Best Guide on How to Spot Enemies in BGMI in 2022!!!


Best Guide on How to Spot Enemies in BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India with 7 Best Tips and Tricks that nobody told you about. Well, technically that is the title of our today’s article because this question comes to the minds of every single player who plays the famous Battle Royale game in India which is the BGMI.

Well, if you stumbled upon this article somehow and you felt a need for this article somewhere then I would guess you’re already familiar with the game a little bit or you must be a pro in Battlegrounds Mobile India if not an intermediate player.

So, whenever a player just like me and you gets knocked out or finished in the game the main what’s the main reason behind it, you must be thinking, there are a lot of reasons and not one particular answer for it, but where does the person lack? beforehand that the player gets finished.

Or to put it in a simpler way what do you do before firing the weapon at the enemy and knocking the player, yes, first of all, you spot the enemies.

So, therefore if you want to win the game and increase your chances of winning the particular game or simply if you want to improve your skills and become a pro player in the game, so the first step towards it is your spotting in the game.

And, that is what we’re going to discuss further ahead in our today’s blog post. So, make sure you stay tuned till the very end to know each and everything that would be discussed in our today’s article on the Best Guide on How to Spot Enemies in BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India with 7  Best Tips and Tricks that nobody knows about.

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Best 7 Tips and Tricks on How to Spot Enemies in BGMI and Win the Game!!!

#1 1500 meters trick

So, the very first Tip in our today’s article on How to Spot Enemies in Bgmi is the 1500 meters trick. Well, this is I guess the best step that you can take at the starting of the game only when the match hasn’t even started.

Well, you may think that how a player can even get to know about his enemy’s positions when they haven’t even landed, well there’s a trick for it.

So, before the match starts you get to know about your plane route, and keeping that particular plane route in your mind we’ll have to do some little adjustments, and here’s what you have to do.

When you’ve seen the plane route, design parallel lines on it’s both sides between 1500 meters, so it would look a bit like the image given down below. And, as you can see where I’ve put on two parallel lines to the plane route to help me figure out the locations of most of the enemies.

Because if a player even tries to go the most far away position from the plane route it will be around 1500 meters only and nearby those locations only.

So, estimating this you can determine the locations of the player and where most of the people have gone. For example in the given image down below.

1500 meters trick

#2 Graphics and Settings

Well, these are some Graphics settings that I want you to apply in your game and the settings option because even if it’s a small improvement but it will somehow help you in spotting enemies in bgmi. So, just set the following graphics settings in your device if you want a better spotting advantage in the game, and eventually, you’ll learn how to spot enemies in bgmi with these tips and tricks.

  • Graphics – Smooth
  • Frate Rate – Extreme
  • Style – Colorful
  • Anit-Aliasing – Close
  • Brightness – 125
  • Non-Standard Screen – Rounded
  • Auto-Adjust Graphics – Close

graphics settings

#3 Game Sense

Well, this Tip is not a Tip but if we see and explore it more deeply then Game Sense is more like an experience in the game which is achieved by giving that time in the game and eventually improving your gameplay and taking it to the next level.

So, what exactly is game sense and why is it so important in the game? Well, you must’ve heard these kinds of phrases in the game such as Rotations, Flanks, Ambusing, Cover, and more such things like these.

Well, these come under the game sense of a player how does one perform these actions in the game, and what type of game sense and gameplay the person has.

So, your game sense should be on a whole another level because that’s going to help you to win your games and take your gameplay to the next level if you want to have better spotting enemies in bgmi vision.

Well, the simple rule in improving your game sense is to first improve your gameplay in the game and if you’re willing how you can do it then you can check out our article here on how to become a pro player in bgmi with the best guide you can find out there.

#4 FootSteps

In close-range fights, I think footsteps and sounds work the best for me to spot the enemy to finish it early because if you’ll have good experience and knowledge of footsteps and sounds in the game then you can excel in the game very well.

A very good example of this is when you’re in an apartment, squad house, or in a compound in the game and if you’re taking the fight in that particular building you have to have a very good footsteps sound so you can instantly determine the position of the player and you take the finish there.

Well, if we talk about the game sense in the game then these types of things like Footsteps recognition and Sound system in the game fall under the game sense only, and these are only achieved and accomplished by giving that time in the game and improving your gameplay in the game.

#5 Sound System

Well, the second thing which is just related to the upper and the 4th point of the article is a better sound system in the game and which is again connected to better footsteps only.

Because if you’re again in a compound and taking the fight then your Sound System and Footsteps recognition should be your best to increase your chances of winning the game and taking good fights.

So, you should better buy some good headphones to improve your sound system in the game and eventually improve your winnings. And, also sometimes when we don’t get a symbol of firing and any other kind of throwable symbols.

And, at that time it’s very important to have a good sound system in the game which can help you in spotting enemies in bgmi. That’s why a better sound system is one of the best steps toward good spotting enemies in bgmi.

#6 Spot by flash

So, in foggy weather conditions in the game or when enemies are hiding in the grass and you’re not able to find the enemies in the game, and suddenly from somewhere, you see the sparks of firing weapons and that’s how you spot that enemies.

Well, if you want to know the trick to spotting enemies in the game then make sure you spot them by their weapon firing spark and if you don’t want to get spotted then make sure you use the best grips and attachments in the game as when you’ll have a piece of good information about them then you’ll know which grip to use and in which situation which attachment in the weapon will work the best for you.

#7 Scan the whole screen

Well, sometimes a player only focuses on one part of the screen in which they’re playing the game and that’s when players often don’t spot the enemies at the sides of the screen and get finished sometimes.

So, what can we do at this time so, whenever these types of situations come in the matches such as you rush into the squad house or any other building of the game.

What you have to do is that first of all because the player focuses on one part of the screen and often misses the other parts, the first step would be to scan the broken walls. then windows, then rooftops, and then the objects such as trees and rocks.

And, this way not only you can spot the enemies in bgmi but you’ll have a clear scan of the particular building. It often happens with claw players as their layout is set on the four corners of the screen and the sides of the screen therefore hide.

scan the whole area

So, in the given image above, first of all, a player should scan all the grass boundaries below, and then come to the windows of the houses and buildings.

And, after that, it’s the turn of the rooftops and then the trees and rocks at the back. So, the scanning goes from up to down and in the horizontal direction. So, this should be your first step if you are learning How to spot enemies in bgmi and finish them faster.

FAQs related to How to Spot Enemies in BGMI

Final Words

Well, readers, this was our today’s article on Best Guide on How to Spot Enemies in BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India with 7 Best Tips and Tricks that nobody told you about.

Now you just have to apply these Tips and Tricks in your gameplay and you’ll eventually see the results in no time.

And, now you know the 7 best tricks for spotting enemies in the game. Well, now if you’ve any more queries or questions to ask us then kindly drop them down in the comments section for us and we’ll be reviewing them.

Indeed, answering them also, and for more similar articles just like the one you read above, you can check out our best Bgmi and Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks category for more information on such topics.

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