Top 5 Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps to Earn Unlimited Diamonds!!!


The Top 5 Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps get you an unlimited supply of diamonds so that you can buy your premium outfits and more in the game.

to earn unlimited diamonds with the best tips and tricks that you can apply and see for yourself if you get diamonds or not.

Free fire, is one of the biggest games in the gaming industry of our nation and also worldwide. Also a very big part of our gaming community and one of the most played as well as known games amongst today’s youth and in the gamers also.

According to the stats, the game has touched the mark of a billion downloads worldwide with over 80 million players playing the game daily. So, after seeing these statistics a player can imagine how big the game is.

And, one of the most important parts of this game is diamonds, and how can you collect diamonds in the game? See, one of the ways is to directly buy the diamonds in the game,

but instead how you can earn the diamonds in the game for free. And, one of them is what are some of the free fire diamond earning apps to earn unlimited diamonds

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What we would be discussing in today’s article

In today’s article, we would be discussing the best free fire diamond earning apps to earn diamonds. And, you also must be playing the game and would be a good player also and know that the two currencies in the game. Which are the gold and the diamond currencies.

And, if we talk about collecting and earning both of these currencies then we all know that probably earning gold is a little bit easier than earning diamonds, but if we talk about earning and collecting the diamonds then we all know how tough is it and it’s not that easy.

And, one way that we all know is by directly buying it, but buying the diamonds is not our thing to do and that’s the reason why we all find ways to earn and collect diamonds on a freeway if possible so that we can also enjoy the different gun skins or the bundles in the game. And, then the next could be completed to become a proven pro player in the game.

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Top 5 free fire diamond earning apps to earn diamonds!!!

So, now you could pretty much guess what we would be learning and discussing in today’s article. See, there are different types of ways to earn diamonds in the game like the advanced method trick and watching youtube live streams, participating in them, and then earning rewards, etc.

But today we wouldn’t be discussing this topic but as the title says that the best apps to earn diamonds whether it’s by doing different tasks or downloading and then earning the points.

Top 5 Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps

1. Booyah App

Official app from the Garena international for streamers and gamers also. Where streamers can broadcast their game and gameplay and the other players can watch their streams and gameplay to win different awards.

The basic award that the players get is the diamond tickets in this app where you can exchange 500 diamond tickets for 10 diamonds in the game and when you watch streams also for a certain amount of period you can also get more awards.

This official app for sure has to be one of the best free fire diamond earning apps to consider downloading. And, for your information, I would like to tell you that the app is available in the play store.

2. mGamer

This is also another app where you can do different types of tasks and can earn coins from which you can collect different types of rewards and also free fire diamonds. The app is available on the google play store.

Different types of tasks like downloading some applications or games and then reaching a certain level will give you many coins to redeem your rewards.

If you want to know more about this application then you can check that out by downloading the app. For sure this is one of the best free fire diamond earning apps to download.

3. Winzo app

This is one of the most used apps by the free fire diamond earning apps to collect coins and turn them into rewards. The best thing about this is that you get a variety of things to do in this app.

You can play many varieties of games on it, also there are daily puzzles in this app and if we talk about the rewards then there are many kinds of rewards and gift vouchers on travel, fashion, and lifestyle on your groceries and foods and drinks, amazon prime, and much more.

That is one of the reasons why this app is used so vast and comes in the best free fire diamond earning apps.

Well, it’s one of the best free fire diamond earning apps out there the app is not available on the google play store but you can get it on chrome.

4. Rooter

Another app that is almost the same as the mGamer application, in this app also you can do daily tasks and download applications to collect coins. You can also participate in a contest that comes in the application to earn the rooter coins.

The best way is to just open the app for a week and you can collect around 300 rooter coins in the app. And, the offer section in the app is the best way to earn more coins, you just have to simply download the application and earn more coins.

It is available on the google play store, so must include it in our today’s list of the best Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps to get you some free diamonds.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

The fifth one is a survey app from google where you can participate in daily surveys to earn more money, then after that, you can collect this money and buy redeem codes of ₹10 or ₹20. After that, you can buy the airdrops in the free fire, and you’ll add one more application to your Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps list.

If you buy one or two airdrops that contain 300 diamonds, then only you can have more than 600 diamonds in the game. So, you can download it on the play store as well as on the app store.

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Final Words

So, that was our today’s article on the Best Guide on the Top 5 Best Free Fire Diamond Earning Applications that you should know about in 2022 if you’re looking forward to getting some diamonds in the game.

Well, now if you have any more questions or queries that you wish to ask from us regarding the post or the site then do leave them down in the comments section for us to answer.

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