IceCold FF UID in FF, IGN, Best Stats, Income, YT, and more in 2022


IceCold FF Uid in Garena, In-game name, Best Statistics in the game, Youtube channel and Content, Income and Earnings, Most Watched YT Video, and much more in 2022. 

IceCold FF is a popular and quite well-known Garena Free Fire professional and experienced player and also a content creator who is best known for his absolutely amazing videos on his Youtube channel. 

You may be already aware of the player if you landed on this article somehow and he is best known for his fantastic gameplay and skills with his Youtube channel where he uploads his videos.

Well, in this article of ours today we highlight some important points regarding IceCold FF Uid in Garena, In-game name, Most Watched YT Video, Youtube channel and Content, Income and Earnings, Sensitivity Settings, and much more in 2022. 

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IceCold FF Uid, IGN and Level in FF

Well, as per the information available online on Icecold FF, his user ID in the game is 646279026 and his In-game name is ICECOLDᶠᶠ•YT and icecold ff id level is 100.

IceCold FF Uid BR Stats


In Solo, the player participated in nearly 7712 total matches with about 151 wins from them. The pro player managed to collect around 4392 kills in whole which is around a 0.06 K/D Ratio in the game. And, Icecold FF finished 3669 games in the Top 10 which is around 4.76% of matches in the Top 10. 


With a player on his side, the pro gamer played closely 11530 total rounds with around 192 wins among them all compiling around 3894 kills in total with a final 0.34 K/D Ratio in the game. Icecold FF ended 697 matches in the Top 5 which is around 6.05% of the Top 5 Rate. 


In Squad, the pro player played the most number of matches with around 14197 total games played and beating around 1103 of them the pro player gathered around 30085 total finishes and kills with a final 2.30 K/D Ratio in the game. The player worked to finish around 2058 games in the Top 3 which comes down to 14.50% of the Top 3 Rate in the game.

icecold ff uid br stats

IceCold FF ID CS Stats

icecold ff uid cs stats

IceCold FF ID Youtube channel

Well, the professional and popular Garena Free Fire player also runs a quite well-known and popular Youtube channel that goes by the name of Icecold FF only. 

And, if we talk about the current stats of the channel then I would like to tell you that at the time of writing this article, the channel currently has more than 486K subscribers and 84 videos uploaded on the Youtube channel. 

And, if we talk about the majority of the content on the channel then most of the videos on his Youtube channel mainly revolve around Garena Free Fire only and you can some of his videos related to his Gameplays, Highlights, Tutorials, and Handcams, and much more on his YouTube channel.

IceCold FF ID Most Viewed YT Video

IceCold FF ID Income and Earnings

Well, according to Social Blade, his monthly-to-monthly or Icecold FF’s 30-day income and earnings from the YouTube Channel then they are somewhere around $537  –  $8.6K presently.

And, his yearly or annually estimated revenue which is generated from the Youtube channel is somewhere around $9.9K  –  $158.1K as of the current month. 

But one more thing that I would like to tell you is that these are just estimated numbers and not any kind of accurate figures of Income as nobody actually knows a content creator’s accurate earnings. 

And, a content creator, generally speaking, has more than one stream of income, and you must’ve seen creator’s doing brand sponsorships, so this is one example of it.

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Final Words

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