Boss Official Free Fire UID, IGN, Real Name, Income, Best YT VID in 2022


Boss Official Free Fire Uid, Ign, Real Name, Income, YouTube Channel and Content, Best YT Video, Statistics in Free Fire, and much more in 2022. 

Well, with the rising interest of people in online gaming this Industry in our nation is blooming a lot. Different Mobile Games like Battlegrounds Mobile India and Garena Free Fire are at their peak. 

And, some people are making really good out of this rising industry by giving some really good content out there on several platforms because as the industry will grow more and more people will automatically get into it and will participate in different activities. 

Well, by content creation I mean YouTube Channel and a bunch of other things also. And, when it comes to content creation, YouTube, or online gaming just like Garena Free Fire, many popular creators of this industry provide some really good quality content which the viewers of course see and watch but also like to explore more about them. 

Because when a creator makes a good personality and image in the viewer’s mind the next thing which happens is searching and talking about that particular creator or gamer.

And, that’s pretty much what we’re going to do in this article today about Boss Official Free Fire Uid and a bunch of other things.

So, without wasting any more time and stretching out the article let’s get started with our today’s article on official Free Fire Uid, Income, Stats, YouTube, and much more as of the present year which is 2022. 

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Boss Official Real Name

First things first definitely his real name apart from Free Fire. So, his real name besides Garena Free Fire is Yash Vardhan but everyone in the community just calls him by the name of Boss. 

Boss Official Free Fire Uid

So, the next thing that we ought to discuss is Boss Official Uid in the game. Well, his user id is 90583691 and his In-Game-Name in Free Fire is YASH    YT      BOSS. 

Boss Official Free Fire Uid Guild

Currently Boss Official is in the guild named B O S S and his guild id is 60769332. And, the glory of 4411112 boss officials Yash himself is the current leader of their guild. 

boss official guild

Boss Official Uid BR Stats


In his Solo Career Boss Official played around 3518 total games and successfully won around 761 of them and gathered around 13346 total kills among all of these games. He finished around 1697 games in the Top 10 with 48.24% of Top 10 Rata and a final 4.84 K/D Ratio in the game. 


In duo, the pro player played around 1527 total games and won around 274 of them, and collected around 4785 kills among all of these games. He finished around 588 matches in the Top 5 maintaining a Top 5 Rate of 38.51% and a 3.82 K/D Ratio in the game. 


Well, in the squad the pro gamer has played 10206 games and was able to outperform 2914 games among them all collecting over 29715 total kills in all the matches. He finished around 4325 matches in the Top 3 with 42.38% of the Top 3 Rate and a final 4.08 K/D Ratio in the game. 

Boss Official Uid Clash Squad Stats

Well, that was just Boss Official Uid Battle Royale statistics that we talked about in the upper part but now let’s give a look at his Clash Squad Stats in the game. 

So according to the numbers, Boss Official has played 3695 games and has successfully won 2264 matches among them all which is a 61.27% of Win Rate in the game. And, collecting around 22822 total kills with a KDA of 1.79. 

  • Revives – 1703
  • AVG Damage Per Match – 2956
  • Headshots –  10530
  • Headshots Rate –  46.14%
  • Knockdowns –  18800
  • Win Rate – 61.27%%
  • MVP –  1460
  • Double Kill –  3736
  • Triple Kill –  1247
  • Quadra Kill –  228

Boss Official YouTube Channel

Well, if you follow the game and the content that is published related to this game then you must be aware of all the popular players in the community. 

And, one of them is Boss official, right now he has a huge audience base on his YouTube Channel with over 2.62M subscribers and around 498 videos uploaded on the channel at the time of writing the article. 

And, for the most part, the content just revolves around Garena Free Fire only which furthermore includes the gameplay videos, highlights, friendly battles, Omegle fun, and much more. 

Boss Official YT Channel’s Most Watched Video

Well, his most-watched video currently on his YouTube Channel is his friendly battle with raistar. The title of the YouTube video is, “RAISTAR vs SK SABIR BOSS !!”. At present, the YouTube video has received more than 20M+ Views and over 1.1M likes. You can check out the full video down below. 

Boss Official Income

Well, now let’s talk about his earnings from his YouTube Channel with the help of a social blade. So, according to the data from the social blade, we can say that his estimated monthly earnings are estimated to be around $1.3K  –  $20.5K.

And, his yearly revenue generated from his YouTube Channel is estimated to be at around $15.4K  –  $246.1K as per the current views the channel is getting and its growth. 

Although these numbers keep on increasing and decreasing and changing for an overall estimate of what Boss Official Earns it is the best way to calculate it and also it is an estimate only and not any kind of an accurate number figure. 

Final Answer

Well, readers, this is just all about our today’s article on Boss Official Free Fire Uid, Ign, Real Name, Income, YouTube Channel and Content, Best YT Video, Statistics in Free Fire, and every other thing that you found out in this article. 

Well, now among everything that we talked about above if you’ve any more questions or queries left with you then drop them down in the comment section and we’ll get right back to it as soon as we can.

And, also if you’ve any suggestions for us regarding boss official uid then also feel free to tell us in the comment box and if we think that you’re point is valid enough to include in the article we’ll also give a shout back to you. 

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