Ghatak Bgmi Id, Real Name, Income, Age, Stats, Best YT VID, Social Profile in 2022


Ghatak Bgmi Id, Real Name, Earnings from YouTube Channel, Age, Physical Appearance, YouTube Channel and Content, Best YT VID, Statistics in Bgmi, Social Profiles, and much more in 2022. 

Well, Fantastic Battlegrounds Mobile India player who is also a mentor, coach, leader, advisor, and a good friend to his Esports competitive team and players. 

He is well-known for the mentorship and guidance that he provides to his team and the players which later on brings out incredible results and outcomes.

Well, if you’re a follower and familiar with the Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports and gaming community of our nation you must’ve already guessed who I am talking about. 

He is none other than GodLike Ghatak who is the man behind his team, players, and results. So, this is pretty much the topic for today on Ghatak Bgmi Id, Real Name, Earnings, Age, YouTube Channel, Social Profiles, and much more in the present year which is 2022.

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Ghatak Real Name 

Well, Esports and Battlegrounds Mobile India let’s take about himself and his basic introduction for a second. Before that were you aware of Ghatak’s real name? I think perhaps you weren’t. But no worries I would like to tell you that Ghatak’s real name is Abhijeet Harishchandra but everyone in the community just calls him his game name which is Ghatak. 

Ghatak Age and Physical Appearance 

According to liquipedia, Ghatak was Born on March 27, 1991, so as of the present year Ghatak’s age should be around 32 years and if we talk about his physical appearance, his height, and weight, then they are estimated to be around 5′ 8″ (1.72m) and his weight is estimated to be 65KG respectively. 

Ghatak Bgmi Id and In-Game-Name

So, done with the introduction now let’s come to the gaming and the bgmi part. So, starting from Ghatak Bgmi Id, the pro players id in the game is 5124621984 and his In-Game-Name is 

Ghatak YouTube Channel

Well, let’s give a look at Ghatak’s social and content creation side a little bit. So, his YouTube channel that you must be aware of as I am guessing. But even then first let’s talk about the numbers and then the content. 

Well, presently at the time of writing the content his YouTube Channel has more than 545K subscribers and 154 videos uploaded on the channel. 

Basically, he uploads content that is majorly related to Battlegrounds Mobile India and gaming. And, in-depth these two include his Live Streams, Highlights, Gaming Tech Reviews, Gameplays, Vlogs which are very popular, and a bunch of other content.

Ghatak Income and Earnings

So, now after his YouTube, comes his income and earnings. Well, from his YouTube Channel which is basically monetized through AdSense for most of the creators the monthly earnings are estimated to be around $378 and his yearly earnings are estimated to be around $4.5K. 

But this is just not yet, YouTuber’s have different streams of income also. And, for the content creator, one of the most popular and well-known ways is through brand sponsorships. 

Well, may content creators admit it by themselves also. And, the revenue also depends on the creator’s number of views he is getting and the growth of his YouTube Channel. 

Right now at the time of writing the article for the last 2 months, Ghatak hasn’t been so active on his YouTube Channel so that’s a big reason why you might find the numbers above and they are also just an estimated number from social blade, and not an accurate figure because no one exactly knows it. 

Ghatak’s Most Watched YouTube Video 

Well, so far on his YouTube Channel the most-watched video on his youtube channel is Behind The Scenes of the team TSM Entity BootCamp video. 

The YouTube video received over 1.7M+ views and 127k likes at the time of writing the article. If you wish to check out the video then you can check it out down below. 

Ghatak Bgmi Id All-Time Career Stats

Well, in his all-time career statistics in Battlegrounds Mobile India Ghatak has played around 6084 total games with almost around 1758 wins among them all with a win ratio of 28.9%. 

He was able to finish around 4210 games in the top 10 securing him a 69.2% of all the matches in the Top 10. At last, he collected around 24842 total finishes which comes down to a 4.08 F/D Ratio and an accuracy of 15.7%. 

  • Headshot% – 14.9 
  • Headshots – 3694
  • AVG Damage – 656.2
  • Most Finishes  – 23 
  • Highest Damage – 3446 
  • AVG Heals – 152.3 
  • AVG Survival Duration – 17.0m 
  • AVG Traveled – 5.95KM

Ghatak Bgmi Team 

Currently, Ghatak is part of the team of GodLike Esports. He is an Indian Gamer and a coach, mentor, and advisor to his team GodLike, and the players of it. 

Right now, the team includes Ghatak as the captain, Neeyo, Jonathan, Zgod, ClutchGod, Gill, and Viru. The team has several achievements in its name and one of the most famous ones among them all is PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia and their team Entity Gaming won the competition. 

Ghatak Social Profiles


Well, that was our today’s article on Ghatak Bgmi Id, Real Name, Earnings from YouTube Channel, Age, Physical Appearance, YouTube Channel and Content, Best YT VID, Statistics in Bgmi, Social Profiles, and everything other thing that you read about in this article. 

Well, some last few words from my side would just be that all of these number which are discussed above are taken at the time of wrting the article so if you’re viewing it yourself it could a little different. 

And, the same applies for his revenue also. It could also be more and less depening on the number of views and channel growth of the content creator. 

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