Helping Gamer UID, Free Fire KD, Income, Best Stats, Social Profiles in 2022


Helping Gamer UID, Garena Free Fire KD, and Stats, Income from YouTube Channel, Best YouTube Video, Channel and Content, Social Profiles, Sensitivity Settings, Guild, and much more in 2022

Helping Gamer, one of the biggest Garena Free Fire Esports players and content creators who have a huge audience base at present. Also, well-known for his gameplay and performance in the game. 

Moreover, In addition to this, his content is the king and that’s the reason why this player is so popular and well-acknowledged in the community when it comes to Free Fire. 

Well, if you’re quite the follower of Garena Free Fire and the Indian Esports or Content Creation community of our India then you must be already familiar with this player and a little bit about him.

And, you must be relating all of the stuff that we’re talking about and will be discussing further in the article. Well, now without talking about anything else and stretching out the introduction part, let’s get our article started with today’s topic Helping Gamer UID, Garena Free Fire KD, Income From YouTube Channel, Content Creation side, Social Handles, and much more as of the present year which is 2022. 

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Helping Gamer Real Name and Age

Well, besides Esports, Gaming, Content, and all of that it’s important that first, we should know a little bit about the person. So, for this article let’s see what his real identity is, and by this, I mean what is his real name?

So, as per the information that our team received his real name is Sarfraj but everyone in the community just calls him by the name of helping gaming or gamer only. 

And, if we talk about his age then according to adixesport, helping gamer’s age is estimated to be at around 19 years as of the present year which is 2022.

Helping Gamer Free Fire Id

Well, after a small introduction the gaming phase just fits the best. So, first of all, talking about his user id and in-game-name then they are 517121909 and his In-Game-Name is respectively. 

Helping Gamer UID Sensitivity

  • General – 100
  • Red Dot – 83 
  • 2x Scope – 83 
  • 4x Scope – 75 
  • Sniper Scope/AWM – 34 
  • Free Look – 13 

Note – This sensitivity to helping gamers are his mobile sensitivity and he has set these settings according to his gameplay and preferences. So, you can also try out these settings but it’s not for pc but only for mobile devices. 

And, the second thing is that maybe these settings work or even don’t work out the best for you. So, it’s better if you will set these settings and then set them according to you and your gameplay. 

Here’s how this works

  • You copied all of these settings for yourself on your mobile device
  • After this, head onto the training ground 
  • Now, try these settings for yourself, one by one scope and guns 
  • If you feel to change these a bit, then you can change them according to yourself 
  • And, after doing this you will have the best sensitivity that will work out the best for you

Helping Gamer UID Battle Royale Stats 

In Solo

The player has played a total of 2863 total games with around 173 pretty decent amount of wins and collected over 4955 total kills and this is also equal to a 1.84 K/D Ratio in the game. The player finished 799 games in the Top 10 giving him a 27.91% of the Top 10 Rate. 

In duo

The player was able to play around 2907 matches in the game with 188 total wins among all of those matches and collecting over 5548 kills in the game with a 2.04. The pro player finished 562 matches in the Top 5 giving him a 19.33% of the Top 10 Rate. 

In Squad 

Well, according to the statistics of the player it seems to me that sarfraj has given the most time to his squad matches. And, as per the stats he has played around 7174 total games with around 1161 wins among all of these matches. He was able to collect around 16240 kills and 2138 matches in the Top 3 maintaining a pretty good 29.80% of Top 3 Rate. 

helping gamer stats


Helping Gamer UID Clash Squad Stats 

In his Clash Squad, career sarfraj was able to play around 4170 games with around half of them successfully winning around 2069 games won, and by the whole of them he collected over 23887 total kills with a KDA of 1.46. 

  • Revives – 1132
  • AVG Damage Per Match – 2590
  • Headshots – 11378 
  • Headshot Rate – 47.63%
  • Knockdowns – 17903
  • Win Rate – 49.62%
  • MVP – 2285 
  • Double Kill – 3983 
  • Triple Kill – 1012
  • Quadra – 194

Helping Gamer UID Guild Details 

So, now let’s give a look at his guild in the game which basically means his team and clan in the free fire. So, helping gamers aka sarfraj is in the guild name H.G_ARMY and the guild id is 1997786301. The glory of their guide is 1964872 and he is also the leader of their guild. 

helping gamer guild

Helping Gamer YouTube Channel 

When I mentioned above his huge content and gaming audience, that time I was talking about Helping Gamer’s YouTube Channel and content creation on it. 

Presently the content creator has more than 7.81M subscribers and 996 videos uploaded on his YouTube Channel at the time of writing the article.

And, basically, the content just revolves around gaming and Garena Free Fire only which mainly includes highlights, tips and tricks, gameplays, tutorials, earning, diamonds and ff bundles, and much more that you can find on his channel. 

Helping gamer also has another channel by the name of HG ESPORTS and for the most part, their Esports live streams are posted on that channel 

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Helping Gamer Income from YouTube Channel

Well, now if he has a YouTube Channel, then he must be earning from it also. And, In Fact, when you search it then you get to know that is also one of the most asked questions about helping gamers and that is exactly what we’re going to discuss in this article. 

So, before telling you about it, let me inform you of one small thing all of these numbers are just estimated figures and not any kind of accurate numbers. 

This means the revenue or the income which the content creator earns from his YouTube Channel can also be more and less according to the channel’s growth and the views. 

Well, more about that later, but at the time of writing the article according to the social blade, the estimated monthly earnings of helping gamers from his YouTube Channel are around $1.8K  –  $29.2K whereas his yearly earnings are estimated at around $21.9K  –  $350.5K as of the present month and time. 


Well, buddies that were just all about Helping Gamer UID, Garena Free Fire KD, and Stats, Income from YouTube Channel, Best YouTube Video, Channel and Content, Social Profiles, Sensitivity Settings, Guild, and every other thing that you read about in the article. 

Well, if you liked our article do share it with your friends and family members who play Garena Free Fire or are in gaming. And, if you’ve any further queries or questions left or if you’ve any suggestions with you then you can drop them down in the comment section and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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