Krutika Plays BGMI ID, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Statistics, Best YT Vid in 2022


Krutika Plays BGMI ID, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Best YT Vid, Statistics, Social Handles, and much more in the present year of 2022. Well, today we’ll cover one of the most popular female faces that represent our Battlegrounds Mobile India Gaming community. 

Also popular for her gameplay she is well known and recognized as the girl gamer of our Indian gaming community. None other than krutika gaming who has a very huge fan base also on YouTube. 

With a gamer as her one side, she is also a content creator and uploads videos in her Battlegrounds Mobile India niche only on her YouTube Channel.

If you’re quite the follower of the game and you know what’s happening in the community then you must notice one thing about her Krutika is the only girl gamer who was successful in gaining that attention from the viewers and players so quickly. 

And, that’s also the reason why she was able to grow her YouTube Channel so fast moreover, in today’s competition it’s definitely not easy for anyone to grow so rapidly and gain that organic audience this time. 

So, definitely hats off to krutika for this accomplishment for her organic audience. Well, that’s another topic for some other day. But today let’s head onto our article again on Krutika Plays BGMI ID, Age, Real Name, and much more further this today’s article. 

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Krutika Plays Real Name 

Well, besides krutika plays bgmi id let’s get to know about her real name. Well, this part is very much about her surname only as you’ve already guessed so. So, her real name is Krutika Ojha.

Krutika Plays Bgmi Id and In-game-Name

Krutika Plays Bgmi Id is 5330362189 and her In-Game-Name in Battlegrounds Mobile India is S8ULKrutikaa. 

Krutika Plays Age 

Well, as of the present year which is 2022 so far we only know her estimated age. So, as per the information, we collected her estimated age at the time of writing the article is around 22-23 years.

Well, they are just an estimated number and not any kind of accurate figures. So, it’s for sure that slowly and gradually these digits can even decrease and increase with time. 

Krutika Plays YouTube Channel 

Well, now I’ll tell you a little bit about Krutika’s YouTube Channel, Stats, Monthly and Yearly Revenue from her channel.

So, from the start only it doesn’t seem like she was into the YouTube because before her channel she was already an Esports player playing on the behalf of her team the ARC. 

Although according to the social blade the user was created on Jul 3rd, 2016 as we can see the first video which was uploaded on her youtube channel was on 30 Jun 2020. 

So, technically that means here youtube journey was started from this date only. Well, now let’s give a look at the numbers and start krutika’s YouTube Channel. 

Well, currently she has over 442K subscribers and 297 videos on her YouTube Channel and gets around an average of  150k views on her YouTube videos in a single day. 

And, the performance on her YouTube Channel is really great as you can clearly see in the image down below that how she is gaining subscribers and views on a monthly basis. 

Krutika Plays Earnings from her channel

Well, these were only the statistics of her YouTube Channel but now let’s give a look at her estimated income from her YouTube Channel. So, once again this is possible by social blade only.

And, according to their data Krutika’s potential monthly estimated income from her YouTube Channel is around $2.1K  –  $34.3K, and her yearly estimated income is around $25.8K  –  $412.1K which is not at all bad for a content creator who has just started almost 1.5 years back. 

Although the main content just revolves around Battlegrounds Mobile India only she does have a funny side of her according to her YouTube Channel’s playlist section. As she is also interested in uploading videos like Funny Clips and Highlights, Crate openings, Among Us, and many more. 

Well, you can also look at the image down below if you’re looking for her income reports and stats. Well, her gaming style and the way she communicates with her audience are really good and therefore I guess is the secret of her success so early in this competitive niche of gaming.

Krutika’s Most Popular YouTube Video 

Well, right now at the time of writing about Krutika. The most popular video on her YouTube Channel is her Great Mamba Roast and the title of the video was, ” The Great MAMBA *ROASTED* ? | EPIC BGMI FUN w @PAYAL GAMING and @8bit MAMBA ?”. Well, the link to the video is down below so you can also check it out if you wish to. 


Krutika Plays Bgmi Id Ranked Stats 

Well, now you must be familiar with her YouTube Channel and the basic information about her. So, now it’s time for us to discuss Krutika Plays Bgmi Id Statistics and how she actually performers in the game through her Id’s ranked and all-time career stats. 

Now, let’s see the numbers. So, in the current season of Battlegrounds Mobile India which is C2S5.

So, in the present season krutika has played over 117 matches and has won exactly 22.2% of them which is equal to 26 wins among all these games, and was able to finish around 84 matches in her Top 10 which is a pretty decent number because it comes down to a 71.8% of Top 10 Rate

And, at last, she was capable of collecting over 466 Finishes and a final F/D and accuracy rate of 3.98 and 18.4% respectively according to her latest season stats.

That was krutika plays bgmi id from the current ranked season but were you aware of her all-time career statistics. Probably not, then let’s find it out in the next part of the article.

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Krutika Plays Bgmi Id Career Stats 

Well, that was just about krutika plays bgmi id stats for the current season but now you’ll get to know about her All-Time Career stats which means her statistics from the time she started playing the game. So, the numbers are:

6008 Matches were played by her and among those Krutika was able to overcome around 1366 among them with a 22.7% of Win Rate. And, 3282 games were finished in the Top 10 by her which is 54.6% of the Top 10 Rate that is not bad actually. 

And, at last, she was successful in gathering over 23295 Finishes in Battlegrounds Mobile India with a final F/D Ratio of 3.88 and a 13.4% inaccuracy rate. 

Krutika Plays Social Handles 

Final Verdict

So, that was all about Krutika Plays BGMI ID, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Best YT Vid, Statistics, Social Handles, and much more in the present year of 2022. 

If you’ve any more queries or questions left regarding Krutika Plays Bgmi Id or any other you can leave them in our comment section and we’ll definitely get back to it in just no time. 

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