Best Guide on How to Get Falcon in Bgmi For Free in 2022!!!


Best Guide on How to Get Falcon in Bgmi for Free in 2022 with the best Tips and Tricks that you need to know about if you want the Falcon companion for you.

Well, since the Flacom Bird or you can say the Falcon companion has been Introduced in the game people have been using it for a while now and the response by the players is quite good.

A lot of players liked this Idea and that’s why purchased this falcon bird too but a lot also didn’t buy this falcon companion or bird as you call it because of their own problems.

But if you’re a player and looking forward to getting this item for free in the game or by spending a little amount of money then this article is for you, my friend.

Because in this blog post we would be discussing the 4 steps methods which you’ll know How to get Falcon in Bgmi for free with these simple ways.

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Best Tips and Tricks on How to Get Falcon in Bgmi for Free in 2022!!!

#1. Falcon Event

Well, first of all, you can simply get the Flacon Companion or the Bird when its particular season comes up, and often this even usually keeps on coming in the game.

So, be aware and regular in the game and whenever this even comes in the game you can secure your free flacon companion in the game, and that’s how you know How to Get Flacon in Bgmi for Free in 2022.

#2. WinzoGold or Other GPT Applications

The second way to get free falcon in bgmi is through the GPT or the WinzoGold Applications, well these are those apps through which you can get coins or points and but the currencies of the game.

And, the process of it is also pretty simple, you download these Get-Paid-To applications and complete all the new offers and tasks on these applications.

After completing them you’ll get the particular coin or point of that specific app and with the help of that points, you can buy the UC in the game, that’s why it’s one of the best ways How to get falcon in bgmi for free. Well, not only for BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India, but these applications also provide you with other games like Garena Free Fire and Call of Duty.



#3. CodaShop & PayTm

The 3rd tip in our today’s blog regarding How to get falcon in bgmi for free is that if you have a little bit of money that you can spend on the game because you want the companion badly, then this tip can work for you by purchasing UC in the game.

But in a little bit of a different manner, first of all, you’ll head onto Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official website and click on the cart icon at the top right corner of the site.

From there you will redirect to the CodaShop website, and from there you can purchase UC or Top up your ID. Because the particular reason behind this is as you’ll see a bunch of offers and events going on down there.

And, you also get UC Bonuses and Cashbacks here, especially sometimes when the Codashop X PayTm offer is active if you purchase the UnKnown Cash from Codashop through PayTm you can get cashback up to ₹750 and UC bonuses, so it’s one of the best ways if you’re looking forward on How to get falcon in bgmi for free in 2022.

Well, at the time of writing the article the UC purchasing in Bgmi through Codashop is not active because of the game ban issue but if this issue will be resolved then you buy up from there.

#4. Google Opinion Rewards

Well, the 4th option in our today’s list of How to get falcon in bgmi for free is a little bit out of the topic tip but can help you with buying the Falcon companion in the game, and how’s that exactly you may ask.

So, basically, through Google Opinion Rewards you can answer simple questions and a basic survey is done with you on a time-to-time basis in this application, and when you complete that particular survey you get rewarded with real cash.

Through which you can, later on, buy cool stuff and even UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India, and then with the help of this UC, you can buy the Falcon companion which you wanted to. So, include this point in your list of Tips on How to get Falcon in Bgmi for free in 2022 if you’re looking forward to getting one. 

google opinion rewards

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Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on the Best Guide of How to Get Falcon in Bgmi for Free in 2022 with the following ways and tips and tricks.

And, now after reading out the blog post if you have any kind of questions or queries to ask from us regarding the site or this post on how to get falcon in bgmi then you can leave them down in the comments section for us.

Moreover, for more such blog posts and articles from our site, you can check out the best Bgmi and Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks category as we have a bunch of other content too related to it on our site.

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