How to Stop my Phone from Hanging and Storage space Running out Android solution 5 Simple Ways


Smartphones, one of the biggest assets in human history, and especially from the last 5 years the no. of people that internet consumption and the smartphone users have been increased by a great amount.

And just like any other, these things also need to be upgraded and after a certain amount of time smartphones also start to lose their life, and thus it results in the form of hanging or less efficiency.

But there are some of the tips and tricks that can help you on how to stop your my from hanging and fix storage space running out an android solution so as to extend its life and therefore which can give a better user experience to a smartphone user.

how to fix your phone from hanging

Best Tips and Tricks on How to Stop my phone from Hanging

#1 Keep the phone updated

Always remember it’s best for you and for your smartphone to be updated and one of the best things that you can do to prevent your device from any kind of lag issues or hanging is that always update your smartphone to the latest version available.

For example, the latest version that is available for Android is the Android OS is 11, released in September 2020. So, an android user must have this latest version on the device. A simple but really effective way how to stop my phone from hanging.

Upgrade the phone if its too low-end device

And also I’ve seen many people who very often face these kinds of problems and they are fed up. So, in this case, I would recommend the person to shift from that device to another if the smartphone is a low-end device or it’s very old. To be more clear I would like to give you an idea of a low-end device. Smartphones that have a storage of 16GB or 32GB or a ram of 2GB or 3GB.

They are not the best but for a person who only usually makes a few calls or watches youtube videos for a while, they can go with it but if you are a heavy smartphone user and you gaming or photography then you have to upgrade to a new one.

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#2 Maintain good battery health

You must have faced battery issues in your smartphone and have you ever wondered why is it so. And how can you stop it? Usually because of the following reasons the battery of a smartphone gets affected. Some of the signs of a poor battery are a swollen battery, fast draining of the battery, mobile heating, less efficiency in the device, and much more.

  • charging it to full 100%
  • Using your smartphone while charging
  • Constantly removing and plugging in the charger.

These are some of the points which I would like to highlight and the solutions for these are also very simple. For the first one always remember to charge your mobile between 80-90% for a better battery.

And always try not to use your smartphone while it is charging and don’t plug in and plug out the charger. Just leave your mobile charging until it’s charged. Maintaining a good battery health will always help on how to stop my phone from hanging.

#3 Upgrade your storage

A very good alternative to storage in your device. See, if you don’t have much space in your device just keep an sd card or a Pendrive with you in which you can store big files or movies or something that needs more space and this is the best option to clear some space in your device and whenever you want that files you can use it that way. So, always try to keep a Pendrive or an sd card with you.

#4 Avoid any unnecessary apps

If you want to know how to stop your phone from hanging then one of the most important ways to do this is always to be aware and don’t download or install any app or file that can harm your device or anything confidential.

Any type of viruses or malware can enter your device and can cause harm to your smartphone. So always be aware of these things before taking any step.

#5 Delete any unwanted apps and install antiviruses

Try to avoid any kind of unwanted load on your smartphone by installing the big apps or files that you don’t use anymore. And these types of apps or files just make an unnecessary load on your smartphone by mistake, and through these kinds of apps viruses or malware can get into your smartphone also.

So, always have an antivirus installed on your device to protect it from getting attacked. One of the best ways to fix your phone from hanging.

fix storage space running out android solution 2021

It’s a very important thing to clean your mobile to keep its life long and prevent it from the problems like when it hangs up or lags a lot. Also, you don’t have to use any specific cleaner apps for this or any third-party apps.

A very effective way to learn how to stop my phone from hanging is to clean your phone’s internal memory and it’s not a big deal also, Just have to follow some tips and tricks to storage space running out an android solution.

1. Use of in-built mobile cleaner

I myself use the in-built cleaner which is in my mobile phone and is provided by Xiaomi and it really helps me a lot. Well, you can’t say that these in-built cleaners are also cleaner apps like other apps they just tell you everything you have to do to clean your mobile. Every time I see my phone’s storage is full I use this.

I use MI’s in-built cleaner and it tells me everything whether I want to delete duplicate photographs or if I want to delete any duplicate video. Just don’t use any kind of third-party cleaner but the in-built cleaner which comes with the smartphone will be the best to your storage space running out an android solution.

Advantages of using the in-built cleaner

It also tells me that if there’s an app that which I didn’t use for the last week or a month so that I can delete it also. And a cool thing which I like the most is that it tells me how much space a particular category has taken.

For eg., all the audio in my mobile takes up 5 GB of space and all the photographs take 2gbs of space so this is also a very good feature.

So overall always using the in-built cleaners are not like other apps but a very good option than the others in the mobile. Just remember don’t install any other third-party cleaning apps.

2. Delete unwanted stuff

A very pro tip if you want to keep your mobiles life long and good battery health and by doing this your mobiles speed would also increase and it will prevent it from decreasing.

So, I think it’s one of the best ways to learn how to stop my phone from hanging. Always delete the unwanted stuff from your mobile.

Delete all the duplicate photos and videos if you want to delete them. You can delete big files and apps which you don’t need anymore etc.

3. Use of SD card

This 3rd tip saved me GBs of data every time there are any important photographs or videos. I simply cut it from the Internal storage of the mobile and paste It into my SD card. By simply doing this you can save a lot of data also. If you have an SD card then it’s good but if you don’t have one you should buy it today only.

4. Upload your data to google drive

A very safe and reliable method of protecting your data from any of the third-party cleaning apps. just upload your data for eg. any big files or any photographs to the drive. Google Drive provides you with 15 GBs of space in a single id. I would suggest that if you want more storage then just simply create another id. Now you would get a total space of 30 GBs.

5. Perform Deep Clean

Well, this one’s the best way to your storage space running out android solution, and why is that you may ask? Then I would like to tell you that in the in-build cleaner there’s an option of deep clean the smartphone and with the help of that you can remove out all the big files in your smartphone which you don’t need anymore, the big applications in your device, all the huge sized videos or movies which you’ve kept in your smartphone. And, yeah this tip will be the best if you are facing the storage space running out android solution.

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