How to Control Recoil in Pubg Mobile and BGMI without gyroscope in 2022


So, we all know how rapidly the battlegrounds mobile India and the pubg mobile both the games are growing and at this time they are at their peak and with this tremendous growth,

players are continuously focusing that how they can improve their game for several reasons. Well, with this a question that comes to the player’s mind is how can they improve their game by learning how to control recoil in Pubg Mobile and BGMI without Gyroscope.

Because you see controlling recoil in the game without the gyroscope is a must to learn for every BGMI and Pubg Mobile player in order to take their game to the next level.

Well, that’s the question of the day we would be discussing in this article. Everybody wants to be good in this game and wants to be a pro but the thing is that do you really want that thing and are willing to practice for that, you will achieve this by following it step by step and not immediately.

So, in this journey, one of the most important steps in becoming a pro in this game is how to control recoil in pubg mobile and it is a major issue for all the bgmi or pubg players.

So, today we will discuss the best tips and tricks on how to control recoil in pubg mobile and bgmi and improve your game to take it to the next level.

What is recoil in pubg mobile?

When a player shoots from the gun, the movement of the weapon goes in the upward direction which brings shakiness and instability to the gun. That is called the recoil in pubg mobile.

Best Tips and Tricks on How to Control Recoil in Pubg Mobile and BGMI 

#1 Gun experience 

By this, I mean that you should be perfect in one gun and you should be a master in one gun. For eg., if a person has mastered the AKM it’s pretty much sure that in almost every 1v1 fight if he has the gun he would win that fight.

So, you should master and experience a particular gun that you like.

If someone has mastered the gun UZI, he would surely win his close-range fights and similarly, if someone has mastered how to use the sniper, he would win his long-range fights.

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#2 Use of the Right attachments

I’m pretty much sure that you must be aware of the best grips and attachments in the game and you would also use different types of grips.

but if you use the right grip it will help you in controlling the recoil without the gyroscope. when you use the right grip you can see for yourself how this will improve your game.

You should always use the Compensator, half grip in guns like M416, and vertical grip in guns like M762, use the tactical stock to reduce recoil.

best pubg grips

#3 Crouch or prone and shoot

See, crouch and shoot, or prone and shoot are one of the best ways to learn how to control recoil in pubg mobile and BGMI without a gyroscope.

Because when you crouch and then shoot at the enemies you will see an instant drop in the recoil of the gun.

You would be able to see the difference that how well you can control the recoil of your gun now. When you are shooting at your enemies just crouch or prone and then shoot. Prone and shoot is a bit more effective than crouch and shoot.

Well if you want to know what exactly happens and why recoil control is easy when you are prone or crouch is that because of the bulled spread in the gun.

The bullet spread in the gun immediately drops down and most of the bullets now will hit the enemy as compared to when you are standing and then firing at the enemies.

#4 Focus on your Sensitivity 

See sensitivity is a big part of your game and your sensitivity really plays a big role in how you control your recoil in the game. And, on the suggested post do check out the best pubg recoil control settings which will help you more.

And, unless and until you set it up according to your gameplay and comfort, you will suffer in controlling the recoil of your gun. So, set it up according to your gameplay. Follow these steps:

  • Go to your cheer park or the training ground
  • Pick up the gun which you use the most
  • Now, one by one test the sensitivity according to yourself
  • Your 1st person settings as well as the others
  • Now set up and final those settings which you are comfortable with
  • So, now you have your best sensitivity settings, and that also according to you

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#5 Practice and Improve your Skills

See, a person can only tell you or can only guide you but the hard work is on you after all.

In this also a person can only tell you how to control recoil in Pubg Mobile and BGMI but after so many tricks or tips everybody knows the simple answer is that you have to practice it.

You will not get it unless and until you practice it. One can tell you hundreds of tips and tricks on how to control recoil in pubg mobile without a gyroscope.

But it would not be possible until and unless you practice it by yourself and try it by yourself. You have to practice to achieve your goal. Give the game some time, go to the training ground, and practice these tips and tricks.

These tips would definitely help you, but in the end, you have to practice them.


So, readers that were all the tips and tricks on how to control recoil in pubg mobile and bgmi with the best guide. Well, if you’ve any further questions regarding the article or anything like that then you can just drop them down in the comment section and we’ll definitely get right back to it.

And, also if you’ve any suggestions related to bgmi and pubg recoil control settings or anything even then feel free to drop them down in the comment box and if we think that your point is valid then we’ll even give you a shoutout at the end of the article if you wish to.


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