How to Download Clash of Clans for PC and Laptops in 2022

Clash of Clans is one of the most interesting and strategical games which are played amongst millions of people around the globe. And, now players want to know how to download clash of clans for pc also known as COC for short, with daily active users at almost 2 million players, there’s you now can probably think that at what a large is scale this game is played on a daily basis.

The game is currently available on the app store and on the google play store, anytime you can download the game.

Well, we all know that we can very well play the game on our handy little smartphones but the real deal is that can we play the game on our PCs and laptops or simply how to download clash of clans for pc. So, that’s our question for the day we’d be focusing on.

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How to Download Clash of Clans for PC and Laptops

So, first of all, just like any other game that you play on your mobile like what do you do to install it. You go to your google play store or your app store and then you search for the game clash of clans. But that’s not the case on your laptops or PCs.

There’s no google play store or app store which is present so that you can download mobile games for it. So, for that purpose, a particular application is made to download mobile games on your pc which we generally call the emulators.

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So, how to download an emulator

See, there are several kinds of emulators that are available for you all around the web, like the bluestacks, game loop, Nox player, and many more.

But the one that’s used by most of the players and which is easy to use and understand also is bluestacks. So, these are the simple steps to download the bluestacks emulator for your pc.

  • Search bluestacks on google and click on the official site 
  • Click on the button and download according to your pc mac or windows
  • Next, download and install the setup
  • Once, installed click open bluestacks, apps will appear
  • Then click on the google play store and search for clash of clans 
  • Then, install the game.

How to play clash of clans without bluestacks

So, let’s say in the case for any reason you dont want to play the game on bluestacks and want to play the games without bluestacks. Well, no worries if you want to know how to download clash of clans for pc without bluestacks, we have the solution for that also.

Almost similar to the bluestacks, there’s one more emulator called the Nox player, which is also free to use and is almost like the bluestacks. So, to download the Nox player follow these simple steps to play clash of clans without bluestacks.

  • Search and download Nox player
  • Then again install the setup
  • After that the installing loading
  • You can search the game and download it.


Which emulator is best for Coc?

Well, now with all the names of the emulators you’re listening to, one question must have come into your head which is the best emulator for Clash of clans. Well, there’s no fixed name that only this emulator is best and others are not good.

See, according to me and my personal experience and the one that fits the best for me is the bluestacks, why because first it’s easy to use and understand and second it’s not complex and the third and the main reason is that when you download the setup from the official site it’s only in KBs or hardly a single MB.

So, that’s a very good thing that I like about the bluestacks. But again it’s not like the others are not good, well they are also fantastic it’s just because my personal experience with bluestacks is good, otherwise, there’s no best emulator for the game, in fact, or any game, other emulators also works well.

So, that’s why I always recommend bluestacks, and in this article also on how to download clash of clans for pc I’ve recommended bluestacks and not any other.

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Is Clash of clans available on the Microsoft store?

So, one more frequently asked question that is the clash of clans is available on the Microsoft store which we generally have on our pc. Well, when checked it out we didn’t find any such app as the clash of clans in the store. So, no the game is not available in the Microsoft store.

Advantages of playing the game and benefits of playing on pc?

Well, gaming is not only bad, it’s our perspective of seeing that particular thing, if you see it, there are many benefits also playing this game.

First of all the theory of this game focuses on how players strategically build up their villages and attack on the other villages in order to grow and move onto the next level.

And, how to use our brains to focus so that, how can we train better armies when taken into battle, so that they be strong and finish the enemies village in the game.

Well, with this the game teaches us how to think strategically and how to react to situations fast and correctly. Well, sometimes these types of learnings help a person in some situations of life.

And, yeah definitely playing the game on a big screen is again a big advantage not only because of the big display but also the next-level gaming experience which you practice.

With this, you also get rid of the shorter battery life which sometimes becomes a disturbance for a gamer, and with the help of external accessories like the mouse, attacks can also be performed better now.

So, overall there are some advantages of playing the game. So, now you must be clear of your doubts regarding how to download clash of clans for pc and enjoy the clash of clans game.


Well, that was today’s article on how to download clash of clans for PC and your laptop devices in 2022. And, if you find the game interesting and want to know more about it and gems, which are one of the most important and precious things in the game. If you’re looking for any way to get it for free then you can check out the article on how can you get clash of clans gems for free.

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