Best Guide on How to Change Custom HUD in BGMI in 2022!!!


Well, playing in a good and better layout in the game is a very big help in improving your gameplay, and if you’re one of those players who are looking for increasing their gameplay in the game and K/D Ratio in the game then this article of ours today on how to change custom hud in bgmi is the best for you.

Moreover, layout and custom hud in the game is also very important because the way it is set up and how you finish the enemy is also dependent on this also.

And, if you have better and good layout settings in the game it’ll automatically increase your chances of outperforming the enemy and increase your chances of winning the match ultimately.

So, that’s why it was very important to give the players some really good knowledge about this thing and how the players who are looking forward to helping themselves and who are trying to take their gameplay to the next level be aware of this thing.

Well, for now, let’s start our today’s article on the Best Guide on How to Change Custom HUD in BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India, Sensitivity and Control Code, Thumb Vs Claw, and much more in 2022.

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Best Guide on How to Change Custom HUD in BGMI

So, we’ll follow this guide step by step and know how you can set up your game settings and layout in the game perfectly according to your gameplay and preferences in the game.

Well, it’s pretty simple and not a very difficult task, just follow the steps given down below.

  • Open your BGMI and go to the settings section
  • Then head onto the Customize Buttons Section
  • Then choose your movement option between the 3 modes
  • Press on Customize and set your layout settings

how to set up control code

How to Set Up Custom Sensitivity Code

Well, if you want to set up the sensitivity code in the game, then it’s pretty simple, just follow the given steps down below.

  • Just Open your settings in the game
  • Next, you have to go to the Sensitivity Settings
  • And, there you’ll see a small search button down below
  • Click on that search button and put the sensitivity code there

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How to Set Up Custom Control Code

So, if you wish to set up your control code in the game, then also it’s almost the same as you followed the steps to change your custom hud in the game.

  • Head onto the settings section in the game
  • Next, you’ll have to Customize the Button Section
  • And, then click on your layout button with a setting icon on it
  • After that, you’ll get an option of search method
  • Just click on the search method option put your control code in it and you’re good to go.

Thumb Vs Claw Which layout is better?

Well, this is a very big dispute and more of a misunderstanding in the player’s minds because of the performance and gameplay of different players in the game.

And, you see that’s why sometimes thumb players perform better than the claw layout ones, but sometimes it’s the opposite, and the players which use claw layout outperform the thumb players.

So, it works vice-versa, but when it comes to the question that Thumb Vs Claw which controls layout is better in the game. Then the answer to this is probably in the person’s gameplay and preferences in the game.

If you can perform better and improve with claw settings while using more fingers in the game, then I guess you should go with that, but if you are more accurate and better with your thumbs then you should consider the thumb settings for you.

But you see this all depends on the person’s game style and preferences in the game which decides their claw settings, but there’s one more thing if you’re playing good with thumbs, and you haven’t tried claw settings in the game.

Then I would suggest you to even try claw settings because you may be playing well with your thumbs but maybe your fingers can take you to the next level in the game. And, once you have figured it out you can see which side works the best for you, and for that, you can check out the video down below by zendex, a popular player and content creator.

Best 3 Finger Claw Code and Layout in BGMI

Well, the best 3 finger claw code as per the below control layout is 7120-0668-7791-3564-704, and you can see the control layout down below.

best 3 finger claw layout

Best 4 Finger Claw Layout and Code in BGMI

Well, as per our observation and knowledge the best 4 finger claw layout is given in the image down below and its layout code is 7120-0668-7791-3564-702.

best 4 finger claw layout

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Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on the Best Guide regarding How to Change Custom HUD in BGMI, Sensitivity and Control Code, Thumb Vs Claw, and every other thing that we talked about in the blog post.

Now, if you have any type of query or questions to ask us then you can leave them down in the comments section and we’ll respond to your ask quickly as we can.

And, for more similar Tips and Tricks or Tutorials from our side regarding the famous Battle Royale Games like BGMI, Garena Free Fire, Pubg Mobile, and more then you check out our site for more information about them.

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