How to get Free Fire MAX and Free Fire for PC download in 2022.


Well, you must be playing Garena Free Fire and Free Fire MAX on your smartphones and really enjoying it and just chilling with your friends and sometimes we all feel and wonder why that player killed me in the game or has better reflexes or better gameplay than me.

And also sometimes it comes to the headshot percentile of the player also and why is that player better than you because of all these reasons, we start that, “Is the player playing on a PC or on a gaming laptop or any other emulator or device? And that is how to get free fire for PC download and the same for the Free Fire MAX download pc.

Then this question very frequently comes to our mind and we also start to think about it, “should we also start to play the game on our laptops and computers so that we could also have that gameplay”.

So, that’s why we put out this article on Free Fire for PC download and enjoy the game on your Laptops and Computers to have a better experience of the game.

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What’s the point of this article?

And then we start to think about it and it’s a very frequent question that comes to the minds of the players can we get this game on our PCs and laptops and is there any way that how can we download the free fire game on our PCs and laptops?

And if you are also one of them and are looking for the answer to this question only then my friend you just landed on the right website and page that is about how to get Free Fire MAX and free fire for PC download in windows 10. Here is the list of all the queries or questions which we would be discussing today.

  • How to get Free Fire for pc download
  • Free Fire MAX download pc version
  • Requirements to download the game

Requirements to download both the games on your PC?

Add before downloading the game there are some requirements of free fire for PC download then first that you have to complete and some steps that you have to complete first to download the game on your PC. And we wouldn’t be talking about any type of system requirements like this should be the ram or this processor should be this.

It’s just that there is one simple requirement which is to download an emulator through which you can play the game and emulators are a really important part of this whole process.

Because through emulators only a player can play the game on his or her PC ask there is no other way to directly download the game on your laptops and computers and that’s why emulators are made for this purpose only to download the mobile games and how you can play all the mobile games on your laptops and computers easily.

Well, if we are talking about how you can get Free Fire for pc download then we should also be aware of all the system requirements as well for downloading Free Fire MAX and Free Fire for pc download. So, you should consider reading that article on our site.

How to download Garena Free Fire and Free Fire MAX for pc download in windows 10.

So coming to the first step of this whole procedure is first you have to download the emulator on your PC. After that to download the game, there are various types of emulators that are available on Chrome some of them are BlueStacks, game loop, and Nox player.

But amongst that today for this article we would be using the BlueStacks as it’s one of the easiest to understand, and also trusted by many of the players and users of this application and also because of the compatibility of this emulator with most of the PC without any kind of issues or problems.

And, you can also use the other emulators like the game loop and the Nox player, but it just started bluestack is being used by many players and for a very long time now so that’s the reason behind using the BlueStacks emulator for downloading the game on your PC.

A step-by-step procedure toward free fire for PC download

So coming to the first step is that you have to open Chrome on your PC and search for the term BlueStacks download and a Google search bar after this download the setup on your PC on the official website of the BlueStacks and click on the download for Windows option.

Download the setup on your PC after downloading install the application complete all the steps required to install the application and next when you have completed all the steps of free fire for PC downloaded and installed the emulator successfully follow these steps to download the complete game on your PC.

Step 2

So, after successfully downloading the BlueStacks emulator and installing it on your PC the next step would be to download and install Free Fire MAX and Garena Free Fire for pc download on your laptops and PCs and the steps to download the game are as follows:-

  • Open your installed bluestacks Launcher
  • Click on the google play store app and sign in if the application asks you to
  • After that search for free fire in the search bar
  • The next step would be to download the game and install it.

Now, when you have downloaded and installed the game on your bluestacks, it comes down to how well you play the game. And, for that, you have to just simply open the bluestacks application, and there you would the APK of your game that you had downloaded.

So, now you can just simply play the game with just these simple steps and with the help of the emulator. And, now you would know how to get Free

free fire for pc download

What is Free Fire Max?

So, finally, after a long while, the enhanced and high-resolution version of the Free Fire MAX has been introduced by Garena International. It’s almost like a premium and upgraded version of the Garena Free Fire.

Each and everything has been taken to the next level, the features in the game, the effects, the visuals. Everything is just very impressive and is just onto a whole new level.

From the lobby to the whole Map of the game, some changes are made. The new Free Fire MAX is specially designed to give the players of this game a whole new premium feel of the gameplay and to deliver them a new and different experience of gaming.

The makers have put in a lot new variety of things to the game and via exclusive Firelink technology, the players can log in their already existing ID of the Garena Free Fire in the new Free Fire MAX.

What’s new in the Free Fire MAX?

