Gullu YT FF UID, IGN, YouTube Channel, Income, Best Stats, Revenue in 2022


One of the Best Articles out there on Gullu YT FF UID, In-game Name, Best Statistics in the game, YouTube Channel & Content, Income & Revenue Social Handle, and a lot of things in 2022.

Gullu YT is a quite popular and well-known Garena Free Fire content creator as well as an experienced player of the game too who is quite famous and known for his amazing gameplay and performance in the game.

Well, it’s just not about the videos that Gullu YT uploads on his Youtube channel but also the short-form videos that he posts on his channel which you all might know about. 

And, if we look at his YouTube Channel closely, then mostly all of the videos are mainly regarding the game only. Well, that is just the introduction of the player but there are many more things to cover.  

So, let’s start our today’s blog post on Gullu YT FF UID, In-game Name, YouTube Channel & Content, Income & Revenue, Best Statistics in the game, Social Handle, and more in 2022.

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Well, Gully YT FF UID or you can say Gullu YT’s user id is 226506232, and his present IGN also known as the in-game name and user name in the game is GULLU•YT

Gullu YT FF ID BR Stats

Gullu YT ID BR Stats

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Gullu YT FF ID CS Stats

Gullu YT FF ID CS Stats

Gullu YT FF YouTube Channel 

Well, if wish to know about Gullu YT’s YouTube Channel then you just landed on the right page and site somehow, so thanks to the organic search method of google.  

Anyhow, if we talk about the numbers or statistics of the YouTube Channel, then currently the channel has more than 884K subscribers and 937 videos uploaded on the channel with most of the content mainly revolving around the game itself.

Moreover, the content or the videos which are posted to the Gullu YT’s Youtube channel is mainly related to Garena Free Fire only which mainly includes his gameplay, highlights, short videos, and more. 

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Gullu YT FF Income & Revenue 

Well, now let’s talk about Gullu YT FF income and revenue of Gullu YT from his YouTube Channel that goes by his free fire name only, in this part, and as per Social Blade, we’ll discuss the monthly and yearly income of the player. 

Now, let’s look at the monthly income of the player, the monthly income of the player from his channel is somewhere around $217  –  $3.5K as of the current time of writing the article. 

And, the yearly or annual earnings of the player from the YouTube Channel are approximately between $2.6K  –  $41.6K as of present month, but these are just an estiamted figures and not any kind of accurate numbers. 

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Final Words

So, that was our today’s article on the Best Article out there on Gullu YT FF UID, In-game Name, YouTube Channel & Content, Income & Revenue, Best Statistics in the game, Social Handle, and more in 2022.

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