How to Get Free Gems in COC 2022 8 Best Tips and Tricks


If you play the most popular strategic game, Clash of Clans, also called COC in short, then you will know that growing your village in the game is a big challenge. But moreover, the more significant challenge is to grow your village faster, and that’s where people start to think about the gems in the game.

Well, if you’re a dedicated COC player like me, then you will understand the grind of taking your village to the next level, and that’s why so many people are curious about the gems in the game.

Some of your friends would’ve bought the gems, and you must be looking forward to it, and that’s when the question comes to our minds, how to get free gems in COC, aka Clash of Clans.

But you see, in reality, if you’re OK with the pace at which you’re growing your village, then you don’t need to buy gems or anything, but follow some simple steps, in today’s guide.

So, without wasting more time on the introduction, let’s start today’s article on how you can get free gems in COC in the year 2022 with the best tips and tricks you can get on the web for free.

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#1 Remove all of the impediments in your village.

So, in this article about how you can get free gems in CO, we’ll be going through the easiest to the most difficult way. Well, not so difficult because I believe every point incorporated in the article is pretty understandable and easy to execute.

The first one on today’s list of how to get free gems in COC is by removing all the obstacles in your village. But there’s a way to do it, not just remove any from your village.

So, the plan to execute this step is pretty simple. You have to free up the occupied space as much as you can in your village. Therefore, you have to put all of the items near your village on one side and then grow obstacles on a large area of land.

This way you can have more obstacles to remove from the village and more chances of getting more free gems in COC. Well, in your builder base, you can use your 20min clock tower boost and remove all the obstacles faster and in one go, and if you’re still confused about it then you can check this Youtube video out there to clear your doubts.

And, in your home village, you can remove the obstacles as you can have more builders and use your shield time to set up the different layout because it would be a wiser and better move to do so because you’ll be protected from any attack on your village.

  removing obstacle

#2 Gem Mine

Well, the second one on the list is Gem Mine. I think this was one of the best things so far when it comes to Builder Base and thus, if you want to get more free gems in the game, you’ve got to make the most of the Gem Mine.

So, if you want to maximize your diamonds from the gem mine, then make sure you upgrade your builder base as fast as possible so you can max out your gem mine.

And why should you do that exactly? Here’s the reason behind it. Do you see a level 9 gem? I would suggest you look at this page for more information about the levels of gem mines.

The mine produces about 4.80 gems in one day, which equals around 148 gems in a whole month, and if extended more than a single year, the gem mince can give you around 1786 gems in total, which is just fantastic according to me.

So, if you’re looking forward to getting more free gems in COC, Gem Mine should be your best friend to accomplish the goal.

gem mine

#3 Google Opinion Rewards

Your friends may buy gems and other items with money, but what if I told you that you do the same? Buy gems with real money while not spending any of your own money.

You might think this is impossible, but it is, my friend because using Google Opinion Rewards, you can earn money and then spend it on gems and cash in games like Clash Royale and Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Well, if we talk about Google Opinions Rewards, then I would like to explain to you that it is simply a survey application from Google itself.

A person basically has to do some surveys given and earn money from them and use that money and you can buy your favorite items in the game, gems in this case.

#4 Finish Events

This is also one of the best ways to get free gems in COC, but the only catch here is that you have to be attentive whenever any event comes up in the game that will provide you with diamonds.

So, if you are a regular and frequent player of the game then I would recommend that you try this method of getting free gems in coc because the amount of gems that you’ll receive is also quite good and decent.

Just take an example of this event down here known as the barrel of bones. A player must use 10 skeleton barrel troops in 8 matches to collect the rewards of 500 experience and 200 gems.

barrel of bones coc
Image credit: Reddit

#5 Achievements

The fifth one on our today’s list of the best eight ways to get free gems in COC is by completing the achievements in the game. Well, just take an example of this achievement down below.

If you play the game, then many of you would’ve already completed this achievement or must be in progress. When an individual earns 250 gems and 2500 experience for their clan in war league battles, they will receive 250 gems and 2500 experience.

So, perhaps this is one of the best ways you can collect diamonds in a huge quantity and also in a short period. And that’s why if you wish to complete something fast or grow your village at a higher pace, then this tip is one of the best ways you can get free gems in COC.

free gems in coc by achivements

#6 Gem Box

You see, among all the obstacles in the Clash of Clans, this one is my favorite, or perhaps I suppose every player’s favorite obstacle. Free 25 gems in 25 seconds. I think this is the best way to get diamonds if you’re in a hurry.

So, whenever you see a gem box in your village, I would suggest you not remove it. We shouldn’t remove it? You must be thinking Well, yes, immediately you shouldn’t and if you want gems immediately, then I think it would be the best option for you. Because if you immediately need 10 or 20 diamonds (if you don’t have any already), then I think this would be your best option.

And, the particular reason for that is that you don’t need to sell any of your items, and in other ways, you need some time, so that’s why a gem box should be on your go-to list if you’re looking forward to getting free gems in coc.

gem box

#7 Selling Super Items

So far, when I don’t have any kind of items or gem box or anything like that from which I can get my gems, I simply sell out my extra super items and they help me out when it comes to getting free gems in COC.

Well, the best way is to use your medals to buy the super items so that when you sell them you’ll get more diamonds. And, if you have any extra of them that you do not plan to use in the long run, then I would simply sell them out, because at the time if they’re not an asset to me, I can use them to grow my village.

#8 Clan Games

This strategy to get free gems in COC, also known as the Clash of Clans, is one of them out there for getting more and more diamonds in the game.

When the clan games are over, you can usually first select your rewards, and I guess diamonds are usually included in the last two rows of the rewards, so don’t ever forget to claim them.

That’s why you always remember before the clan games you join a really good clan. If it’s your teammate’s clan and the players know you, then I guess it’s a better option for you.

Because if you’re already familiar with the clan and its members of it, then I guess you would be more active in the clan. You’ll know the strategies and tactics to play, and thus, in the end, a better outcome will eventually come.

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Recently Asked Questions

How do you get 1000 gems in Clash of Clans for free?

Well, the best way to get 1000 gems, which is a huge amount, is through the Gem Achievement, because, as such, there is no faster way to get it.

Do COC cheat codes work?

In short, if I have to answer, it is no, not really as Supercell supervises everything and doesn’t let anything happen like this.

What is the fastest way to get gems in Clash of Clans?

Well, all the above methods will get you more free gems in coc, but if we talk about the fastest way, then I would say the Gem Mine, Gem Box, and Selling Super Items.

How many gems do you get for 1250 trophies?

The achievement’s name is “Sweet Victory,” and you get around 450 gems for this achievement.

Does the COC Gem Hack Work?

No, any hack in the game doesn’t work.


Readers, this was our today’s article on the 8 Best Tips and Tricks on How to Get Free Gems in COC. They also acknowledged Clash of Clans as the number one strategic game among the others.

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