Gyan Gaming UID, Earnings, YouTube Channel, Best YT Video, Stats and more in 2022


Gyan Gaming UID, Monthly Income and Net Worth, YouTube Channel, Best YT Video, Stats in Garena Free Fire, and, much more in 2022. GyanSujan is one of the biggest Garena Free Fire Content creators out there on YouTube.

With a huge subscriber count of 13.7M Subs on his YouTube Channel named Gyan Gaming and a pretty good number of 1.7M followers on his IG. Well, Gyan Sujan is one of the best Free Fire Player Players out there who is famous for his outstanding In-game performance and his YouTube videos. 

Well, Most of Gyan Sujan’s content revolves around Garena Free Fire only with videos related to, Friendly battles with other ff Creators, Collection videos, Gameplay Videos, and LiveStreams, Unboxings, and Lucky Spins in the game. 

And, today in this article we would be talking about Gyan Gaming UID, His Earnings, his YouTube Channel, Most Watched YouTube Video, and most importantly his Statistics in Garena Free Fire. This isn’t it but you’ll see some more valuable stuff down there. So, stay tuned till the very last to know each and every bit of Gyan Gaming UID and more. 

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Gyan Gaming Real Name, and Age

Well, as per the web, Gyan Gaming Real Name is Ankit Sujan, and he is a 24-year-old professional Garena Free Fire popular player and content creator on Youtube.

Gyan Gaming UID and IGN

Well, Gyan Gaming UID is 70393167 and his IGN is _GyanSujan_.

Gyan Gaming UID LifeTime Statistics

In Solo 

Alright, let’s now talk a bit about Gyan Gaming’s Statistics in the Garena Free Fire. Well, in the solo category the player has played the least amount of games with 1441 total matches played in the Solo category with over 159 wins and a total amount of 2363 kills gathered from all the games.

In the company of 35.11% Top 10 Rate which is 506 matches finished in the Top 10. And, this all sums up to a final K/D Ratio of 1.84 in the game. 

In Duo

Well, a pretty decent performance by Gyan Sujan in the Duo category of his LifeTime Stats with almost double the matches played compared to the solo category.

With 2235 matches played and has victoriously acquired 510 games from it and has successfully carried off 6107 kills from all the matches.

And if we talk about the Win Rate and the Top 5 Rate then it would be around 22.8% of Win Rate and 43.13% Top 5 Rate Respectively which is 510 games won and 964 games in the Top 5. Well, after all, it finally sums up to a total of 3.54 of K/D Ratio in the Free Fire. 

In Squad

Well, as we can clearly see that Gyan Gaming has performed outstandingly in his squad lifetime stats. He has played over 19138 matches and almost one-third of those games are won with a pretty decent percentage of 35.6% of games won which is also equal to 6832 matches won specifically.

And you won’t believe but he has gathered a mind-blowing number of 68787 kills in all of his Squad category matches. Well, he finished 9619 matches in the Top 3 which is 50% of the Top 3 Rate. And, at last with a surprising K/D Ratio of 5.59 in the game

Gyan Gaming UID Clash Squad Stats 

Alright, now that you know his LifeTime Battleroyale stats let’s talk look at some of his Clash Squad Statistics from Free Fire.

So, it goes like the total games played by Gyan Sujan is 1182 and among them, he has 595 games unbeaten which is a pretty good number and the total kills which he gained in his Clashed squad are 5768 kills or finishes as you can say. And the final K/D Ratio comes down to a total of 1.27.

