BGMI Login Error: How to Fix 0 Friends Glitch in BGMI in 2022 in 3 simple ways

What’s the Problem?

So, just recently many of us are facing this Bgmi Login Error 0 friends glitch in BGMI, and I too when I started the game this glitch is appearing in the game so that’s why many of us searching that How to fix 0 friends glitch in BGMI with 2 simple ways.

Well, first of all, we need to understand that we can fix this problem by ourselves because this is an internal server error in the Battlegrounds Mobile game as you must’ve also experienced the request time-out problem in the game.

So, what can we do? Well, the problem here is that we are not able to play with our friends so we need a solution to fix this problem of not being able to play with our friends.

Well, in this article of ours we would be discussing 2 ways on How to fix 0 friends glitch in BGMI problem in the game, and they will be discussed below. So, stay tuned for more articles just like this one on our site for more information regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India, Pubg Mobile, and more battle royale games.

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3 Methods to Fix BGMI Login Error: 0 Friends Glitch in BGMI

Method #1 – Add your friends to your clan

So, first of all, the problem is that we’re not able to play with our friends and we need a solution for that. That’s why first we’ll think that what are the ways we can add our friend with us in the lobby besides requesting from your friend’s list.

The first way How to fix 0 friends glitch in BGMI in the game is by adding them to your clan and then adding them with you in your lobby. So, how will you do it?

Here’s how it will work

Step 1 – First, you or your friend will leave their clan and will add yours if they can without any kind of restriction. If you and your friend are not able to join the clan then find any other clan which has fewer team members and is available to join. Because if you’ll see in the clan, you can invite your friends.

Step 2 – So, join any clan where you can add yourself and your teammate and then request your teammate from the clan option so you can play together.

joining clan

Method #2 – Create Chat Room

If the above method is not applicable for you and you are not able to join any clan or you cannot join your clan for some other reasons then the second-best way would be to create chat rooms and then invite players from the chat rooms.

Here’s How it will work

Step 1 – You’ll open your game and head onto the section where the public channel is available and down below you will be able to see a house icon with a plus sign.

Step 2 – Now you will press that button and then the create button above and create a room with your name or your teammates and then share that room ID with your teammate or friend if you can and is within your reach and if you can contact your friend.

Step 3 – You can also set a password if you wish to and the name of your choice and that would be a better way if I have to give my opinion on it.

If not the first option and you’re not able to leave your clan then this is the best way you can solve the BGMI Login Error of How to Fix 0 Friends Glitch in BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India.

 create room

Method #3 – Create a Local Team

Well, if you’re quite familiar with the above 2 methods and you’re not able to play with your friends somehow then the third step would be to generate or join team code and then play with the help of it.

Here’s How it will work

Step 1 – Go to the friend’s request section in your game and then go to the local team button down below.

Step 2 – One of your friends or you could create and generate a team code and the rest of the members can click on the join code and then enter the code and press ok

This is the easiest and best way in the game to play with your friends and your problem regarding How to fix 0 friends glitch in BGMI will also be solved.

create local team

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Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on BGMI Login Error: How to Fix 0 Friends Glitch in BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India in the current year which is 2022 with the 3 best and simple ways that nobody knows about.

Well, this is just a temporary issue and it will be solved sometime in a few hours or so in my opinion because BGMI is surely not a small team but a very huge organization and at this time you can play the game with your friends with these solutions above.

Now, if you’ve any more queries or questions left with you regarding this problem or any kind of another issue regarding the site then you can leave them down in the comments section and we’ll be responding to you as quickly as we can.

Well, for more Tips and Tricks just like this you can check out our BGMI and Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks category on the site because we have got a lot of articles just like this one categorized there.

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