How to become a pro in Pubg Mobile Best Tips and Tricks in 2022


Before starting, first of all, I want to tell you that nobody suddenly became a pro player in Pubg Mobile or nobody just became this great player in a single day or in a week.

Somewhere we all know that we have to do that hardwood to become that pro player which you always wanted to become. So, first, you need to know some of the things, and the main one is that this takes sheer determination and hard work to become that played which you always wanted to.

It takes time, a lot of time. You have to practice daily or at least 2-3hrs. As we all know the famous players in pubg mobile whether it’s an esports player or your favorite pubg mobile gamer on youtube. But there are tips and tricks which you can implement and boost your progress on how to become a pro in pubg mobile.

What we would be discussing in this article

And, today we would be looking at some tips and tricks on how to become a pro in pubg mobile and further how you can implement those tips ahead. So, to give you a rough idea of all the things which we would be talking about are:-

  1. How can you get good and coordinative Teammates in the game
  2. How to improve your 1v1 fights in the game
  3. How can you gain that experience in the game
  4. Selecting the right weapons in Pubg Mobile
  5. How can you increase your KD which automatically improves your Gameplay
  6. External Help which you can get
  7. Some final bonus tips

1. Have good teammates

Earlies when I used to play the game with randoms. I always used to end up dying in the game because I didn’t have that good teammates or players who coordinate, so we can stick together and fight together.

See, having good players in your team really affects your win or lose. These are the tips through which you can find teammates and players in the game. One of the best tips on how to become a pro in pubg mobile and improve your and your friend’s gameplay.

It could be your friends

There could be people around you who play the game, you can reach out to them and play with them and understand their gameplay, and automatically you would be becoming pro in no time you would be improving your game because now you will understand each other.


Discord is really a great way to find good players around the Globe. According to the stats discords, Monthly active users are more than 100 million. So you will absolutely Find players. One of the best apps to find teammates.

2. Improve your 1v1 fights

One of the best ways to figure out how to become a pro in pubg mobile is by improving your 1v1 fights. If you want to improve your gameplay and take it to the next level, you must improve your 1v1 fights as this is a big factor of a pro player.

You might know about the pro players and your friends mustve told you about how these pro players how to perform 1vs4 or they clutch the whole squad in a blink of an eye. But more importantly, how do they do that and how can you perform this by yourself also. So, some tips on improving your 1v1 fights

Playing the tdm (Team Death Match)

One of the best ways to improve your close-range fights is by playing the TDM map. 4v4 matches, very small area, close combat. One of the finest ways to improve your 1v1 close-range fights. Also this way you can increase your chances of winning the fights in a solo vs squad match.


Always try to aim in the head

Shooting at the head of your enemy is not only going to kill him fast but as well as it improves your headshot percentage. So always in your fights aim for the head of the Enemy. And, aiming in a small portion of the body requires great practice also. So, you must know how you can get a better aim in Pubg Mobile with simple ways.

                                                                                   The aim in the head


 Try out new variations in your gameplay.

Work on your skills more. See, now you’ve improved your game but also as well it’s important for you to know how you can dodge the attacks of the enemy to take lesser damage. So, try out these new variations in your fights in the game.

  • Crouch and Shoot
  • Slide and Shoot
  • Prone and Shoot
  • Jump and Shoot

                                                                                      Crouch and shoot

                                                                                  Slide and shoot

                                                                                     Jump and shoot
                                                                                          Prone and shoot

3. Experience

The third tip is the only thing that is achieved by time. You have to give a certain amount of time to this game. And I’m not talking about the experience level in your game. You have to be experienced in your fights. So play the, give it the time needed, and your hard work will pay off. Here are some tips:-

Land on hot-drop (locations where more people land)

These are the locations where more people land. And when you will land here frequently. Then you would have the experience of this place. You will know when to defend and when to rush at your enemies. Some of these places are:-

  •  Pochinki
  •  Georgopol
  •  Novorepnoye
  •  Military Base
  •  Mylta Power
  •  School and Apartments

Give the time

It’s for sure that you aren’t going to have that experience in 1 day itself and you will know how to become a pro in pubg mobile in a single day. It takes time and you need to give it the time it needs all the pro players didn’t become what they are in a single day.

They played the game more than any other player and that’s the reason they are called the “PRO PLAYERS”. That’s why they learned how to become a pro in pubg mobile early and faster than any other player.

And it’s not that you have to play the game the whole day, see there are different kinds advantages and disadvantages that come with Gaming, but playing the game at a limit is always better and will improve your life.

4. Select the right weapons

I’ve seen many players and my teammates also who play well but don’t know which is the right weapon to choose. In short, they don’t have the gun sense as we can call. If you know the correct weapons to use and the right grips and attachments to use then definitely you will know how to become a pro in pubg mobile and take your game to the next level.

