CarryMinati BGMI ID, Income, Real Name, YouTube, Best Stats in 2022


CarryMinati Bgmi ID and IGN, Real Name, YouTube Channel and Content, Income, Statistics in Bgmi, Social Handles, Age, Height, and Weight, and much more in 2022.

Well, if you live in India and use YouTube then I am sure that you already know about this person. If we talk about roasting content in our nation Carryminati’s name may be on the list.

Indeed, he is also one of the most popular and known faces in the YouTube Community of India with a huge audience base on his channel.

CarryMinati is well-known for his roasting and gaming content which he usually uploads on his YouTube Channel. And, not only this but if we talk about Asia’s most popular and no 1 content creator then carry holds that 1st position on the list.

Well, more about this later on in the article but for now let’s look at CarryMinati Bgmi Id, Income, Real Name, YouTube Channel and Content, Stats in the game, Income and Net Worth, Social Handles, Age, Physical appearance, and much more as of the present year which is 2022.

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CarryMinati Real Name

Well, if you landed on this article somehow I would guess that you may be already familiar with his name and real identity. But if not by chance, even then no worries. His real name is Ajey Nagar popularly acknowledged as carryminati.

CarryMinati Age and Physical Appearance

Well, carryminat’s birth date is 12 June 1999, so as per the current month and year his age should be 22 years, and if we talk about his physical appearance which mainly includes his height and weight. So, his height is 165 centimeters or 5’5 you can say and likewise, his weight is estimated somewhere between 60 to 65 kilograms.

CarryMinati Bgmi Id and Ign

So, CarryMinati Bgmi Id or CarryMinati’s user id in the game is 545247961, and his In-game name is Khalidjamonday.

CarryMinati Bgmi Id All-Time Career Stats

carryminati bgmi id stats

CarryMinati YouTube Channel

Well, not only in terms of roasting videos, but the content creator has also outperformed everyone in the gaming category on YouTube with his carryislive gaming channel.

And, if we talk about the numbers of his YouTube Channel then at the time of writing the article the channel has more than 11M Subscribers and 862 videos uploaded in his YouTube Channel.

And, mostly the content is related to gaming and then furthermore it includes a variety of games and if I’ll start to list out the names then the list will probably get very long.

So, that’s why I would recommend that you should check out the playlist section of his YouTube Channel, and then you can check out all of the games which are often played on his channel carryislive.

Why is CarryMinati So Famous?

Well, just like a normal content creator carry was also going stable with his channel so what was the thing that made him Asia’s number 1 YouTube Channel you may wonder.

Well, let’s talk about this here, So, if you’re into social media a bit also then you must remember TikTok and its place in India, and if so then you must be also familiar with the ban of other 59 applications along with Tiktok.

And, at that time this TikTok VS YouTube thing took place and most of the roasters in the YouTube community were already roasting the TikTokers and the same roast from TikTokers.

But the audience from both sides were waiting for that one person to upload his video on this topic and that was our CarryMinati. And, the moment he uploaded the video this topic took a whole new turn and if we talk about his video then it went super viral with around 70M+ views breaking all the records.

And, everywhere on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram this video got a ton of views which not only gave a boost to carryminati’s career but the reach of his channel was on a whole another level.

Well, it was just not about that one single video as carry was also very popular before but this was one of the reasons why carryminati got that huge subscriber count and why he is considered to be the number 1 Asia YouTuber.

But shortly after that, the video was taken down as YouTube said that it was a violation of their guidelines which definitely would’ve hit CarryMinati’s heart and his fans also.

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CarryMinati Social Handles

Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on CarryMinati Bgmi ID and IGN, Real Name, YouTube Channel and Content, Income, Statistics in Bgmi, Social Handles, Age, Height, and Weight, and every other thing that we talked about in this article.

So, after all, if you’ve any further questions or queries then leave them down in the comment section and we’ll definitely get right back to it as soon as we can.

And, likewise, if you’ve any suggestions for us even then drop them down and if we think that your point is valid then we may include them in our articles and give you a shoutout back to you.

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