Top 5 Best Loot Location in BGMI that nobody told you about!!

best loot location in bgmi

 Introduction Well, what’s the very first thing every player does when lands on the battlefield in the game. For sure, tries to find a good loot. But we all face this problem of finding the best loot location in bgmi. And, sometimes this becomes a reason for the bad gameplay in the game.  And maybe … Read more

Best BGMI Sensitivity Code [ Camera, FL, ADS, GYRO ] in 2022!!

best bgmi sensitivity code

What is sensitivity? The Best Guide out there on the Internet that talks about the Foremost BGMI Sensitivity Code as well as Bgmi Sensitivity Settings in 2022 that you should know about if you’re a Battlegrounds Mobile India player. Well, you may be a good player in the bgmi as well or a very pro … Read more

Top 5 Best BGMI and Pubg Tournament App Download in 2022

pubg tournament app download

Well, isn’t it great if side by side playing your favorite games you can earn money as well? Yeah, it would be a great opportunity for every gamer, you must be thinking. Well, there are some applications that offer you to earn money by participating in their room matches of different games like BGMI, Pubg … Read more

Best Tips and Tricks on How to Reach Conqueror in BGMI in 2022

Introduction How to Reach Conqueror in BGMI as fast as we can with the Best Tips and Tricks. Well, this was one of the most asked questions in our mail and even in our website’s comments. And, we thought about it for a second and then decided to give out this article of ours in … Read more

Here’s how to Increase FD in BGMI with 10 Tips and Tricks in 2022

how to increase fd in bgmi

Introduction Is your KD also not improving and are losing most of the matches that you play. Well, my friend, this is just not an issue for you but for many others just like you and me. Well, when I was facing this issue earlier I searched a lot about this, but nothing worked out … Read more