How to Aim Better in Pubg Mobile and BGMI in 2022

Well, the aim is a thing that decides your victory or defeat in the game. There are many ways by which you can improve your aiming in the game but today we will be discussing the best ways how to aim better in pubg mobile and bgmi and improve your game to the next level.

I would be telling you the top 5 tips to improve your aim better. So, try it yourself also and you will definitely see some great results. First I would like to share with you that all the tips in this list are tested by myself first and so you should also try this out also.

how to improve aim in pubg mobile

How to aim better in pubg mobile tips and tricks

1. Practice aim assist off

This is the best way to improve and know how to aim better in pubg mobile and BGMI that is that when you are practicing to improve your aim always set your aim assist on-off. 

And then play the game. By doing this you will automatically increase your aiming skills. Well, what will happen is your aim assist which usually helps you to aim better in the game is turned off and it’s just on your skill that how well you can aim and therefore when you’ll improve it by yourself after some time. 

After the time when you have learned how to aim without the aim assist then again turn the aim assist back on and it will immediately boost your accuracy and will help you in aiming.

2. Always use the thumb grip

This tip is also very helpful and it indirectly helps you to aim better. Always use a thumb grip while playing as it helps you to aim better by reducing the time taken by the gun to open the scope you can try it yourself.

So this is also a very good tip to increase your aiming indirectly. Also, check out the best grips and attachments in BGMI or Pubg Mobile to know more about this. Very effective tip and a must include in the list of the top tips and tricks of how to aim better in pubg mobile.

The best thing about this grip is that it reduces the opening time of the scope, slightly reduces vertical recoil, slightly increases stability. This grip works best when you have to rush at the enemies or when you have to take a close-range fight. As your scope opening time would be decreased.

3. Start playing with claw

If you really want to have a better aim then start playing the game using a claw. This is a tip that will instantly boost your aiming. Will also make your game fast. It will only take you a week or so to completely adapt the claw settings. 

Once you have mastered your claw settings trust me you would see a drastic change in your game. If you are a thumb player then you should definitely change your layout and if you are a 3 finger claw player then you should move to the next level and should start playing the 4 finger claw. 


4. Keep your cursor upwards

I’ve seen many players who when rushing at any squad keep their game cursor pointing towards the ground. This is the thing that the players do and then they get killed very easily.

So do not do this thing always whenever you are taking a fight or rushing at any squad always keep your cursor a little upwards from the middle and then see the results.

What exactly happens by doing this is that whenever you are rushing at any squad when your cursor is in the center of your screen and when it is towards the enemy your chances of killing that enemy increase and how is that you might be thinking.

Don’t worry I’ll tell you.

Whenever you point your cursor in the middle of the screen and towards your enemy you can instantly kill the enemy and you need not bring your cursor above and then kill the enemy.

So, your time is also not wasted and you can kill the enemy immediately. This will help you to instantly aim at your enemies. Whereas when you keep your cursor below the first you do it in the center and then you kill the enemy.

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