  • Revives – 437
  • AVG Damage per match – 2713
  • Headshots – 2402
  • Headshot Rate – 41.64%
  • Knockdowns – 4702
  • Win Rate – 50.34%
  • MVP – 436
  • Double Kill – 848
  • Triple Kill – 246
  • Quadra Kill – 52

Gyan Sujan Guild in Free Fire

Well, the guild name is GyanGaming, and the guild ID is 61721403. Well, as we can see that how cool his guild name is and you can also have one. Check out some of the best names for your guild here

Gyan Gaming ID Control Settings

  • Aim Precision – Default
  • Left Fire Button – Always
  • Quick Weapon Switch – Off
  • Quick Reload – On
  • AWM Sniping – Hold Fire to Scope
  • Grenade Shot –  Single-slot
  • Vehicle Controls – Two-handed
  • Auto-parachute – On
  • Run mode – classic
  • In-game tips – Default
  • Damage Indicator – New
  • Auto Switch Gun – Off
  • Visual Effects – No Blood

Gyan Gaming Sensitivity Settings

  • General – 72
  • Red dot – 89
  • 2x Scope – 94
  • 4x Scope – 94
  • Sniper Scope – 77
  • Freelook – 50

Note – Well, in addition to this I want to tell you that Gyan Gaming Plays on his PC. So, he must have set his FF Sensitivity according to his PC, according to the Specifications of his PC.

So I would like to inform you one thing about it, if you’re a Mobile Player and plays the game on your Smartphone device then, these sensitivity settings may not work for you because the mechanisms of both the devices the PC, and the Smartphone works differently.

But if you’re a PC Player then Hats Off! these settings may do the work for you.

Gyan Gaming Auto Pickup settings

  • Weapons – Off
  • Armor and Backpacks – Off
  • Medkits – Off
  • Ammo – Off
  • Attachments – Off
  • Grenades – Off
  • Special Equiments – Off
  • Event Items – Off
  • Auto Pickup Speed – Default

Gyan Gaming Display Settings

  • Graphics – Ultra 
  • High Resolution – High 
  • Shadow – On
  • Filter – Bright
  • High FPS – High
  • Minimap – Off

Gyan Sujan’s YouTube Channel 

Well, as you know the pro player also has a YouTube Channel named Gyan Gaming. And, at present, the YT Channel has received the Diamond play button which means that the channel has crossed the mark of 10M+ Subscribers.

And at this very moment, his YouTube Channel has more than 13.7M Subscribers and has uploaded more than 2,295 videos on their channel.

Well, as I told you before that the content mainly revolves around Garena Free Fire with videos with Friendly battles with other ff Creators, Collection videos, Gameplay Videos and LiveStreams, Unboxings, and Lucky Spin videos also. 

Gyan Sujan’s Net Worth

In this part of the article, we’ll take see an estimated count of Gyan Sujan’s estimated Monthly and Yearly Earnings. So according to Social Blade Gyan Sujan’s Monthly Earnings from YouTube are estimated at around $7.6K  –  $121.6K and whereas his Yearly Earnings are estimated at around $91.2K  –  $1.5M.

Well, as I told you before these are just the numbers from his YouTube Channel and the creator could also have more than one source of income or maybe not which means that he could even earn more. But from his YouTube Channel, these are his Monthly and Yearly Incomes. 

Gyan Sujan’s Most Viewed YouTube Video 

Gyan Sujan’s one of the most viewed YouTube videos on his channel is his reaction to a match between Raistar and an 8-year-old boy who was competing against raistar in a friendly battle. The title of the Video goes like this, ” 8 Years Boy Challenge Raistar | 1 Tap Shot Clash Squad 1 vs 1 | Garena Free Fire”. The video has over 26M views crossed and over 1.5M likes at the time of writing the article. 

Gyan Gaming Social Handles

Here is the way to Gyan Sujan’s Social Handles

Final Words 

Well, that was all of it with Gyan Gaming UID, His Income and Earnings Earnings, YouTube Channel, Best YT Video, Stats, and much more in 2022. The last thing which you want to know before going is that all the above numbers are taken at the time of writing the article.

So, it’s possible that when you’ll cross-check these numbers they might be a bit different from others but not very much. And, the reason behind this is that with time when the creator will play more and more games, will progress more, will produce more content.

He will grow, and obviously, for sure these numbers tend to grow. And, then whether it’s his subscriber’s count, the revenue he generates, his views, and or anything else. The numbers will change but at this time it is the same. 

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