Kaash Plays BGMI ID, Real Name, Age, Stats, Income, Best YT Vid in 2022


Kaash Plays BGMI ID, Real Name, Age, Stats, Income, YouTube Channel, Social Handles, Best YT Vid in 2022, and much more in the present year of 2022. 

Another girl gamer who’s representing our Battlegrounds Mobile India community very well. At this time, in our Bgmi community, we don’t have many talented girl gamers but personalities like Kaash, Krutika, and Payal are really filling that gap in the community. 

Furthermore, in addition, they’re capable of performing so well that some of them even play the competitive match just like any other.

And moreover, with nowadays competitiveness, it’s truly challenging for anybody to acquire that consideration of natural crowd this early and grow themselves as a good content creator and improve themselves day by day. 

But these skillful girls have successfully accomplished this thing and for that reason, the community is really proud of them. Well, in today’s article we’ll cover one of them and that would be Kaash Plays. 

In this way, without burning through any further time, how about we begin with our article on Kaash Plays BGMI ID, Real Name, Age, Stats, Income, Best YT Vid, and substantially more in the current year of 2022.

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Kaash Plays Real Name

Well, definitely first things first. But as we’re already familiar with her First Name this part is really about the second or her full name. So, as per the information we got her real name is Kaashvi Hiranandani.

Kaash Plays Age  

Well, as of the present year which is 2022 Kaash Play’s estimated age is around 22-23 years. 

Kaash Plays Bgmi Id and In-Game-name

Well, besides her real name do you what is her IGN in Battlegrounds Mobile India and Kaash Plays Bgmi Id? Well, according to me probably not. So, I would like to tell you that her Bgmi Id is 5111797650 and her IGN in Battlegrounds Mobile India is S8Ulkaash. 

Kaash Plays YouTube Channel

Well, if you’re quite familiar with Kaash and her gameplay then definitely you would be aware of her YouTube Channel.

Well, I am really quite impressed with kaash’s YouTube Channel growth and the way she grew her channel rapidly organically with the audience. 

 As I told you before about that how kaash plays were able to excel so successfully even in the competitive community of Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports, YouTube, and Content Creation. 

Well, if we talk about the numbers then Kaash Gaming has more than 482K subscribers and 262 videos right now at the time of writing the article. Right now her most watched youtube video is not a video actually but a short that you can check out here if you wish to. 

And, she does have a Different YouTube Channel for Vlogging named Kaashvi with over 34k subscribers right now. 

Kaash Plays Earnings from YouTube Channel

Well, now it’s time to discuss Kaash Play’s estimated earnings from her YouTube Channel.

Along these lines, according to the social blade, Kaash’s monthly estimated income from her YouTube Channel is around $982 – $15.7K, and her yearly profit from her YouTube channel is assessed to be around $11.8K – $188.5K right now.

Well, you see this is just an estimated number and not any kind of accurate figure and it really depends on the current situation of the creator’s channel. 

If a content creator is getting more views it will definitely earn more, but on the other side if a creator has more subs but fewer views the earnings are not that much as compared to the creator who gets more views.

Kaash Plays Bgmi Id Ranked Stats

Along the lines, now let’s give a look at Kaash’s Statistics in the game and hows her performance in the game is through her BGMI Stats.

Well, in the current season Kaash gaming has played over 181 matches and has successfully won 24 games among these all having a 13.3% of Win Rate. 

The pro player has finished around 91 games in the Top 10 with a 50.3% Top 10 Rate. Kaash was able to collect around 527 Finishes in all these games maintaining a pretty decent F/D and Accuracy of 2.91 and 12.0% respectively. 

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Kaash Plays Bgmi Id All-Time Career Stats

Well, in his All-Time Career of Battlegrounds Mobile India Kaash has played around 9044 Matches with over 1545 wins among them all which is equal to a 17.1% Win Ratio. 

Finished almost 5566 games in the Top 10 with a 61.% of Top 10 Rate. Kaash was able to collect over 23537 Finishes in all of these matches maintaining a final F/D Ratio of 2.60.

Kaash Social handles


So, that was all about Kaash Plays BGMI ID, Real Name, Age, Stats, Income, Best YT Vid, and more in the current year of 2022. Well, I sincerely hope that you would like the article and also do share it with your Battlegrounds Mobile India friends and family. 

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