Top 7 Ways on How to Get Free Emotes in Free Fire in 2022

What are Emotes in Garena Free Fire?

Well, the basic theory behind what exactly emotes are in the Garena Free Fire is that, emotes are basically introduced in the Game to make the game more interesting and thrilling for the players to play.

In addition to this, emotes are also a great as well as a funny kind of way to communicate with your allies and sometimes your enemies too. You can find many types of emotes in the game. Some of them are Royale Emotes which are a bit better than others, some of them are normal emotes, etc. 

Well, there are different kinds of ways to claim the Emotes. Sometimes you can just get them for free, and from time to time you can also get them in several events, at times under some criteria and tasks completion the game gives remotes as the reward and others. 

But even then there are several ways of how to get free emotes in free fire and that’s what we gonna discuss in today’s article that what are some of the best ways of how to get free emotes in free fire in 2022. 

Why should we play with Emotes in the Game?

See, the simple answer to this question is that, first of all as said above emotes are a great and funny way to communicate with your teammates.

And, this thing becomes very interesting, suspenseful as well as thrilling for the players also in the game. And sometimes, we all know that the game becomes more intensive in between the fights or at some places, so that’s why shouldn’t there be something that makes the game more interesting for the players and this is the thing which emotes does.

So, now I think you must have a clear understanding of questions like what are emotes? what do they do? Why should we have them? Why should we play with them?

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Top 7 Ways on How to Get Free Emotes in Free Fire

#1 Through Emote Events

The best and one of the freeways through which you can get the free fire emotes is by in special events. And, just like any other gun skin, gloo wall, and free character event you can claim free emotes in the free emote event.

Well, in these kinds of events you can complete the given tasks and claim the free emote. For example, in a past event players were getting a free to emote for playing the game for 60 minutes. And, these kinds of events are also very frequent in the Garena Free Fire, so most likely you can get a free to emote from these Emote Events.

#2 Google Opinion Rewards

The second one on the list is Google Opinion Rewards. If you’re reading this article then you would probably know about Google Opinion Rewards already and what does it do.

Well, even then if someone doesn’t know then Google Opinion Rewards is a Survey Application available on the Google Play Store as well as on the App Store.

You just have to answer some very simple questions and complete that particular survey that has been given to you. And, google states that every survey that you complete can pay you between $0.10 and $1.00.

But now you would probably think that what to do with this money? So, that is connected with our 3 tips which are buying the special airdrops with opinion rewards money.

#3 Special Airdrop

Well, this tip is one of my favorite tips when it comes to buying the diamonds or getting your favorite item in the game. The special airdrop is a thing that will get you a bunch of diamonds and in little to no money. Now, here’s how this tip is connected with the second one, Google Opinion Rewards.

See, when you have the google opinion rewards money, the next step would be to buy the ₹10 or ₹30 special airdrops with this money. Which can easily give you around 100 to 300 diamonds.

#4 Redeem Codes

The next tip is through redeeming codes. Well, this one is also a free tip and if you got the right code, then you can get the emote for 100% free. The Redeem code has 12 characters which consist of capital letters and numbers. And, be aware of the expiry date of the redeem code because after that time the redeem code is of no use at all. To redeem the code follow the steps given below:-

The code can be used to get your favorite gun skis, bundles, characters, emotes, and much more.

#5 GPT Applications

The next way is not a direct way to get the emotes in the Garena Free Fire like the other ones but more like an indirect way. Well, the fifth tip is about GTP Applications also known as the Get Paid to applications.

In these types of applications, you’re given certain tasks and offers that you have to complete which will earn you the points of the particular app. After you’ve completed some tasks and offers you would be able to buy ff diamonds now.

For a certain amount of coins that you’ve earned, you can buy 100 diamonds or 200 diamonds like that. So, in your free time, you can just complete these simple tasks and offers and will reach the next step of claiming the ff emotes that you’ve always wished for. Two popular examples of these applications are:

  • mGamer
  • Rooter

#6 Top-Up through GamesKharido

The 6th tip is more like a bonus tip which can save your money a lot. Well, in this tip you are buying the diamonds but the catch is that when you will Top-up with the help of you can actually get 2x the amount of diamonds that you were first getting on your original purchase.

So, if someone buys 100 diamonds for ₹80 pack, he will be getting 200 diamonds instead. Yeah, for sure you will be using some of your money but will definitely save your money as well.

#7 Get Free Fire Emotes with Elite Pass

Yes, you can get Free Fire Emotes with Elite Pass if you have one. Well, if we talk about the latest elite pass emote then on 200 badges the Elite Pass Players are getting the Smooth Sway Emote. Well, with the help of gameskharido and GTP Applications you get the Elite Pass Fast.

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List of all Emotes in Garena Free Fire at present

1. I heart you
2. Heartbroken
3. Kungfu Tigers
4. Top DJ
5. Challenge On!
6. Shimmy
7. Fancy Hands
8. Top Scorer
9. Sii!
10. The Victor
11. Bhangra
12. Bring It On!
13. Kongfu
14. Death Glare
15. LOL
16. Party Dance
17. Shake It Up
18. Wiggle walk
19. Moon Flip
20. Shake With Me
21. Threaten
22. Dangerous Game
23. Baby Shark
24. Provoke
25. Hello!
26. Applause
27. Dab
28. Arm Wave
29. One-Finger Pushup
30. Brisk Gallop

Well, the list of the emotes in Garena Free Fire is big, as listed above we can all see that there are a couple of names above. But have you ever wondered which are the best or like popular amongst them? Well, here it is, the 5 most popular emotes in free fire at present. 

  • I heart you 
  • Heart Broken 
  • KungFu Tigers 
  • Bhangra 
  • Brisk Gallop 

Final Words

So, let’s finish the article with some final words on how to get free emotes in the free fire. Now, I would hope that you would be finally familiar with the ways of How to Get Free Emotes in Free Fire.

Well, there are some of the ways in which you have to buy the diamonds first but in all of them, we have given the ways also of how you can earn those diamonds also. 

Well, if you liked the article do comment and share with your Garena Free Fire friends and let them also know the secret. 

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