Top 5 [Tips and Tricks] on How to get DJ Alok in Free Fire for free!!!


The Top 5 Tips and Tricks on How to get DJ Alok in Free Fire/Max for free in 2022, is one of the best guides that you can find on the web on How to get the character for absolutely free and without any diamonds. 

Well, DJ Alok in Free Fire/MAX is one of the most popular and used characters among the players of free fire because of its ability and looks in the game.

And the thing that makes him so special is the ability of this character, which is the “drop the beat”. This ability makes about 5 to 6 meters aura ring around the character that heals and increases the player when the ability of this character is in use. 

So, in this blog post of ours today we would be discussing some of the Tips and Tricks through which you’ll know How to get DJ Alok in Free Fire Without Diamonds and for free in 2022. 

What would we be discussing in today’s article?

And, because of the abilities and popularity of this character, this question starts to come into the minds of players and they think that can we get a looking character in the free fire for free and which is also the topic for today’s article that How to get DJ Alok in free fire/max, and how can you earn the diamonds required to buy this character in the game. 

How to get DJ Alok in Free Fire MAX for Free!!!

Well, there are many different kinds of ways in and out of the game through which you can know How to get Dj Alok in Free fire for free, you see, one is by buying the character directly with the help of diamonds but that’s definitely we wouldn’t be discussing today. 

But more importantly that how can you get the same character in the game for free and the different tips and tricks which we would be discussing on how can we get the DJ Alok in Free Fire MAX.

See we all know that we can’t get the character in the game directly but, by buying the diamonds first, and then with the help of the diamonds we can buy the character in the game so there is not any direct way of buying the character but by first buying the diamonds and then you can buy the same character with the help of the diamonds that you earned.

So, that’s what we would be discussing today in this blog about the different types of methods of earning diamonds in free fire, and from the diamonds, you earned how can you buy DJ Alok in Free Fire MAX for free and without any money? 

Top 5 ways on How to get DJ Alok in Free Fire MAX for free

1. Youtube Live Streams 

So the first option is by competing in the matches which happen on the daily basis on YouTub Live Streams. The creators set up different types of matches in which the players can compete and the winners of the match can be rewarded with different types of items like diamonds and bundles and much more. 

The YouTubers also gift characters of the game like DJ Alok and Chrono to the winners of the matches. So this option is really good for you if you are confident in your gameplay and you know that you can win the matches, so definitely you can go with this one. 

Well, one of our friends have got the DJ Alok with the help of these methods so that’s why you should also include this in your list of way of How to get Dj Alok in Free fire for free.

DJ Alok free fire free diamond

2. Google Opinion Rewards 

The second and also one of the best ways to earn the diamonds of free fire is through Google opinion awards. See on a daily basis different types of surveys keep happening on this platform.

So you can participate in them and win some money and through that, After that, you can collect the Google Play store redeem codes and buy the airdrops in the game.

And, the best way to use that redeem codes is by buying the airdrops which come in the free file which you hardly costs around ₹30 so definitely, you can buy one or two of them and you can collect around 600 diamonds so with the help of the diamonds you can now redeem your DJ Alok character easily.

So, Google Opinion Rewards is another good way of earning diamonds in the game, So definitely, you can consider this one on your list of How to get DJ Alok in Free Fire. 

3. Offers and Tasks Apps to Earn Diamonds 

So the next is the offers and tasks app to earn diamonds. So the third one is also a really good way to earn diamonds and apps like router and mgamer.

You can download these apps and complete the offers and tasks which come on a daily basis on these apps and from that, you can collect the router coins and the M gamer coins which are introduced as the currency in that particular app, and then from that coins, you can redeem the diamonds of free fire and different more rewards.

Some examples of more apps like these you can check out here

And if we talk about the difficulty of those tasks then they are also simple you just have to download some apps and complete some in-game tasks and offers up. So, that will earn you some diamonds and from that, you can redeem anything in the game with that diamonds and the DJ Alok character also.

4. Booyah App

The 4th app is the Booyah officially introduced by the Garena international only and the main theory which this app focuses on is basically watching live streams on this app to earn different types of rewards in the game.

And, the creators when live stream on this app, other players can watch those live streams to earn different awards. There is a certain criterion that if a player watches this particular live stream for 30 minutes or 60 minutes these types of rewards will be awarded to that player. 

So, by watching those live streams a player can earn diamond tickets in the Booyah app that further, you can convert those diamond tickets into the diamonds in the game and if I’m not wrong a player who collects 500 diamond tickets can convert them into 10 diamonds of free fire.

So a very good app for players who want to earn Diamonds in the game and as well as watch live streams, so it’s also a good method if you’re searching How to get Dj Alok in free fire for free in 2022. 

5. Compete in Free Fire Tournaments Apps

So the fifth and last way to earn diamonds in free fire is by competing in free fire tournament apps, so make sure you include this step when you’re looking forward to How to get Dj Alok in free fire. 

See there are different types of apps like gamerszon, playerszon, and My Tournament app which is available on the Google Play store and on Chrome where players can compete in different room matches to earn money.

And that money they can convert into buying the diamonds in the game. And here’s how this works, when you compete in a match and you win that match or you get a good position you are awarded some coins and coins you can convert into money. 

And when you get that money you can redeem different Google Play redeem codes and from that, you can buy the diamonds in the game or the airdrops in the game, so make sure you include this tip in your list of ways of How to get Dj Alok in Free Fire without diamonds. 

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why is DJ Alok in Free Fire MAX so popular?

See, first of all, because of the ability of this character which is the drop the beat. Which increases the health of the person by approximately 5HP for 10 seconds and also the speed by around 15%.

So, that’s one reason of course and the second is that the DJ Alok character is inspired by a singer in real life, which now automatically this character gets promoted. So, that’s the second reason behind the popularity of the character.  

And, the third reason is the in-game personality of this character. You see the dances of this character are very creative and different from any other characters, so in general, we can that the personality of this character, and one more reason is how players promote this character between each other. 

When they tell each other about this character self-promotion becomes another reason why is DJ Alok so popular, and that’s the reason why so many people search How to get DJ Alok in Free Fire for free. 

Which character is the best character in free fire max

So simple and short, according to the abilities and the most used character in the game. I would say that the best character in the game is Skylar and DJ Alok in Free Fire MAX.

when was DJ Alok introduced in the Garena?

Well, according to the free fire wiki, DJ Alok was introduced on 11th November 2019 in Free Fire.  

Is DJ Alok in real life?

Yes, the character is inspired by a Brazilian musician, DJ, and record producer whose name is Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo

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