Best 6 Tips and Tricks on How to Reduce Lag in Pubg Mobile and BGMI

You might have faced this lag or high lag issue in the game and also I know it’s very frustrating when you get killed by enemies and that is also just because of your internet or some kind of lag issue and finally, you want to know that how to reduce lag in pubg mobile.

Well, today in this blog post we would be discussing how you can reduce your lag and lag in the game to have a better experience in the game and enjoy the game without any lag or some kind of issue.

At the end of this blog, I am petty much sure that you will know how to reduce lag in pubg mobile.

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#1 Remove all the apps working in the background

A very effective way to boost the performance of both your internet and game performance is by simply removing all the apps working in the background of your device. To do this just follow the simple steps which are given below and you would have no apps running in the background of your mobile. This point is a very must to do if you want to know how to reduce lag in pubg mobile.

method no. 1
  • open settings in your device
  • go to the manage apps section
  • on the app info settings of the app that you want to stop running in the background for eg. WhatsApp, Youtube, etc.
  • go to the permissions section
  • go to the restrict data usage and deselect the options like wifi and mobile data for some time
  • Only deselect those options when you are playing the game and when you are finished with your game, turn those options back on.

how to restrict data usage

method no. 2

In order to do the second method first, you need to enable the developer options on your mobile. And to enable the developer options on your device just follow the simple steps given below.

  • open settings on your mobile
  • go to about phone in your device
  • click 5-6 times on your version
  • now, your developer option would be enabled.

So, now when you have enabled the developer options on your device. Follow these steps to remove all the apps working in the background with the second method.

  • go to your developer options
  • and in the apps section
  • check the background process limit
  • Click on it and turn it into No backgrounds process or At most 1 process
  • I recommend that you select the At most 1 process

limit background process

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#2 use the game turbo or the game space in mobile

This reduces the game’s lag and less internet usage and helps in a better experience during the game. In some devices like realme and redmi the game booster and the game turbo are already installed but in other devices, I think you need to download it first.

And the best thing which I like the most is that you can use several apps like WhatsApp or Instagram while playing the game with the help of these game booster and turbo.

Which is absolutely a plus point of these apps. Check the image given below and you will understand more clearly.

I am pretty much sure that you would have apps like game turbo or game boost on your device. some of these are already installed in the mobile but if you still don’t have it then make sure to install this because you can simply control some of the settings from here only and if you want to remove all the apps running in the background just follow the steps. Although these settings are set as default, you can also go and check that out to confirm once again.

  • go to your game turbo or game boost app
  • go to the settings or swipe up in the game boost and the settings would appear
  • check the apps running on the background setting and disable that setting

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#3 Check the apps background data usage

If you want to know which apps on your mobile phone are consuming your mobile data the most they are one of the biggest reasons why you face internet issues in the game. And once you know the apps which consume the most data on your mobile then simply you can just restrict the data usage of that particular app and after that, they will not consume the data.

#4 Choose the best internet that works in your area

When you know which internet provider works best in your area. So, it becomes very easy for you to choose which network you should play with. So, check it and then decide for yourself. But, I would recommend that you play on Wifi as by playing on wifi you will not have any problems regarding your lag in the game. A very effective way on how to reduce lag in pubg mobile and by doing this, any chances of high lag will decrease.

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#5 Have a better device

Your device almost affects everything in the game. Your ping, lag issues, your gameplay, rendering, almost everything. The better your device would be the better the experience will be in the game.

So, always have a better device. You can find the best devices in every range on our site. If you have a better device then the chances of your high lag automatically decrease.

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Final words

So, now I am pretty sure that wouldn’t have any doubts left regarding how to reduce lag in pubg mobile. Follow the given steps in the article and you’ll definitely fix your hang issue in the game. And, do leave a comment down below letting us know which tip worked the best for you. And, if you’re interested in more articles like these then do remember to check out more on our site and stay tuned for more


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