very first change is in our match making time in the ocean at the side you’ll get to see the big pharoh again and at the time when the match is just about to start and we’re boarding the plane, the pharoh actually tries to catch the plane and you’ll see a hand of it’s attempting to catch the plane. You can check out the images down below for more clarity and what exactly are we talking about.     pharoh bgmi 2.1 update

FAQs on New Bgmi 2.1 Update

Final Words

Well, readers this was our today’s article on the New BGMI 2.1 Update: Theme Mode: Ancient Secret: Arise, Release Date, Best Pharoh Update, Download For IOS and Android, New Features and Challenges, New Guns, and all of other things that you read about in the above article in 2022!!!

So, now regarding anything above if you have any leftover questions or queries to ask from us then you can drop them down in the comments and we’ll be answering your doubts as soon as we can.

And, for more such articles just like this one you can check out our best BGMI and Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks category for more information on such topics.

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