Gaming Aura UID, Real Name, Age, Income, YouTube, Best Stats in 2022


Gaming Aura UID, Real Name, Age, Income and Earnings, YouTube Channel and Content, Best Statistics in the game, Most Watcehd YT Video, Social Handles, and much more in 2022. 

Well, another great Garena Free Fire that you must be familiar with is the FF Gaming community of India. And, if you’re already a player in the game and follow the community frequently, then you may already know about the player. 

Well, Gaming Aura is a well-known and popular gamer and content creator who is specifically acknowledged for his Garena Free Fire content, mainly on his Youtube channel, which viewers like to watch. 

But with this, he is also quite the gamer, as I would say, because without his gameplay, he wouldn’t be as famous or popular as he is now or have the huge audience base that he has on his Youtube channel.

Well, I guess that’s enough for the introduction of the player, and so let’s start with our today’s article on Gaming Aura UID, Real Name, Age, Income and Earnings, YouTube Channel and Content, Sensitivity Settings, Best Statistics in Free Fire, Most Watched YT Video, and a lot of other things too that we’re going to talk about in the article. 

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Gaming Aura Real Name and Age

Well, Gaming Aura real name, or his real identity apart from gaming, is Abhishek Singh Bisht, and he is a 22-year-old gamer and content creator of Garena Free Fire. 

Gaming Aura UID, and IGN in FF

And, if we talk about Gaming Aura Uid or his user id in the game, then it is 152111745 and his name in the game is

Gaming Aura Uid Sensitivity Settings

  • Free Look – 25 
  • Red Do t – 25
  • 2x Scope – 25
  • 4x Scope – 25
  • Awm/Sniper Scope – 12

Stats for Gaming Aura Uid BR


Alone, the pro player participated in over 2989 total games with around 211 of them successfully won collecting around 6377 kills in total. Gaming Aura finished 891 matches in the Top 10 with a pretty good Top 10 rate of 29.81% and a final K/D Ratio of 2.30 in the end in Garena Free Fire.  


Along with a player he played 4694 games in total, winning around 371 among them all, and collecting a total number of 12360 kills in duo with finishing around 926 matches in the Top 5 equalling to a 19.73% of Top 5 Rate and a final 2.86 of K/D Ratio in the game. 


As per Gaming Aura Uid in FF, it seems that the player played the most number of games in Squad, with 6004 total games played he won around 819 of them collecting 14917 kills in total. The pro gamer finished 1406 games in the Top 3 which is also a 23.42% of Top 3 Rate and a final 2.88 of K/D Ratio at last in FF. 

Gaming Aura Uid BR Stats

Stats for Gaming Aura Uid CS

In Clash Squad, the player participated in over 2547 matches with around 1563 wins from them all collecting nearly 15009 kills in all of the matches with a final KDA of 1.94 in the game.

  • Revives – 1457
  • Average Damage Per Match: 2726
  • Headshots: 5901
  • Headshot Rate: 39.32%
  • Knockdowns: 12490
  • Win Rate – 61.37%
  • MVP – 1237
  • Double Kill – 2526
  • Triple Kill895
  • Quadra Kill – 176

Gaming Aura Uid CS Stats

Gaming Aura YouTube Channel

Well, the player never forgets about his content creation part, and that’s why both those things, gaming and YouTube, go on side by side. So, as I mentioned earlier, if you follow the player regularly, you may also be aware of his Youtube channel, which goes by the name of Gaming Aura

And, if we talk about the numbers and statistics, then the channel just crossed the mark of 1 million subscribers and has 751 videos uploaded on the channel. 

While the majority of the content revolves around Garena Free Free with his videos such as his gameplays, highlights, friendly battles, and more, the player also appears to have a separate interest in trying other games and videos such as Minecraft, Reviews, Leaks, and much more that you can check out on his Youtube channel’s playlist section.

Income from the Channel

When you search for anything about Gaming Aura on the internet, you’ll see that viewers seem to have a lot of interest in the player’s estimated income from the Youtube Channel, so without delaying it further, let’s straight away dive into it. 

So, according to Social Blade, Gaming Aura aka Abhishek Singh Bisht‘s monthly income from the Youtube channel is estimated somewhere between $223-$3.6K and if we talk about the yearly evaluated revenue from the channel, it is nearly $2.7K-$42.9K as of the current month. 

If you wish to know how the income is calculated that we mentioned, then I would like to tell you that it all depends on the views the channel gets and some other factors, just like the channel’s niche, CPM, country, RPM, and several others. Since it’s off-topic, I would recommend you this article that will thoroughly explain and guide you on how this all works, and leave this story for another day. 

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Most Viewed YouTube Video

Social Handles

Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on Gaming Aura UID, Real Name, Age, Income and Earnings, YouTube Channel and Content, Sensitivity Settings, Best Statistics in Free Fire, Most Watched YT Video and every other thing that we talked about in the article down below. 

Now, if you’ve any queries or questions to ask regarding the post then leave them down in the comments and we’ll review them as soon as possible. 

And, for more articles just like this one you can check out our Garena Free Fire Popular player’s category because we’ve a bunch of other players covered in that part of the site too. 

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