Here’s how to Increase FD in BGMI with 10 Tips and Tricks in 2022


Is your KD also not improving and are losing most of the matches that you play. Well, my friend, this is just not an issue for you but for many others just like you and me.

Well, when I was facing this issue earlier I searched a lot about this, but nothing worked out well for me and I needed someone who can give me some tips or some type of learnings on how to increase FD ratio in BGMI so that some of the other day I could also be called a Pro Player.

What we would be discussing in this article

Just an overview of what we would be talking about in this article. Well, we would be looking at the top 9 tips and tricks which you can read about and then implement in your game and then see the results for yourself.

How to increase FD in BGMI with Top Tips and Tricks

#1 Play with the regular teammates

See, it’s better not to play the game rather than play with people you don’t know and who also don’t coordinate with you.

There are two things, first, you play the game with players who you dont know well, and then after a few matches your stats will automatically drop, but second is that you do not play the game and this doesn’t affect your stats as well.

So, clearly, it’s better not to play the game rather than play with people who you dont know.

This will also protect your stats from dropping and is one of the main things in how to increase FD in BGMI.

#2 Always try to land on the hot drops

I think the most important thing to increase your KD rapidly is to land where more people land.

But keep a thing in mind at times when you’ll land on a hot drop there will be many enemies with you also.

So, remember this thing to always have a good squad and have good teammates who stick together and cover your back always So you don’t need to worry about the cover.

#3 Always go for the kills

Your KD would only increase if you kill more people per match.

So, you can always check out how you can improve your skills and take them to the next level. When you land on a hot drop and your next step would be to find a good amount of loot first.

That can win you a 1v1 fight. I will prefer any AR gun or an SMG gun.

Make sure that your full squad has a good amount of loot first. And then you can go for the kills and make sure to rush as early as possible so you can get more kills.

And, for that, you really have to have a good knowledge of the guns in the game and the best grips and attachments in the game or the best gun combinations in the game.

And, how you can aim better in the game for more kills which automatically helps you to increase your kd more.

Click on the image below and you may read the article to refer to some more information.

And do not land on that specific location where the other squad landed. For example, you are landing on georgopol and you saw a squad that is coming on the container in which you were going so you can change your landing spot and land on the container next to it.

By doing this not only you will be saving your teammates but would also be increasing the chances of your win against the particular team by taking a good loot first.

how to aim better in pubg mobile

#4 Don’t camp

If you are serious about increasing your KD. Then you have to leave your rank pushing and stay focused on your KD ratio.

Because you can’t do these two things at once. If you focus on one thing at a time you would be able to achieve that single thing but if you go for two things at a time you would not be able to do a single thing also.

So focus on your KD more than on your league. And rush as many times as you can. Just go for the kills and there is another way also sometimes when you land at these locations for eg.

In novorepnoye or in the military base you find many bots also, so try to kill these bots as they would increase the number of your kills.

I myself found 4 bots in no novorepnoye. So you should really implement this tip to learn how to increase FD in BGMI.

#5 Play in livik match

Among all the maps in pubg or bgmi, the best map for increasing the KD is the livik map.

Make sure that you play duo vs squad in livik. Why it is the best is because so many bots appear on this map.

And if you landed on the famous location on this map which is the midstein if you survived then you would have around 4-5 kills easily as so many people come in this place.

I myself had 8 kills. And that was also in the first 5 minutes of the match. So you should really consider playing in this map and the total kills at the end of the match would be around 10 easily so this would be very helpful.

That’s why it’s a very fast and efficient way to learn how to increase fd in BGMI.

#6 Always play with a low tier teammates

Whenever you start matchmaking a match, your lobby is always tied up with the persons according to your league which means that if your current league is crown 3, your lobby would be matched with the people who have their league in crown 3 or close to crown 3.

If you play with a low-tier person, you would be matched with the enemies with a low tier.

But make sure that the person you are playing with knows how to play and is a good person in the terms of playing the game. A very useful tip to boost how to increase FD in BGMI.

#7 Start increasing your KD at the start of the season

Just start increasing your KD at the start of the season only.

Just like every player who wants to push their rank starts at the starting of the season and then it pretty much makes it a little bit easier also to reach conqueror but it’s hard.

That’s why when you push your rank just start when the season just came out.

Because when you start at that time your KD ratio is kind of reset. See, if you really want to boost your kd and improve gameplay you must include this point in how to increase FD in BGMI.

Then your first 10 to 20 matches if you maintained your KD ratio well then in your future matches also your KD would be maintained.

But If you started in the middle or when the season is most likely to be finished.

Then it would be difficult for you to increase your KD so if you want to increase your KD, start when it’s the new season. If right now is the time of ending the season so start in the next season.

#8 Train in the training room

Whenever you start playing the game just give some time in training or on the tdm map.

By doing this you would be kind of warmed up for your matches.

Just give 20-30 minutes in tdm or in the training. You would be ready for the battles in the erangel map or any other.

It improves your skills also you can challenge someone other in the cheer park you will learn their skills.

When you are training in the training room you are not only improving your recoil control, your aiming, and headshot percentage but many other things as well.

#9 Improve your skills

Having good skills is also important and why, because somewhere the other person had more skills than you and that’s why he won that fight and you didn’t. And what if you can also win almost every fight.

That’s what this tip says. If you want to get more kills and increase your KD or want to perform a clutch against a full squad you have to improve your skills in the game.

So, yeah definitely you have to have skills in order to learn how to increase fd in bgmi.

You can learn various skills for eg. crouching and shooting, jump and shoot or prone and shoot.

And one of the famous skills is the jiggle and you can also learn to jiggle and shoot.

So, these are the various skills that you can learn and improve your fights and kill more people in the game.

Like I said earlier you can practice these skills in the cheer park also. So, a must include in how to increase fd in bgmi list. That’s why check out this article below??.

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#10 Practice

See the last and the tenth tip is not really a tip. But is a practice that you definitely have to do in order to achieve the thing which you are working for. And, in this case on how to increase fd in bgmi, it’s practice.

You have to practice to increase your kd in the game. Well, it’s not a thing that would be achievable in a single day or in a single week. But it really takes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good kd ratio in pubg mobile?

Well, generally if we see the average kd ratio in the game lies between 2-4. So, according to this, we can say that a good kd ratio in the game would be around 3-5.

Is a 4.0 KD good?
Yes. 4 is a good kd ratio in the game.
What is the difference between fd and kd?
As the new battleground mobile India is released. The KD ratio is said to be the FD Ratio. That means the Kill-to-death ratio is now turned into a Finish-to-death ratio. This is a new change among all the changes in the game between pubg mobile and the new bgmi.
What is an average kd in pubg mobile?
As said above the average kd in pubg mobile and bgmi is estimated at around 2-4.
How many kills do I need to increase my KD?
It depends on your current kd and the number of matches you’ve played. If you have played 10 matches and your kd is 2. Then you would need more than 3 kills in every match to increase your kd further.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, that was surely a very big read. If you’ve made it till the last or till this point.

Now, you would be finally familiar with the process of increasing your F/D Ratio in the game.

Well, now the last thing which is left is practice which is a thing which is not achieved by tutorials or any kind of tips and tricks.

You have to practice and by yourself only. Nobody can do it for you else you’re willing to do it. So, that was today’s article on how to increase fd in bgmi.

I hope that you found it helpful and valuable after reading the article and I also sincerely hope that now you’re out of any type of questions or queries regarding this.

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