How to get Free Pets In Free Fire Best 5 Ways to get free pets!!!


How to get Free Pets in Free Fire, another very big part of the Free Fire, not only they are for entertainment purposes in the game but as well as provide an ultimate advantage to the player also and follow the player everywhere in the game. 

And, just like any other item, gun skin, or bundles in the game, the pets also have a price tag on them. That means to purchase the pets we need to have a certain amount of diamonds first to buy the pets.

Or the other ways how to get free pets in Free Fire, which is unlike the diamond way where we can claim the pets directly and without diamonds also. 

So, stay till the last to know every bit of this article.

What we will be discussing?

So, in today’s article, we would be talking about the 5 best ways through which you can claim free fire pets and without any diamonds also. So, coming to the first one on this list of how to get free pets in Free Fire is by earning money in google opinion rewards. 

Best 5 Ways on How to get Free Pets In Free Fire!!!

1. Google Opinion Rewards and Poll Pay App

So the first one on this list is Google Opinion Rewards and Poll Pay App. These apps give you some sort of survey that you have to answer to earn money from that survey.

The surveys mainly focus and include questions on the normal living, lifestyle, and preferences of a person. The surveys are also not very long, it usually takes around a minute or so to complete the surveys. 

And, the best place to use this money is on the special airdrops which from time to time come in the game. And, if you ask why is it best to use the money on a special airdrop? 

Then the first reason is that, because of the number of diamonds which you get with the special airdrop. And, the second thing is that definitely, it’s a lot cheaper than the diamond top-ups in the game. And, which is related to our next point only the Special Airdrops. 

That’s why it is one of the best ways how to get Free Pets In Free Fire. 

2. GPT Applications

One of the best ways to get free fire pets for free is by earning diamonds from GPT Applications

The process is very simple there are many kinds of these applications where just have to complete some simple tasks, like completing your profile and downloading some applications. 

And, from that, you would earn the coins of that particular application. So, after this the coins you earned now you can redeem in Free Fire diamond vouchers and other gift vouchers also. Here is the list of some of the applications that would help you

  • Booyah App – for watching live streams and giveaways 
  • Winzo – Play hundreds of games to earn diamonds 
  • mGamer – Complete tasks and offers 
  • Rooter – Complete tasks and offers

3. Free Fire Pet Top-Up Events

See, the third way includes diamonds in it but why this point is included in this list of how to get a free pet in Free Fire max is that whenever this kind of event comes in the game.

You can get the pet around 100 diamonds and yeah you must be thinking that from where that 100 diamonds will come. So, what if I tell you that you can earn diamonds in the game for free in different ways. And, from that, you can then claim your pet and that also in a great deal.

Because we all know that the pets in the game are also almost as expensive as the characters only. So, it would be a lot better if you already have 100 diamonds and thus you can easily claim the pets. 

4. Free Fire Pet Claim Events

Now, this is a way where you can claim your favorite pet, and that too for totally free. And, how’s that you may be thinking? Well, the answer is By Free Fire Pet Claim Events. Just take an example for this New year’s Pet Event.

Everybody is getting the yeti pet for free in this event and not only just this one. There are many more events also that are yet to occur. So, this is a great opportunity for players to redeem free pets in the game. You can redeem the yeti pets with the following step stated below:-

  • Open the game and head onto the New age section 
  • Open the New Age section and Click on the Login Rewards section
  • Now you can redeem the Yeti pet successfully!!!

5. Redeem Codes

See, this way is only applicable if you have a redeem code with you, and then with that redeem code you can claim different things in the game like characters, diamonds, and pets also. And, the steps to claim the redeem codes are: – 

  • Go to the official site of the ff rewards
  • Next, you wanna log in with the same ID which is in Free Fire 
  • After that, paste the redeem code and claim your reward

6. Top Up Through

Well, this tip is more like a bonus tip for every player in the game. The Tip is that you should always top up through GamesKharido to get 2x diamonds. Well, the procedure goes like this, you go to the website, log in with your Google Account or any other, you choose your Top-up, and do it. 

But you would probably think that I can do the same thing in the Game, so what’s the need of doing it from here. So, here’s the catch, suppose you are getting 100 diamonds for ₹80 in Free Fire.

But when you’ll Top-up from games kharido you will be getting the double amount of diamonds from here. 

Similarly in this case you wouldn’t be getting 100 diamonds but 200 diamonds instead. So, for a Garena Free Fire player, I think it’s one of the best ways to get diamonds but save some money also. Well, this tip is not about knowing how to get free pets in Free Fire but can help you to get more diamonds in the game. 

Recently Asked Questions

How many pets are there in Free Fire and what are their skill?
Name of the Pet The skill of the Pet
1. Yeti Reduces 15% damage taken from explosives every 150s
2. Agent Hop When the safe zone shrinks, the player gains 30EP
3. Sensei Tig Reduces the duration of enemies’ man-marking skills by 30%
4. Dr. Beanie When in a crouch position, movement speed increases by 30%
5. Moony 20% damage reduction when the owner is in interaction countdown( eg. medkit )
6. Dreki The owner can spot 1 enemy who is using Medkits within 10m range for 3s
7. Beaston Throwing distance of Grenade. Gloo Wall, flashbang, and smoke Grenade by 10%
8. Rockie Cooldown time of equipped active skill decreases by 10%
9. Mr. Waggor Produces 1 Gloo Wall grenade every 120 seconds
10. Falco Increase in diving speed after the parachute opens
11. Ottero  When using treatment items, the receiver will also recover some EP. The amount of Ep is 35% of HP recovered
12. Poring  Increases 1 helmet and armor durability every 3 seconds. Prevents lv. 1 helmet and armor from being destroyed
13. Robo  Adds a shield to the gloo wall, providing additional 60HP
14. Spirit Fox  Restore extra 4 HP when using a MedKit 
15. Shiba  Mark one of the surrounding mushrooms on the map every 180 seconds. The mark lasts for 30 seconds
16. Kitty  N/a
17. Mechanical Pup N/a
18. Night Panther Increases 15 inventory space
19. Detective Panda Restore 4 HP upon kill

Which is the best Pet in Free Fire?

Well, you see according to the stats I think the Falco is the best pet in Free Fire. And, the particular reason behind this is because of the ability of the pet. Wouldn’t it be great if you can land fast and by the time your enemies would arrive you would already have a gun and can kill those enemies fast and easily? 

Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s blog post on How to get Free Pets in Free Fire in 2022 with the 5 best Tips and Tricks possible. 

Now, if you’ve any more questions, doubts, queries, or any other problems regarding the article, then kindly drop them down in the comments section and we’ll see what we can do regarding them. 

Moreover, for further articles just like this one, you can check out our Earn Free Fire Diamonds category because there you can not only get free pets but other ways to get free diamonds, pets, crates and a lot of other cool stuff.

Well, depending on the skills and abilities of these pets you can finally choose who is the best for you according to your gameplay which may not help you today but in the long run, definitely, it would be a great help for you. 

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