More Realistic Gameplay with Firelink Technology

So, coming to the first feature of the Free Fire MAX, the makers have said that the game contains more Face-Paced, Deeply immersive gameplay, which means more realistic gameplay than the previous one.

And, if talk of the Firelink Technology, then this refers to a player who can log in their already existing Garena Free Fire ID into the new Free Fire MAX. So, that the player would not have to worry about their stuff from the Garena Free Fire.

Overall it’s just better gameplay with improved graphics in the new Free Fire MAX, so definitely consider free fire for PC download if you want to enjoy the game.

Exclusive Features, Better Gameplay, and Upgraded Visuals

So, this is the next area where we’ll highlight some more features. The first one is the exclusive feature which means now, you can start the match with a 360-exclusive lobby in the game where you can display items and skins according to your choices.

The second one is the Upgraded visuals. The makers state that they have further upgraded the quality of the graphics in the lobby and as well as in the maps also. And, new Bermuda and Bermuda 2.0 are also introduced in the new game.

And the third one is the Improved Gameplay. Better sound, realistic graphics, and the essence of improved animation in the game for the weapons and vehicles and also the maps.

Bermuda Max and Craft land

So far the craft land is one of the best maps and the reason behind it is that you can customize and design the whole map according to yourself and how you feel like.

And, not only you can create the map of your own choice but also invite your friends to your craft land map to play with you. The CraftLand map also requires a custom room card just like any other map.

Now, coming to the Bermuda MAX. A new upgraded version of previous Bermuda. The graphics or the sound quality and upgraded map locations in the new Bermuda MAX. A much better experience in the Free Fire for PC download in laptop.

Below is the list of the Free Fire MAX all-new features:-

  1. CraftLand
  2. New- 360-degree lobby
  3. New Weapon Reload Animations
  4. Improved Movement and interaction Animations
  5. Improvements to Weapon Sound Effects
  6. Enhanced Echo Effect
  7. New UAV Scan Special Effect
  8. New High-Definition Water and Water Reflection Effects
  9. Bug Fixes and Optimizations
  10. New – 6v6 Clash Squad!
  11. Map Adjustment
  12. Airdrop Vending Machine
  13. Revival Points
  14. Play Zone Adjustment
  15. Combat Zone
  16. Chrono Character and Pets
  17. Armor Attachments
  18. Treatment Sniper
  19. SPAS-12
  20. FF-Knife
  21. Grenade
  22. AWM
  23. SKS
  24. Vector
  25. Replay system
  26. Guild System
  27.  Players can split their items while discarding them.
  28. Added players’ rank star count in the in-game Clash Squad leaderboard
  29. Added chat bubbles while in the team formation menu.
  30. Optimized Decoy Grenade’s display on the mini-map.

This list is just a small portion of the information from the Patch Notes of the Free Fire MAX. I highly recommend that you visit the page here for more information regarding the changes.

Important FAQs

What is a FireLink Technology?

This new technology in the game means that a player who already has a Garena Free Fire ID can log in to their already existing ID in the new Free Fire MAX with the help of this technology. And, now I hope you got your answer and you know how you can get Free Fire MAX to download pc version with Bluestack.

What is an emulator?

Well, the emulator, in simple and understandable language for beginners, it’s just a computer application that allows a person to download such applications which can only be downloaded on their smartphones, like mobile games or other applications also.

Which allows you to emulate any mobile application on your computers and laptops. If you want to know more about emulators then check that out here.

Which is the best emulator of free fire for PC download

Well, particularly there is no best emulator to Free Fire MAX and Free fire for pc download like it’s not compulsory to use bluestacks emulator only. Because there are some other applications which you can’t download with the bluestacks.

Recently my friend wanted to know how can he download Minecraft on his pc. But he wasn’t able to download the game with the help of bluestacks, some other emulator had to be used to download that game on the PC.

So, you see it’s not that a particular emulator is the best, all the emulators are great and best at their place to get Free Fire MAX and Free Fire for pc download.

How to earn diamonds in the free fire?

This is a topic that I think every free-fire player would love to have an answer for. Well, this question can’t be explained in a single go, but yeah there are some apps and ways to earn diamonds in the game. And, if you also want to know more about it then don’t forget to check it out here.

free fire free diamond app

Final Words

Well, that was our today’s article on Free Fire for PC download with some few simple steps that you need to follow and download the game on your Laptops or PCs without any kind of trouble.

Now, if you have any more questions or queries that you want to ask us regarding the site or the article then leave them down in the comments section, and we’ll reply to you.

And, for more such articles and blog posts you can check out our Free Fire category on the site as we have a bunch of other blog posts and articles related to different things in the game.

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