You have to know which guns work well in their specific range for eg. a Shotgun is made for close-range fights or short-range fights. I have divided all the guns into the category of four according to their ranges below:-

  • Short-Range Weapons – Shotguns, SMGs, Assault rifles
  • Mid-Range Weapons – Assault Rifles, SMGs, DMRs
  • Long-Range Weapons – Sniper Rifles, DMRs, Some Assault Rifles

Refer to more knowledge here

5. Focus more on your KD more than your league

Yeah, you read it right. If you really want to learn how to become a pro in pubg mobile you have to focus more on your KD than on your league. The main reason is that if you once became a pro then you need not worry about your league it will automatically increase.

Check out How To Increase Your KD Ratio it will help you a lot. As you would have that skills in you. If nobody can easily kill you then how can anyone decrease your league? That’s the reason pro players don’t need to push their rank.

Gradually their league also increases. I’ve seen many players who are so worried about their league that instead, you should work on your KD more.

And for this, it’s very important that you know what is required to have that survival skills in the game, and how you can increase your survival ratings overall. 

Participate in fights instead of camping

A big difference between a pro player and a noob is a pro player always lands at places where more people land but a noob always lands at places where nobody lands.

Players who are more worried about their league always land in places where nobody else lands and camps. But the pro players always land where most of the people land. Because they want kills they don’t want to push rank.

Don’t be afraid of your league

Don’t be afraid that ohh shit’ It’s a minus in my league again’ once you leave this thing behind and start to take fights. You will be a pro player in no time. I’ve seen many players who push rank they would increase their league and in the next match all of a sudden there would be a great downfall in their league.

They will easily get discouraged. So that’s the reason you should not take your league so seriously. Check out 6 Shocking tips About How To Reach Conqueror Fast. this will help you a lot.

 It’s a little bit easy to maintain

After all for how many days your league would be maintained. For the current season only. It could see a drastic downfall at any time. And one more big reason is that your KD doesn’t decrease so much after one match.

But on the other hand, if you see your league and suppose you died in a match so early your league will decrease so much but your KD won’t.

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how to become a pro player in pubg mobile and bgmi



I’ve seen many of my teammates and players who play well but don’t have a good device and they mostly die because of the lag issue or their phone hangs up or any other issues related to their mobile. So you should have a mobile with a good amount of ram and ROM(storage)for eg.4GB ram and 64GB storage is fine or more.

I would suggest you check out the best mobiles for the gaming category on our site to look out for the best gaming mobiles under different price ranges. That would be just great for you if you’re looking for any.

Setup a stable internet connection

Your internet connection should be very strong when you’re playing the game as all the things are depending on your internet. If once you lost your internet connection. Boom your game will not work at all. If you have any issues regarding your internet connection we have our blog on how to solve your internet issues also. You can go and check it out also.

Enable these options

1. Peek and fire– a very good option that helps you fire an enemy undercover. You can also use this in fights. If you want an answer this question that how to become a pro in pubg mobile. Then there are some of the small settings which you can use.

2. Aim assists

A very good feature that helps your aim correct. Every time you shoot a bullet with the help of aim assist it always goes towards your enemy. If you want to know How to aim better in BGMI or PUBG then check this out also. And the chances of winning that battle increase. Make sure you have enabled this feature to automatically boost and learn faster how to become a pro in pubg mobile and take your gameplay to the next level.

3.Bolt-Action / Crossbow firing mode: Tap
So far the tap mode works best in crossbow or sniper rifle. It means whenever you open your sniper rifles or a crossbow’s scope you only have to tap it to open and need not hold the scope. You can also set it to release and it will open the scope when you hold it and then when you release the scope it will fire immediately. It depends on you.

4. Blocked sight warning: Disabled   

Whenever you point at an object in front of you in under 1 meter when enabled with this option it will show a blocked sign in the middle of your screen.

5. Quick scope switch: enable

 this feature allows you to switch your scope on the screen only with the help of the feature. See, the main thing is that this feature saves your time and thus helps you to learn how to become a pro in pubg mobile. Because with this option enabled you don’t have to open your bag and then switch the scopes. To enable this option go to settings ➨ scope ➨ Quick scope switch.

6. Start playing with claw instead of the thumb

Most of the pro players can perform so many actions at the same time because they use their fingers along with their thumbs. so they kill anyone so easily also.

You can start playing my first playing with the 3-finger claw and then slowly and gradually you can increase the no. Of your fingers and then start playing at a 4-finger claw and even a 5 or 6 finger claw.

And a big part of how to become a pro in pubg mobile is this also. Your settings are a big part of the game. A good setting is equal to good gameplay.

pubg mobile pro settings

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