Best Guide on How to Increase FPS in Pubg Mobile in 2022 for Smooth Gameplay


Best Guide on How to Increase FPS in Pubg Mobile with the best tips and methods that you didn’t know about, and make your game as smooth as butter with these simple methods. 

FPS also called Frames Per Second in full form in short and easily understandable language basically means how fast and smooth your particular game is running. 

And, at what rate the frames on the screen and pixels are changing per second, like how fast the images and videos on your game on the smartphone change and run? 

Well, if we talk about FPS and Frames Per Second then they do matter a lot in terms of gaming and especially in games like Battlegrounds Mobile India, Pubg Mobile, and Valorant

Because you see, in these games FPS plays a crucial role in the game because they will slowly and gradually help you to finish more enemies in the game and win more games eventually. 

So, that’s what we’re going to discuss in our today’s article on the best guide out there on the Best Guide on How to Increase FPS in Pubg Mobile with the best tips and methods which you need to know about in 2022. 

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#1. Smooth Graphics & Extreme Frame Rates

Well, the number 1 tip on our today’s list tips on How to increase fps in pubg mobile is by changing your settings basic settings in Pubg Mobile which can help you in getting some results. 

So, basically open the basic settings option in your game and set your Frame Rates Per second to Extreme and your graphics option on the Smooth, this way you’ll have more chances of getting good FPS in the game because of your light graphics in the game.

graphics settings (1)

#2. Colorful Graphics Style 

The second tip to get 60 fps in Pubg Mobile is by setting up your graphics style in the game to the most accurate and stable option, and in this article if you want to learn how to increase fps in pubg mobile then keep your graphics style on Colorful settings. 

#3. GFX Tool 

Well, the third option is basically like an external help from outside of the game and through this you can get some really good results. So, basically it is the GFX Tool that you need to use. 

And, GFX tool is nothing but it helps you to adjust certain settings in your game like the Frames per second, Graphics, Resolution and more such settings, you can easily find this application on Google Play Store if you wish to give it a try. 

gfx tool

#4. Better Internet Connection 

So, heading onto the 4th tip on How to increase fps in pubg mobile is through a good and stable internet connection, and how can you get a better connection you may be wondering. 

And, you can find several ways of doing it and getting a good and stable internet connection, some popular ways and methods of it is by turning your airplane mode off to on, remove any background running apps.

Well, just like these you can find tons of ways to have a better, good and stable internet connection in the game which is one of the most significant things that you need. 

#5. Upgrade your device 

Well, the 5th method is by upgrading your device if you wish to, now this is not a compulsory thing or you have to follow this but it’s up to you, because with these all methods and ways you can increase your FPS in Pubg mobile by some amount but eventually in the long run you need a good device. 

And, you need to better specification smartphone to continue with the game because all of these tips and methods would definitely improve your gameplay but not to that extent. 

So, if you’re looking forward to do so then you can check out the best gaming mobiles category on our site for more information on a bunch of affordable smartphones. 

#6. Improve your Device’s Performance 

Well, the 6th method in our today’s list of How to increase FPS in Pubg Mobile is a really good way to increase fps in pubg mobile and to get that 60 fps gameplay, and even practical the method is quite easy to follow. 

Start by improving your smartphone’s performance by fixing certain thins in your mobile phone, clear data, storage space, start using sd card, and a bunch of other things too that you can check out on our specific and particular artilce on improving your smartphone’s performance in pubg mobile. 

#7. No Notifications, Banners, and Background Running Apps

While playing the game, it’s quite often that we have been killed and finished because of some silly things which is the notifications, banners and the background running applications on our smartphone. 

Which not only affect in the smartphone’s performance but also consume a lot of other things of your device just like the internet, storage and a bunch of other things too. 

So, make sure you block all of these things before starting your game so that first you don’t die because of silly reasons and second it would have a positive impact on your gameplay, so make sure you have this tip included in your list of How to increase fps in pubg mobile in 2022.

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FAQs on How to Increase FPS in Pubg Mobile in 2022

How much fps is extreme in pubg mobile?

Well, according to the given data below if we talk about the extreme frame rates in the game then they lie between 55-60 frames per second in Pubg Mobile.

  • Low: 20 – 25
  • Medium: 25 – 30
  • High: 30 – 40
  • Ultra: 40 – 50
  • Extreme: 50 – 60.

So, readers this was our today’s article on the Best Guide out there on How to Increase FPS in Pubg Mobile with the best tips and methods that you didn’t know about but was acknowledged with this blog post. 

And, now if you have any doubts or queries to ask from us regarding our today’s article on how you can get 60 fps in pubg mobile or anything else then you can leave them down in the comments section and we’ll be responding you as fast as we can. 

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