Be aware is gaming good or bad for your health?, 2021


Is gaming good or bad for your health, is gaming harmful to your brain and affects your studies, does gaming affects your health? All these questions are a real confusion for the youth and as well as the parents.

So, we need to seek proper and correct guidance in these topics because many aspects of our lives are dependent on this, our health, lifestyle, career, and many more like these.

And to clear all this confusion and to clear our minds of all the doubts regarding this and to seek the correct information we researched on this topic and now have come up with this article on is gaming good or bad for your health?

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So, is gaming good or bad?

See, everything in this world is done in a limit and properly only has advantages and can add value to your life but when that particular thing gets out of our hands and when it’s not done in the limits then that thing becomes a big disadvantage in our lives.

Similarly, the same principle applies in gaming also, when done in a limit can change your life in a good manner but when done excessively or out of the limit can damage your life.

Well, that’s the point we would be discussing today in this article that is gaming good or bad for you and what are the advantages of gaming, and what all are the disadvantages gaming can bring in our lives when done excessively or over the limit.

Advantages and disadvantages of gaming

This must be a question that always comes to your mind and creates most of the confusion that is gaming good for you and more like are video games bad for your brain or what are the positive effects of video games 2020. Is gaming just a waste of time?

But simply the answer to this question is NO, gaming is just not a waste of time, but when it’s done inordinately then it becomes a waste of time and for you. So, gaming is best if done within its limits.

Advantages of gaming

hand-eye coordination

See, according to the research work done by the scientist, they found out that the hand-eye coordination in the gamers was way better than non-gamers and when they test it out they found out the scores between the gamers and the nongamers had a gap of 30 points.

The gamer’s scores were at 80-90 and whereas the non-gamers scores were only at 50-60 points. So, this proved that in multitasking or any other normal life task the gamers would perform much better than the non-gamers.

strategical thinking helps in world things

Well, many people like to play games that require strategic thinking and more like how can they beat the other competition.

For example like the clash of clans, or the battlegrounds mobile India, hay day, these gamers require strategic thinking and how a player can build up a good strategy so that to beat the other competing and which improves that improves a player’s thinking.

 how to lead or teamwork

There are some battlegrounds games which we usually play in teams of squads and duos. Now, in a team, the whole squad has to survive together to win the specific match.

And, when it comes to surviving the team members have to coordinate together, plan together and execute together, which promotes brotherhood, friendship, and a feeling of serving together, and this all is only achieved by teamwork.

So, some of these games help a person to learn that how can they lead a team and learn how to work as a team. Which for sure helps a person in their actual lives to perform things in teamwork.


 take accurate decisions in pressure

See, a big difference between the gamers and the non-gamers is the gamers are good at making or taking decisions under pressure. See when a player usually plays any game he/she has to take instant decisions to win or take out that particular task.

And so in life sometimes there are circumstances where a person has to take instant decisions and if waited then the opportunity might go off.

able to focus on one thing with so many distractions

When scientists were researching on is gaming good or bad for our health they found out an interesting thing gamers can perform tasks better in several kinds of distractions also.

When they compared both a gamer and the non-gamer they found out that the gamer can perform tasks better in distractions because of the focus level of the gamers whereas the non-gamer wasn’t able to score as much as the gamer in the task.

helps in sports and other activities

You must be thinking this point is certainly wrong and it’s not possible. But games can help a person to perform better in sports also first of all because of their hand-eye coordination and second because of their increase in focus level as we discussed in the above point and the third the strategic thinking.

Almost every sport requires a strategy to play with than whether it’s football, cricket, badminton, or any other sport. But this only applies when gaming is done in a limit and not for hours and hours.

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Disadvantages of gaming

Now you must be happily overwhelmed with all the advantages that you read above but those advantages only affect a person when they do not exceed the limit of the gaming and play the games in a limit.

But now you should also know and should be familiar with all the disadvantages that excessive gaming can bring up.

health problems

The main issue and the biggest disadvantage of excessive gaming are the health problems that people face due to this. Many people face so many kinds of health problems whether its the mental stress, anxiety, or other problems related to the mental health of the person, physical health problems like obesity in person which leads to other physical diseases in the body. For more information, you can refer here.


Well, injuries are also a big part of the disadvantage which is caused by gaming over the limit.

The doctors found out that in most of the gamers, physical injuries were a big problem of gamers, mainly in the upper body they had injuries in their fingers, mainly thumb and neck problems, back problems, backbone problems, and shoulders were not right. And these kinds of problems were a challenge for them.

You can also check out some other injuries caused by gaming here.


See, why a person plays the game excessively or out of the limit. The simple answer is because of the addiction the gamer has towards that game and that addiction becomes a big challenge for the gamer in their future ahead.

That’s why addiction is one of the biggest reasons for health problems and is one of the biggest disadvantages also.


See, a person is just sitting at the house playing the games for hours and doing absolutely nothing and eating and munching on stuff non-stop. Eventually what would happen or simply if we think practically what do you think would happen.

Undoubtedly he/she will get obese and obesity is nowadays one of the biggest challenges for the youth of this world. And, it’s a serious problem, so please prevent this from happening.

But if this action is done to a limit this can be stress relieving for a person and can be a good happy feeling.


less social activity

Similarly like I told you before when one is just sitting and doing nothing the person is also becoming less social towards the world. I mean doing nothing the whole day, sitting and eating, not talking to anyone, and being completely zero at the social activities is just not the right thing to do for the body.

anger issues

You must have seen these kinds of videos where a gamer loses and then out of anger smashes their pc or TVs or controllers and also sometimes screams at their mates and hits them. So, what all is this, it’s just unnecessary anger that develops when one loses in something.

academic problems

Academic problems, really big problem for the youth, and the thing which affects this the most is excessive gaming. See, this is the disadvantage that I dont think I have to explain anything about. Affects your studies, your education, your learning all these things. The day stopped learning is the day you stopped growing.

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Final words

So, now that you are familiar with all the advantages and disadvantages of gaming now the question to your answer is gaming good or bad for you.

So, the simple answer like I told you before in the starting of is gaming good or bad for you I mentioned one thing that everything in this world is good and has advantages until and unless it’s done in a limit but when the similar thing exceeds the limit then it’s not good for you.

And, the gaming this is perfect when it’s done as side by side with your career, your topmost priority should be your career and then gaming unless your career is gaming only.

So, when you know all the advantages and the disadvantages of gaming, you must know whether is gaming good or bad for you and you are clear with your answer now.

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